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Just went to a Wildlife Park where I was given the opportunity to hand-feed some Budgerigar birds :D
... then there was one (pigeon?) that just hated me at first sight, Lol
** This video was made purely for educational and entertainment purposes only.
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  • awww I had a parakeet but its not a budget like that

    cute cat gamercute cat gamer6 dagar sedan
  • cat

    Wen Bin GanWen Bin Gan15 dagar sedan
  • there are some parakeets

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  • Wish I could travel to that place 😢

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  • Literally where is this

    ItzKai YTItzKai YTMånad sedan
  • They are starved look at how they fight each other and scream when eating

    Gryphygirl StudiosGryphygirl StudiosMånad sedan
  • Cute

    Faby RuizFaby RuizMånad sedan
  • Imagine bringing ur golaith bird eater...

    GAMER 7729GAMER 7729Månad sedan

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  • I have 3 budgies

    Leo’s little crittersLeo’s little critters2 månader sedan
  • Amazing 😁

    kalaido ster laylakalaido ster layla2 månader sedan
  • Actually one thought I wonder what location is this bc I want to adopt one

    Kyle Gene IbayKyle Gene Ibay3 månader sedan
  • Exotic lair be like: I was a man in my house doing all right Then I became an animal god over night Now I gotta take care of them all my life So much to love and see

    • .Yhento Yhhaen. •• .Yhento Yhhaen. •3 månader sedan
  • My budgies fight each other for food.

    Asher WeirduAsher Weirdu3 månader sedan
  • I love birds.

    BaddieUniverseBaddieUniverse3 månader sedan
  • So pretty

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  • catch a Jumping spider

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  • Awwww so cute😍

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  • Welcome to birbland

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  • me:**has already watched the whole video on beyond the lair** me:"eh,ill watch it anyway"

    marble_Fox_Gamingmarble_Fox_Gaming4 månader sedan
  • This brings back memories for me as a little girl my father bred budgies and some would talk. They are very sociable

    SAM TREADSSAM TREADS4 månader sedan
  • Definetly MALAYSIAN

    fathun wadzfathun wadz4 månader sedan
  • 1:17 *Bird* : you got any more food for me? *Exotics lair* : go go! Fly!

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  • Excuse me Where is that place?

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  • Where are u at in the video ?

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  • Is that the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park

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  • So wholesome.

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  • Man: There's my hand! Every bird:

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  • Where is this place me and my family would love to go there for the weekend

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  • Awhh, I love parakeets!

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  • WOW

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  • is this heaven?

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  • He knows how it feels to catch a bird, a feeling I will never feel 😔😔😔

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  • where is this this is actual heaven for me

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  • *Budgie obsession intensifies*

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  • Dis cool and 🥺cute 1:02

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  • That looks like so much fun!!!

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  • Exotic: FLYYYYY Exotic: *yeets birds into air* I would have laughed if they didn’t fly

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  • Woaaaaa😀😀😀

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  • Omfg I want this.

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  • Im scared someone could step on them

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  • is that her gf

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  • Wait did you come to Egypt? Its where i live OwO cause i hears arabic people there

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  • Where is this place? I think I went here.

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  • Dude were do you leave

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  • It’s proven he lives in Asia.... I think

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  • Where was that Place?

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  • Am Australian Soo they live here

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  • where is this tho ? I think I heard malay words so this might be in Malaysia or / Indonesia

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  • I see a Tony, a Chewy, a Sophie, and a Nari

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  • If I come to here, I’m in heaven

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  • I don’t think the bird likes his hand .................. I think they are their for food

    Ha PhamHa Pham6 månader sedan
  • I am shook (not 1000%) about bad crickets that are fed due tarantula hobbyists (who are srill defending any and all spiders!) I think you sound give it a nice home and show us his to keep a “wild” spider please! I am shook (not 1000%) about bad crickets that are fed due tarantula hobbyists (who are srill defending any and all spiders!) I think you sound give it a nice home and show us his to keep a “wild” spider please! My 7 year old loves your channel and wants to get his own tarantula! Your channel makes me and him happy! Thank you for all that you do My 7 year old loves your channel and wants to get his own tarantula! Your channel makes me and him happy! Thank you for all that you do

    MythVampMythVamp6 månader sedan
  • 1:11 mfckrs just faught

    Phillip CantrePhillip Cantre6 månader sedan
  • Ocean park???

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  • Are the birds treated well?

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  • Smiling so hard rn hahahaha :D

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  • Yeay we got an arm reveal :]

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  • I have tu bačis at home

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  • Is that your sister or a girrlllllll frieennddd

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  • 0:40 🎶that is soo cute🎶

    Pipel was PᴜɴɪsʜᴇᴅPipel was Pᴜɴɪsʜᴇᴅ6 månader sedan
  • Video was good till I hear some kind of bird screaming Heeellpppp!!!!

    Justine FlororitaJustine Flororita7 månader sedan
  • The blue ones are called magasty budgies

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  • Beautiful birds 😍

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  • Omg that looked like so much fun! Thanks for sharing this 💜

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  • This video has really helped me a lot. My bird past away a month ago and still can’t keep think about him. His name was carrot and was the best around us. You have really help me go through this and I want to say thank you

    Jaden TranSWAGJaden TranSWAG7 månader sedan
  • Where is he from

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  • Where is this??

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  • got damnnn them birds hungry asf

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  • This probley where my birds lived once.

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  • is that bali?

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  • Birds:we are great ful hoooman you feed us. Ts:i kill you gimme food and wataaaaa!!!! Rawwwwrrrrr

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  • Omg I would love this 👏🏻 I have had cockatiels for years but I have a special place in my heart for budgies! I had a lilac coloured budgie called Jojo when I was 7 and she was a gorgeous lilac colour , I loved her ❤️ they are definitely not as loud as my male cockatiels 😂

    clare Rawlinsclare Rawlins7 månader sedan
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  • This is my dream! I love budgies!!! I have them as pets! So cute, so noisy, I love my budgies :'D

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  • I call upon the bird summoner

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  • Do you have a TikTok?

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  • Sonic birds

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  • That was so Wholesome

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  • The bird be like : Bitch leave me alone Amma hit you with mah wing

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  • Is this Malaysia?

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  • I have tried that before and one bird bit me because it wanted more food

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  • Everybody gangsta till a birb says squak

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  • Whoever disliked this video are cats because they eat birds

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  • Did you know that female budgies see UV light and that's how they choose a mate? Male with the brightest crown wins 💖

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  • Just watch your step don’t step the bird.

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  • I use to not be able to do this but now I’ll be okay

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  • Where was that i want to feel loved by budgies mine are hard headed

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  • Those budgies are more nicer than mine 😅

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  • Face reveal

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  • I like 🐥

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  • Him : Disney princess Me: Huh i cant even get one bird to love me :(

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  • Me seeing that there are a lot of birds: seworld.info/will/fn7GudvbgGafqWg/video

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  • Parakeets

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  • That Look Like Malaysia?

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  • I wanna go there it looks so cool!

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  • 1:35 when u said all the buggies my younger sisters thought u said butt cheeks so when u said '1 2 3 fly!' she was like:O

    Pardis HafeezPardis Hafeez7 månader sedan