AntsCanada BOUGHT me a NEW PET (.. and it kinda RAN AWAY) !!! ~ MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!

15 dec 2019
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Happy Holidays, y’all!
Today we have a special guest ~ Please welcome AntsCanada!!!
I rarely ever do collabs, but thought of doing one for this Christmas season. AntsCanada and I decided to do something a little different on our channels - We decided to buy each other an animal for Christmas, but it has to be an animal that we (the buyer) have/had experience keeping. Don’t worry, though - We both have had experience on similar animals. The species, however is different. The condition is that the animal I purchase for him, I’ve kept before, and the animal he purchases for me he has experience on, that way it wouldn’t be like an irresponsible move. So far I think we both picked the right animal for each other. I got him a Chaco Golden Knee (Grammostola pulchripes) tarantula because it was my first tarantula and a great beginner species (go check it out on his channel). He has kept many species of tarantulas before - He’s even more experienced in tarantulas than I am! but he hasn’t got a Chaco Golden Knee, so why not? :P
The animal he picked for me is an Emperor Scorpion (Pandinus imperator). It has been a species of scorpion I’ve wanted for many many years, but just never had the chance to get one. Well, I FINALLY GOT ONE!!! Thanks, dude xD
** This video was made purely for educational and entertainment purposes only.
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  • (...and it kinda RAN AWAY)!!! ~ Merry Christmas!!! way to change the subject

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  • I'm sure you know we all enjoy your suffering xD

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  • It’s true the animal will don’t care it needs to feel into his natural invirement also the guest feel the same good job hope you are happy with your present that ants canada gave. Have a happy Christmas ? Idk

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  • Bee stings ayy? When I was a kid I loved insects and animals so I grabbed at everything that moved (including bees) so I can say confidently that I know that bee stings aren't that bad I'm allergic to them :)

  • AntsCanada: Uses really high tech camera and in a extreme room Exotic Lairs: Uses phone and in a bedroom

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  • Update us about this scorpion 😍

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  • AntsCanada: so now we’ll make her a more natural, elegant hide. And we can add in some plants like these that will thrive with low light and eater levels. Exotics Lair: look some leaves fell off my tree, let’s put those in too! Hes blind he won’t nOticE

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