Tarantula TOO EXCITED to Meet his Girl ..

28 feb 2021
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I never really realized that my male Monocentropus balfouri (Socotra Island Blue Baboon) had matured out.. till he started tapping around his enclosure. As soon as I noticed that behaviour, I immediately decided to pair him with my adult female since he probably doesn't have a long life ahead of himself.
** This video was made purely for educational and entertainment purposes only.
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Lovepreet, Fabian, Henrietta, Kaitlynn, Gabriel

  • wow never seen such fat scorpion

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  • Dog: dad...who are you talking to? Weirdo.

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  • I was just waiting for him to turn back and just see the two spiders gone

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  • You need to get headgear for the camera so that you can use both hands.

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  • F

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  • U r lucky this dude didn't shoot his poisonous hairs out his back at u

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  • Do they bite

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  • seworld.info/tv/wIOwGXf43mcOpjYsUJzldw.html

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  • 13:11 :me uhhhhhhh ewwwwww looks like they are banging each other lol

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  • 13:07 I feel like I shouldn't be watching this

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  • 3:22 tarantula: quien chota sos vos?

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  • I love how when the spiders start running around on his arm and floor, he is just so chill

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  • he's just skittering around like "GRILL??? GRILL???? GRILL???? WHERE IS????? GRILL??? OHOHOHOHHOOHOH G R UI L L"

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  • Me watching Monster Musume Clips. SEworld algorithm: "So anyway, you have spider fetishes, I heard?"

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  • lair: there isn't really a place for him to run away form the female me(knows nothing about spiders): oh so it's just like real li- (girlfriend walks in) me: -iiiiiiiiiii........f.... girlfriend that i don't have:.........

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  • How it usually goes: Male: you want...SOME FUK Female: nah. I want lunch tho Male: aw shit mission failed abort aBORT-

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  • You are very brave!

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  • Lair: hey do you want a girlfriend Tarantula: *Thinks of normal spider behavior* Oh no *Bolts for it*

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