Sending someone a WHOLE BUNCH of COCKROACHes !!!

5 jul 2020
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Talk about a cockroach explosion!
We always wonder how cockroaches never go extinct and have been living amongst us for millions of years. Well, just take a look at how much/fast they reproduce! In just over a year, from a small colony TO THIS !!! Not to mention a lot have been fed off to tarantulas. Well, it’s time to send some out. Someone contacted me earlier today asking for some Blatta lateralis, so I decided, sure.. let’s send a whole bunch out to him :D
** This video was made purely for educational and entertainment purposes only.
Unboxing a BUNCH of COCKROACHES !!! (Gone NASTY)
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  • Im terrified of roaches so much why am I watching this

    BlackHaitianRicanBlackHaitianRican27 dagar sedan
  • the way I can't sleep if I see a single ant in my room and this dude has a whole colony of roaches beside his bed-

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      Changhee choChanghee choMånad sedan
    • And then someone who got pranked sees this video

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  • Why is your stove so rustic

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  • I just look for crockrach on amazon and they are 29 dollars for 15 crockrach (5 males 10 females) what...

    Carlos Manuel Vallejo PuenteCarlos Manuel Vallejo PuenteMånad sedan
  • When I see a roach I like slap it away from my hand.

    Tanzim RahmanTanzim RahmanMånad sedan
  • Yo I love your video's

    JAY GamingJAY GamingMånad sedan
  • why am i eating while watching this

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  • I hate everything single bug but why I am watching this ;-; weird me

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    • Good video keep on the good work hope u reach 3 million! 😁

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  • Yo i can't imagine the smell. Cockroaches has this distinct smell 🤣

    The QueenThe QueenMånad sedan
  • I would be scared to death if a even saw a single baby tiny cockroach

    Aryanna MorenoAryanna MorenoMånad sedan
  • Hey can o have some cokrocash

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  • Hey can I have a scorpion?

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  • Seeing this makes me want to cry 😭

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  • If im a billionaire, i will buy many roaches just to burn them.

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  • Is that a stick-O container?

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  • Would they survive being sent to The US? I live in knoxville TN and id gladly buy mine from u when u can. I just bought 300 dubia roaches and it was $70 which is fine but I have 3 bearded dragons and im paying that every month and it adds up

    Christy ContrerasChristy Contreras2 månader sedan
  • Can they breath with all those newspapers?

    Retired VetRetired Vet2 månader sedan

    Blûëbėrrÿ MøcâBlûëbėrrÿ Møcâ2 månader sedan
  • I don't hate cockroaches like that but when it comes to house cockroach I hate it I'm not scared of it I hate the look of it even they kinda look the same

    wayne 09wayne 092 månader sedan
  • Lol

    Kailee loves SansKailee loves Sans2 månader sedan
  • Imagine he drop the bottle of cockroach and they run everywhere

    beson1982beson19822 månader sedan
    • Imagine the feeling of them crawling between your toes and the cockroach’s crawling up ur pants while making the sound and going INTO THE URETHRA.

      dedgr0und hogdedgr0und hogMånad sedan
  • If you drop that your life will get ruined

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  • Thats gross because they are all family and there all giving birth with each other

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  • *Wait what? Bro you handle thousands of cockroaches and I can't even handle the cockroach on my back yard! This man is a frickin legend*

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  • How cool it is growing your roach farm on your own room. LOL

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  • I hate cockroaches

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  • You have these in ur room!!!

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  • Mailman: aggresively throws package on the road and ripps off the tape

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  • 0:15 imagine this under your blanket

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  • Give some cockroaches for Schizo pelma tv

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  • I have a phobia of cockroaches

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  • I literally almost threw up after watching this video.

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