This TARANTULA changes into a whole DIFFERENT SPIDER after just ONE MOLT !!!

15 jan 2020
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Some species of tarantula gradually change their colours as they molt. Then there are ones that transform into a whole new tarantula after just a single molt. In this video we will be looking at just that; My Pamphobeteus cf. antinous (Big Black) was brown when I got her, but after just one molt, she’s now has a jet-black appearance! A similar situation as this also happens with the Green Bottle Blue (GBB) tarantula. Nature’s pretty neat!
** This video was made purely for educational and entertainment purposes only.
“Big Black” TARANTULA cooperates in the START, but NOT the END !!! ~ tsk tsk tsk ..
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  • Remember, just because you don't look exactly how you want to doesn't mean you have to despair. Maybe you just haven't molted yet. Stay blessed everyone! ❤️🕷️

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