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The only thing that happened was a rehouse into a shoebox enclosure. Not the most appealing enclosure, but I had my reasons why. Other than that, nothing really ~ It’s doing great!
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  • I thought the scorpion was a female?

    Keyboard WarriorKeyboard WarriorMånad sedan
  • Wat happened to hedgehog aka jaxon WHERE IS HE AAAAAAA OR SHE

    ZayyuqZayyuq2 månader sedan
  • Next time keep cmtipedes

    Leo_LeoLeo_Leo3 månader sedan
  • AntsCanada which is better known as Mikey Bustos. My kababayan

    NJPN 2019NJPN 20194 månader sedan
  • people: *ask about scorpion* Exotics lair: *talks about scorpion for a moment and proceeds to show a tarantula*

    Jaime Monzon BautistaJaime Monzon Bautista4 månader sedan
  • Mikey bustos is the owner of antsCanada

    AK GamingAK Gaming4 månader sedan
  • I just got an emperor scorpion. Can someone tell me how to sex it? And what kind of substrate I need?

    Aiden KimAiden Kim5 månader sedan
  • Do a feeding video man

    Farhan 7865Farhan 78655 månader sedan
  • i know how anoying it is i have a leo and there are so many times im about to squish it

    ringmaster roxanneringmaster roxanne5 månader sedan
  • You

    Maya Licona BeaulieuMaya Licona Beaulieu5 månader sedan
  • You are cool

    Maya Licona BeaulieuMaya Licona Beaulieu5 månader sedan
  • have you ever thoguht of keeping an tokay gecko

    gaming with lavagaming with lava6 månader sedan
  • Did a tarantula bite you? If yes it hurts a lot?

    Georgia BGeorgia B6 månader sedan
  • Who watches antsCanada and this channel together

    •foxdrawzstuffandvids••foxdrawzstuffandvids•6 månader sedan
  • Can we see your leopard gecko

    Jamie 103Jamie 1036 månader sedan
  • I love insects and arachnids🦀🦂🐜🕷🐛🦋

    Creature DomesCreature Domes6 månader sedan
  • Omg you got this from AntsCanada? Both of yall my favourite channels got a shock knowing yall friends and share pets. That's so cool. Kinda like Pokémon lol

    Kevin C. MendozaKevin C. Mendoza6 månader sedan
  • 2:18 What happens when you touch someone’s tail in Roblox

    Xx Julie xXXx Julie xX6 månader sedan
  • ants canada is mikey buston?

  • Plz Do more Watering videos

    Kenny WilkieKenny Wilkie6 månader sedan
  • i get small heart attack everytime he points his finger towards these animals😂🤢

    yowan HAUROOyowan HAUROO6 månader sedan
  • How’s the trapdoor spider doing

    Reese’s Peanut Butter CupsReese’s Peanut Butter Cups6 månader sedan
  • You got a scorpion from antscanada!

    Khamani WilliamsKhamani Williams6 månader sedan
  • Did you ever name the scorpion? I left a comment with my suggestion and I wanted to see what you actually named it. Just curious xP

    Sacred SoulSacred Soul6 månader sedan
  • Why does the tarantula at the start have so many moults

    Lincoln JohnsonLincoln Johnson6 månader sedan
  • Poor beer on one they say it does no dig as much

    MAE Gang Makenna Aiden EmoryMAE Gang Makenna Aiden Emory6 månader sedan
  • El and ac is like a connected timeline

    Euian Mathew DalupanEuian Mathew Dalupan6 månader sedan
  • His hands every time he picks up or carries his animals etc ⬆️↗️➡️↘️⬇️↙️⬅️↖️↕️↔️↩️↪️⤴️⤵️🔃🔄

    Lila BurnsLila Burns6 månader sedan
  • Can you do an face reveal

    Dylan B. GranadoDylan B. Granado6 månader sedan
  • Bro where da hedgehog?

    AntiApollo34389AntiApollo343896 månader sedan
  • 0:48 My name is KAREN.

    SADGASM悲しいSADGASM悲しい6 månader sedan
  • How is that blonde tarantula that you rehoused kinda recently?

    Chloe MillerChloe Miller6 månader sedan
  • Glad to see AntsCanada’s scorpion went to a good person. I actually found both channels about the same time a year ago 😅

    Turtle MagicTurtle Magic6 månader sedan
    • mooing

      katelyn dupreekatelyn dupree3 månader sedan
    • take ants plsss

      Lucas KinsbergenLucas Kinsbergen6 månader sedan
  • Exotic: He or she, I'll just say it 0.5 seconds later Exotic: He or she..

    INFERNOINFERNO6 månader sedan
  • is my female ball python oversized cuz I measured her and she's 8 feet long and isn't that oversized for a ball python?

    Kennis The MenaceKennis The Menace6 månader sedan
  • I like how you corrected Aggressive with Defensive. Made a nice point

    _CallMeKitty__CallMeKitty_6 månader sedan
  • You said it was a she.

    Aiden StineAiden Stine6 månader sedan
  • wait thought in the other video you said it was a girl now it's a boy? Don't confuse me.

    Simp ManSimp Man6 månader sedan
  • Can we get an update on the hedgehog?

    PastelplierPastelplier6 månader sedan
  • Cool

    Dynamosaurus ImperiousDynamosaurus Imperious6 månader sedan
  • So i thought that antscanada would just reintroduce him into the wild. I didn’t think he gave it to you. But i guest that he would survive much better in captivity than invasively wander around out side.

    Reeds RendersonReeds Renderson6 månader sedan
  • Hii

    Johana KabungoJohana Kabungo6 månader sedan
  • the dislike button was on 68... I'm sorry

    jacob huminskijacob huminski6 månader sedan

    Joshua AlvarezJoshua Alvarez6 månader sedan
  • we need hedgehog video

    Airon CondolAiron Condol6 månader sedan
  • Hedgehog??

    Dragon SinDragon Sin6 månader sedan
  • You replaced antsCanada in my lineup of channels to watch... he lost me with the rhino beetle games, It was an epic fail

    Will NevertellWill Nevertell6 månader sedan
  • I want pissy :v

    Labu2312Labu23126 månader sedan
  • what happened to the hedgehog that u got?

    Mᴇʟʟᴏ卂尺ㄒ UwUMᴇʟʟᴏ卂尺ㄒ UwU6 månader sedan
  • 🧢 🙉 👕 👖 👞

  • To be honest it's a little boring. Hope next one is exciting

    ploopy ploopyploopy ploopy6 månader sedan
  • I like megalodon shark because its strong,massive,cool hunt,a lot of teeth,and very fast but megalodon now are not exist in earth 1like=1love for my favorite shark😭😭😭😭

    Tony EkohTony Ekoh6 månader sedan
  • Don’t put alcohol on scorpion if not they will kill their self if u want to try just buy one don’t use urs

    classroom of memesclassroom of memes6 månader sedan
  • Did you really sell pissy

    Om Prakash BajajOm Prakash Bajaj6 månader sedan
  • wot happened to the scorpion :o

    playz _coffeeplayz _coffee6 månader sedan
  • Please pleasee pleasee do more jumping spider feeding ❤️❤️i miss dat❤️❤️

    Elene PapizeElene Papize6 månader sedan
  • yes, i did enjoy this vid bug x thank you for update x i love me scorpions, have a blue tattoo of one on my right forearm, love it xxxx

    Beasty 90Beasty 906 månader sedan
  • can we pls get an update on that hedgehog.

    marshoockmarshoock6 månader sedan
  • I saw something on one of my social medias, and I wondered if you’d ever get a Phidippus audax? They look pretty cool. 🤗

    Hillary R.Hillary R.6 månader sedan
  • Yo why don't you buy a tripod? You're the only channel with multiple millions of subscribers who often has to struggle using 1 hand to do things because you don't have a tripod. Your one hand skills are impressive but, with unboxing videos for example you waste a bunch of time and it's not fun to watch someone struggle to open things with 1 hand.

    JJ6 månader sedan
  • Do you think you can do a feeding vid?

    Kenyce07 CrmpKenyce07 Crmp6 månader sedan
  • What happened to your Forest Scorpion

    Tarantula Boy's WorldTarantula Boy's World6 månader sedan
  • But, the the real question is how bout the huntsman?

    crazydudecrazydude6 månader sedan
  • where's pissy? we missed pissy and his hissing piss...

    Roma Guada ParraRoma Guada Parra6 månader sedan
  • Awesome news

    God of DestructionGod of Destruction6 månader sedan
  • What do you teach

    Omar Al BahshOmar Al Bahsh6 månader sedan
  • When are we going to get an update on your new leopard gecko btw I love ur vids hope u read this comment!!

    Tahlia ChristouTahlia Christou6 månader sedan
  • What happens to the 9 year old leopard gecko that the old guy gave you 4 months ago???!!!

    NadesAUSNadesAUS6 månader sedan
  • How is your hedgehog?

    highlow lander2highlow lander26 månader sedan
  • What state do you live in? Not being like a stalker but I wonder

    ybarraYTybarraYT6 månader sedan
  • 0:50 "Pretty fat aswell" Me: YoU dId NoT jUsT sAy ThAt To A wOmAn

    ShaieShaie6 månader sedan
  • Can you please do a video on the old leopard gecko you got a few months ago

    Renee Draws StuffRenee Draws Stuff6 månader sedan
  • When will we get Watering my Tarantulas part 8?

    XytharXythar6 månader sedan
  • What I want to know is what happened to that dog? I tried to find the video but I think you unlisted it or deleted it. Is that dog and her puppies okay? Did they get a proper whelping box and not a steel cage? Did the mother get the nutrition she needs? Just, are the dogs okay?

    BubdolfBubdolf6 månader sedan
  • what happen to pissy and the hedgehog???? I NEED TO NOW!!!!

    Flor ReynaFlor Reyna6 månader sedan
  • That's so odd. I use to keep emperors when i was younger, and the were always so relax. But my latest on is also pretty aggressive, even more so than my Asian forest.

    drake batelaandrake batelaan6 månader sedan
  • Hey I was wondering would you ever get a seahorse ever if so that would freaking Awesome 😁

    SpookieySpookiey6 månader sedan
  • why you sound like mark from nct127 lol

    Alwan PutradiartaAlwan Putradiarta6 månader sedan
  • Exotic:This is just a bonus video Me:I NeED To KnOW MOOoRe

    ScopewScopew6 månader sedan
  • What happen to that headache

    Jhony KriboJhony Kribo6 månader sedan
  • Hi my idol lairs i have a question What tarantulas baby eats? please answer this in next video thank you

    Mr:HaWtMr:HaWt6 månader sedan
  • where is the corn snake is he died

    Wantanee PrasertsuksomWantanee Prasertsuksom6 månader sedan
  • i like pissy can you updated him pls

    Wantanee PrasertsuksomWantanee Prasertsuksom6 månader sedan
  • Because of the Collab I'm curious if Exotics Lair's Pinoy too

    Joryl CastilloJoryl Castillo6 månader sedan
  • Hey Exotic, Just wanted to make you aware someone posted a video of you... you may want to check it out ASAP... seworld.info/will/gbGpvZqpqZ9ntH0/video

    Morgan ForrestMorgan Forrest6 månader sedan
  • I need his merch that says "Oh Lord Have Mercy" "Caalllmmm Dooowwn" "What an ungrateful T" "It's just tongs" "Why can't you keep your bowl clean?" "Yooooooooo" "Stop being pissy, Pissy" "Look at that big butt"

    ushouldletmeloveuushouldletmeloveu6 månader sedan
    • @i RuinedIt Yes, i think thats the point bud

      I Dont Like SandI Dont Like Sand5 månader sedan
    • ushouldletmeloveu top 7 phrases exotics lair says

      i RuinedIti RuinedIt6 månader sedan
  • how have you been feeding the ember sccorpion

    thomas the train nah manthomas the train nah man6 månader sedan
  • People:he sold pissy Smart people that listen:no he didn't Dumb people:I'ma listen to the comments

    Angel TheWolfAngel TheWolf6 månader sedan
  • :3 cute lol to be honest you, AntsCanada, and Merg all sound the same XD

    MarineTressymMarineTressym6 månader sedan
  • are you secretly antscanada

    Andrea LaneAndrea Lane6 månader sedan
  • what happened to that toad you got from the expo 2 years ago, is it full grown now?

    Ryder HeroRyder Hero6 månader sedan
  • What about the adorable and now aggressive hedgehog?

    bigbrotherPAINbigbrotherPAIN6 månader sedan
  • Where's his water dish? I always had a water dish in with my African Emperor. He would stick his face right in the water and drink.

    Raider GhostRaider Ghost6 månader sedan
  • Can we please get an update on your trapdoor spider

    KJGotFanzKJGotFanz6 månader sedan
  • I watched your videos, you have so many animals specially spiders... How can you keep all of them? One of your spiders had 147 babies, do you resell them when they grow up?

    madeleine tardymadeleine tardy6 månader sedan
  • *I cant get the lid open to take out the molt*

    Masen KingeMasen Kinge6 månader sedan
  • Hey Pls I need help I have this spider and it has molted but it wont move from the molt and it is super fast and I cant open the lid to take him out

    Masen KingeMasen Kinge6 månader sedan
  • Dude, one of your watering videos reached over 14 mln views. And it has been a year since you released it. IT IS SERIOUSLY A TIME FOR A NEW ONE!!

    EmptyEmpty6 månader sedan
  • Can you get a camel spider

    2.0 stūdíøsYT2.0 stūdíøsYT6 månader sedan
  • are you able to do a ‘room tour’ of all your animals? like with quick clips/introductions? :)

    Lynn TLynn T6 månader sedan