24 jun 2020
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One of my Bumba cabocla (Brazilian Red Head) tarantulas just matured out into a Matured Male. Not being a very common species here, I could only think of one person who has a Matured Female. Headed over to his place to take her back for the pairing attempt. Wouldn’t it be cool if the pairing is a success? Well, she didn’t agree much with me, unfortunately.
** This video was made purely for educational and entertainment purposes only.
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  • “So now I can film in peace without knowing my phone is about to die” *Wrong thing you’re worrying about dying, bruv.*

    Smokey. GraySmokey. GrayTimme sedan
  • Rip chad spider

    King JullianKing Jullian4 timmar sedan
  • Exotic lair: Ok here you go * puts male with female * Male: H-Helo Female: Oh u look delicious Male: what... *CHOMP* Exotic lair: ಠ_ಠ

    NOOBIONOOBIO4 timmar sedan
  • *F*

    Omid 1993Omid 19935 timmar sedan
  • She needs a worthy male.

    Corduroy El NegroidCorduroy El Negroid7 timmar sedan
  • Hi I like your eye like you spiders they’re so cute

    Gaming LordGaming Lord7 timmar sedan
  • 😭😢😱😨😰😥😓

    R FamilyR Family11 timmar sedan
  • I hate spiders, but thats so sad. Rip dude

    Happy go luckyHappy go lucky15 timmar sedan
  • Just here to say that this is the most horrifying video title I've ever seen.

    Bri MichelleBri Michelle16 timmar sedan
  • You killed that😭😭

    Ak HARI GAMINGAk HARI GAMING17 timmar sedan
  • Scorpian samthing females eat the male

    Mustafa ZiadMustafa Ziad21 timme sedan
  • milk

    Shauna BarefieldShauna BarefieldDag sedan
  • O-O

    Daria SzewcDaria SzewcDag sedan
  • bro NOOOOOOOOOO I FEEL SOOOOO BAD he did all of that just to die

    Ella EdwardsElla EdwardsDag sedan
  • Male: nOoOoO Female:... Male: NoOoOoO Female: why you running Male: NoOoOoO Female: why you running

    Your local WeebYour local WeebDag sedan
  • 14:00 when the vid actually begins thank me later

    GangstaLLLama12GangstaLLLama12Dag sedan
  • "we all know you can do it" that was a fuck lie

    Cannimasc euCannimasc euDag sedan
  • you have to seperate them in diff box and put the two boxes close to each other so that they get to know each other for a while until their ready

    John Paul OnateJohn Paul OnateDag sedan
  • They’re both capable of killing each other. I’m sure the female knows this so she strikes first if she feels in the least uncomfortable since her underbelly is exposed. Also consider the fact that spiders as far as mates cannot coexist but I bet the female eats the male because he’s gonna leave the kids behind if she doesn’t. So he’s better a meal to her and the kids (or just her) lol

    Thomas StegnerThomas StegnerDag sedan

      Omid 1993Omid 19935 timmar sedan
  • Do you have to feed the female a lot prior to mating attempt?

    OpensourceOpensourceDag sedan
  • I subscribed for the tarantula

    Esli AgripinoEsli AgripinoDag sedan
  • Do you have nightmare sometime with all there’s spider in your house?

    Eliot DionneEliot DionneDag sedan
  • That enclosure was to small for both of the tarantula

    Liam ArnesonLiam Arneson2 dagar sedan
  • Girl spider: hey look there’s a male Another girl spider: a MEAL?! *eats male meal* Girl spider: queen we did it wrong there is no such thing as a male ITS MEAL Queen spider: THE MALES ARE NOT MENT FOR FAMILY THERE MENT FOR FOOOOOOD!

    Rosie Santana-AriasRosie Santana-Arias2 dagar sedan
  • I hope more trantulas are born so all roaches go extinct

    Lxmon JadeLxmon Jade2 dagar sedan
  • I know females eat a male ooh s snack

    Melody WiercinskiMelody Wiercinski2 dagar sedan
  • Well looks like she was more hungry than horny

    Texascowboy68Texascowboy682 dagar sedan
  • If that killed my tarantula I would kill it I mean nobody knows how long is to get a tarantula trust

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    • Idc if it's not mine ILL STILL KILL IT

      modersmoders2 dagar sedan
  • O.O

    Zombshroom21Zombshroom213 dagar sedan
  • Wehn you ar doing this you killing your Tarantulas. STOP DOING THIS Im sorry about my English. My English is not good

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  • 😢😨😨😭😭😭WHY😭

    Hima BinduHima Bindu3 dagar sedan
  • Noooooooooo. He was so close

    Oliver ClearOliver Clear3 dagar sedan
  • Hey there. I'm not an expert nor do I have any pet spiders etc. But I got a question for you who know that. What does this mean when the female is 'drumming' and the male is 'vibrating'? Is it like 'saying/showing' that they're ready for each other or something else? 11:05. Thank you all who will answer on my question. Edit: And what are those thicc legs with what he was 'walking'? Special 'walking' legs? 13:20 - as he steps back

    Krieger2311Krieger23113 dagar sedan
  • Why don’t you label the boxes

    Hi 123Hi 1233 dagar sedan
  • He - Just stay there Tarantula - I´ll wait right here, even when the lid is wide open, no worries, you keep filming...

    Ale PortilloAle Portillo3 dagar sedan
  • Lol why does it have a sleeping emoji? XD

    luvxox undertale, Hazbin hotel,gacha etcluvxox undertale, Hazbin hotel,gacha etc3 dagar sedan
  • welp, rip male

    Michelle BelviaMichelle Belvia3 dagar sedan
  • I can see why people say you like to feed males to your females. Because you totally could have saved that male if you were ready with the tongs. You had plenty of time on this one. Plus some basic tarantula breeding fact. Timid males are usually food if they keep poking and trying a first pairing. If they get a successful hook and then run away on an aggressive female pull them out. Try again in 24hrs. Usually they usually grow more confidence and go in quicker. I actually think it is an evolutionary thing, female Ts don’t want to pair with timid males because it survival of the fittest. A stronger confident male is going to make stronger babies. And it’s not even really about saving the male from the female; they don’t live long after their ultimate molt and don’t do anything but spin sperm webs, and look for a female. It’s about getting a successful pairing. If the female eats the male after he’s deposited his sperm the fine job well done but before that? A tragic failure at life. But you get the views right?

    AFunnyGuy87AFunnyGuy873 dagar sedan
  • Can I pay u to live in the guest room what’s the address

    Little jimmy Friday’s And saturdayLittle jimmy Friday’s And saturday3 dagar sedan
  • His last words where that was so worth it

    Mincraft GamerMincraft Gamer3 dagar sedan
  • He said he keeps his roaches in the guestroom what if you forget to take your roaches out of the guestroom and have the lid open or whatever is covering it like what will happen to your guest🤨🧐🧐🤨🤨

    Tammara BrelandTammara Breland3 dagar sedan
  • MMA fight

    kamal ffmkamal ffm3 dagar sedan
  • 3:28 “🎶Let’s go you guys your gonna die today🎶” That had me laughing so hard 🤣🤣

    The RoboWarrior GeniusThe RoboWarrior Genius3 dagar sedan
  • I love roaches

    warfalcon 9485warfalcon 94853 dagar sedan
  • Looking for a male trantual : see if theres hooks

    Video ReviewerVideo Reviewer3 dagar sedan
  • He sounded like a broken game disc when he said no no no no no no no no no no no

    nicholas aguilarnicholas aguilar4 dagar sedan
  • You have too wait a year after they develope there hook before you mate them your female looks old how old is she? And make sure you feed them a few days before you mate them or well she will kill the male and they are kinda fickle, good luck love you videos.

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  • Ooooooooooooooooooook

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    Holden PellanHolden Pellan4 dagar sedan
  • Damn that was scary like she just crumbled him bye the way eating that spider spider eat spider ummmm bro that would be scary beacuase he had fangs to

    Mincraft GamerMincraft Gamer4 dagar sedan
  • Leaves the lid of and walks away Awsome!!!

    Mr DMr D4 dagar sedan
  • Is it okay to feed the female tarantula more so that she wont eat the male? I dont have tarantulas but im curious.

    Corpse WifeCorpse Wife4 dagar sedan
  • Death by Snu Snu

    Only COnly C4 dagar sedan
  • Ok I’m sorry but your an idiot u could have separate them if u weren’t so dumb

    steamingGamers2112steamingGamers21124 dagar sedan
  • Exotics lair: let’s put this tarantula’s life in danger for a video

    nikireddnikiredd4 dagar sedan
  • Female has used the power up: consume

    GamingwithADRIANGamingwithADRIAN4 dagar sedan
  • F for my man😞

    Klever MerchanKlever Merchan4 dagar sedan
  • That’s the reason I’m single

    Peltoe PackPeltoe Pack4 dagar sedan
  • Male: minding his business Female: and I took that personally

    Jadon XJadon X5 dagar sedan
  • I feel bad for the male spider lol

    XVQueen_OfLoveVXXVQueen_OfLoveVX5 dagar sedan
  • Me: *have arachnophobia* Recommendation: *We'll try to help you* Recommendation: 1 Me: 0

    UnderFireUnderFire5 dagar sedan
  • Pov: God giving relationship advice

    Melvina the MagnificentMelvina the Magnificent5 dagar sedan
  • male: hi im here to mate lez do dis female:no male: plz female: no male: welp ima do it anyway female: ~about to drop on him and eat him~ male: ~feels her getting closer to his head~ male: PLZ NU female: ~kurby inhale sound~ The spider keeper: god damit girl u just REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE all of us watching: oh ok ._. 🤣😅😪

    DoggoGaming 21DoggoGaming 215 dagar sedan
  • why females eat the males: In the majority of cases of spider cannibalism, the female spider kills and eats a male spider because of something called sexual dimorphism. This is a rather fancy way of saying that two sexes of spiders. found this on google for u 😪😥😅

    DoggoGaming 21DoggoGaming 215 dagar sedan
  • You talk too much

    Justin DeathJustin Death5 dagar sedan
  • The king of the spiders: hello there The queen of the spiders: umm hi The king of spiders: ummm i have to be brave the king of spiders: *touches* The queen of spiders: *just gets annoyed and kills* me: 😐🤐🤔🤔 why did she kill him like it and i will tell you 👇

    Ngehnu HaokipNgehnu Haokip5 dagar sedan
  • "You're gonna get in there, and you're gonna punch her" You know what, okay!

    PlucasPlucas5 dagar sedan
  • How do you pay for all your animals your dog is nice but him alone will cost you 25k plus all your other pets I mean it’s worth it

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  • Now Frick

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  • Feminism.avi ... THIS is their wet dream ! ... Digusting human beings who want to destroy Men.

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  • I love how he keeps cockroches in guest room.

    Gamer MemerGamer Memer6 dagar sedan
  • You need a camera stand so you use both hands

    mhm okmhm ok6 dagar sedan
  • I'm sure they can talk to each other and when he tried to run she said boi you look tasty and yeah

    It's igorIt's igor6 dagar sedan
  • HE HAS BUGS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!😱

    Jennifer AshleyJennifer Ashley6 dagar sedan
  • Yes. No

    Deveigh DealDeveigh Deal6 dagar sedan
  • Exotic lair:I would be scared if I were him Also him:GeT iN tHeRe YoU kNoW yOu WaNt ThIs

    Atomic BombAtomic Bomb7 dagar sedan
  • The male was nice but the female was just like NOPE NOT TODAY

    Amber AGAmber AG7 dagar sedan
  • IM NEW AND I LOVE THIS BUT.. I FEEL SO SAD BC IN UR VIDS EVERYTHING DIES(how I know bc my brother watches your vids

    Lynne ParkerLynne Parker7 dagar sedan
  • This is why guys are scared to approach females, isn’t it? 😭

    Daisy MhmDaisy Mhm7 dagar sedan
    • Yep Lookin like a snacc means a whole new meaning now

      SkippyJaySkippyJay4 dagar sedan
  • I could not hear the drilling

    glen colvinglen colvin7 dagar sedan
  • Female:It going a to be the best bay of my life~ Roach;it going to be the worst day of my life~ Roach:*dies* Female:*eats before get in meeting*

    *kAmIkAmI **kAmIkAmI *7 dagar sedan
  • And I thought I had trouble with girls

    Gamingwith RamaGamingwith Rama7 dagar sedan
  • I THINK the females eat the males after mating to get more nutrients

    p o t a t op o t a t o7 dagar sedan
  • Use the biggest male you have, the female thinks two things when they see smaller males A. They can be food B. Well because they can eat them

    Eternal_ ReloadzEternal_ Reloadz8 dagar sedan
  • When she’s a thick stallion and you’re 5’7 🤣

    PROD. JulyPROD. July8 dagar sedan
  • You do want it to get eat because it will I have that sort of spider at my home and it shows it one the start and on the pic and pic meens pictur

    Summer HewSummer Hew8 dagar sedan
  • * your Probably here for This * 15:03 15:03

    Baby YuzonBaby Yuzon8 dagar sedan
  • That enclosure was WAY too small, he didn't have enough room to push her back far enough. I'm really surprised you didn't know better than that.

    jon martinjon martin8 dagar sedan
  • these videos are the types of things that keep me up at night, i love them

    Dreaming SageDreaming Sage8 dagar sedan
  • U should have let her eat first then mated them.. 📡😒. Nice try. .

    Patrick ClosePatrick Close8 dagar sedan
  • Why am I watching this if am terrified of spiders

    Fluffy DreamsFluffy Dreams8 dagar sedan
  • Doesn't the female eat the Male for sustenance for the baby spiders

    Ellex PayneEllex Payne8 dagar sedan
  • The female reminds me of Harry Potter and that big spider and she’s that big spider in Harry Potter and the male is like a tiny spider compared to her Lol.

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  • why do you have so many pets?

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  • I don’t like thas

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  • cannibalism

    Mari I. FloresMari I. Flores9 dagar sedan
  • I have an idea, Cut off that tarantula’s head. Edit: the reason why is because I hate seeing male tarantulas die. Also that was my favorite Male. Also also, the reason I’ve written this 3 months after this video release , is because I was on a break for a long time.

    Advanced CRAdvanced CR9 dagar sedan