Tarantula vs 50% Hydrogen Peroxide ~ What will happen? CRAZY!! [EXPERIMENT]

17 mar 2021
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I was curious, ok ….
Nothing was harmed in the making of this video..
.. maybe a few germs, but that's pretty much it :D
** This video was made purely for educational and entertainment purposes only.
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  • You have basically bleached a T

    Fede RicaFede RicaDag sedan
  • I bet he is still using that spoon for eating

    DamienDamien2 dagar sedan
  • That "oil" is probably fat, but I wonder if it could be venom? Are the venom glands always full of venom or does it disappear after they have been dead for a while?

    NEOSpawnKillerNEOSpawnKiller3 dagar sedan
  • :( poor baby...😥

    Jen ShelleyJen Shelley4 dagar sedan
  • Imagine he took it out and it moved

  • "Do tarutantulas have oil?" Us: don't mind if I do!

    Gurmail SinghzGurmail Singhz4 dagar sedan
  • 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

    indian wordsindian words5 dagar sedan
  • I uh.. question your motives.

    Mr SpookleyMr Spookley5 dagar sedan
  • Tarantula: * nothing * Tarantula ghost: NOOO MY CORPSE tarantula ghost again: Wow lair : W O W

  • 1:15 Exotic:Oh my god!What's happening there!? Me:It came back to life and pooped-

    Tanjirou KamadoTanjirou Kamado5 dagar sedan
  • The other tarantulas in room are just watching in horror.

    MrSaturn619MrSaturn6196 dagar sedan
  • Exotics lair : '' A new species of tarantula '' (I think He said that) Me : Hm a name for this tarantula.. *my mind : (insert the name of the tarantula ) + tarantula * Me : HAH Thats a fine name..

    Joshua LimJoshua Lim7 dagar sedan
  • I hope you preserved this tarantula.

    Vickie GrayVickie Gray7 dagar sedan
  • Crucio

    Chill ManChill Man7 dagar sedan
  • I hate chemistry too

    kostas lioyrtas2kostas lioyrtas28 dagar sedan
  • It looks BURNT

    Arlene TrinidadArlene Trinidad10 dagar sedan
  • What is your name on the one 🤩🤴🏻🕷

    Adrian CroninAdrian Cronin10 dagar sedan
  • 1:14 it's farting

    cutie corolcutie corol11 dagar sedan
  • The body is empty

    Burn Stick manBurn Stick man12 dagar sedan
  • Hydrogen peroxide makes the exoskeleton see through over a few months

    Burn Stick manBurn Stick man12 dagar sedan
  • Wow its getting more beautiful!!

    EzHaze -EzHaze -13 dagar sedan
  • Oh my god did that tarantula get fried

    Lunar EclypseLunar Eclypse14 dagar sedan
  • Alternate title: Tarantula hair dying gone wrong

    La BLa B14 dagar sedan
  • The hydrogen peroxide bleached tarantula looks pretty dope

    Aaron NegronAaron Negron15 dagar sedan
  • 1 like 1pray 👇🏽

    Khera FurberKhera Furber15 dagar sedan
  • Tarantula French fries 😩

    ROACHESROACHES16 dagar sedan
  • Could that "oil" Actually be the venom the tarantula had in it's body before it died? Weaker parts of the tarantula would have been eaten away, like a venom sack?

    ZoroBabyZoroBaby16 dagar sedan
  • Exotics Lair just gave his dead T a hair bleach LOL. Gotta rock the blond look xD **EDIT** So to my understanding, the peroxide actually eliminates the fatty tissues and oils within a specimen, which was the oil like substance that you saw floating in the solution. Without the fatty tissues in the body the T became more buoyant, hence the floating. I may not be 100% accurate here but I believe this is what is going on. In taxidermy and skull mounting they use peroxide to basically skim off any tissues that are still on bone and use it as a "degreaser" of sorts.

    Erin GuinnErin Guinn16 dagar sedan
  • Guiness recs:first bleached tarantula

    wild birbswild birbs16 dagar sedan
  • Frame it!

    Debbie YorkDebbie York16 dagar sedan
  • "no spiders were hurt in this video" The dead spider: im still a spider man :(

    Ralph Ivan MasangcayRalph Ivan Masangcay16 dagar sedan
  • All the tarantulas in their enclosures: 👁👄👁

    Nichole GandyNichole Gandy17 dagar sedan
  • Exotics lairs best video yet

    Treasure State TarantulasTreasure State Tarantulas17 dagar sedan
  • I don't think it's a nice thing to do.. To torture an animal's dead body.. It's weird man..

    melek Demirelmelek Demirel17 dagar sedan
  • That is so cool🤩🤩🤩

    Roderick CastilloRoderick Castillo17 dagar sedan
  • Keep it in a jar of alcohol bro would be a cool thing to keep

    Tom HbayTom Hbay17 dagar sedan
  • “Is that oil!!!?” US government : 👀👀👀

    GameskillYT007GameskillYT00717 dagar sedan
  • I cleaned a whole horse skeleton with hydrogen peroxide, I wired it together. It was pretty cool.

    ailison kellandailison kelland18 dagar sedan
  • The guy has 50% hydrogen peroxide just laying around but doesn’t have formaline to preserve his specimens for his collection I’m really beginning to question if this guy is really a school teacher

    MightyRudeMightyRude18 dagar sedan
  • Forbidden French fries o.o

    Skippy CupcakeSkippy Cupcake18 dagar sedan
  • It looks well done

    MatTheGayGirlMatTheGayGirl18 dagar sedan
  • No one: For real no one: Exotics Lair: Look what i found in my closet....

    Avoid SnqxkngAvoid Snqxkng18 dagar sedan
  • It's strips oils

    Sian WebbSian Webb19 dagar sedan
  • Fat is oil Bro

    Sian WebbSian Webb19 dagar sedan
  • Oxygen is not what ya want in this bacteria in the end will use it

    Sian WebbSian Webb19 dagar sedan
  • Why shame man that spider is big and not like the small ones they are more intelligent ya no

    Sian WebbSian Webb19 dagar sedan
  • Them legs looking like a snack

    Galaxy VultureGalaxy Vulture19 dagar sedan
  • The enzyme called Catalse (found in nearly all organisms on Earth) breaks down Hydrogen peroxide into water and Oxygen gas with the bubbles being the gas.

    Jasim Maths and PhysicsJasim Maths and Physics19 dagar sedan
  • Imagine when if when he came back, the spider alive again

    The3HeadedOrangeThe3HeadedOrange19 dagar sedan
  • Looks like its fried

    Xiao.!?Xiao.!?19 dagar sedan
  • Exoticslair reallly doesn't like male tarantulas XD

    JuhSuhCah FritzJuhSuhCah Fritz19 dagar sedan
  • Veery interesting 😊 thank you

    She_Wolf_CCSShe_Wolf_CCS20 dagar sedan
  • you:a new T me: a name is sun crest T also me: wait thats a dead T oof☹︎

    Wolfie Rose HeartWolfie Rose Heart20 dagar sedan
  • That is cute my mam it's sexy ass bro

    Fercho VargasFercho Vargas20 dagar sedan
  • I’m watching this for tarantulas and I’m getting distracted by the tongs and the spoon what is wrong with me

    Samuel BirdSamuel Bird20 dagar sedan
  • Peta

    Wisdom WinsWisdom Wins20 dagar sedan
  • Him: I failed chemistry Me knowing he is a teacher: Welp guess he's not a chemistry teacher

    CarrotCarrot20 dagar sedan
  • Him talking: don't play around with this stuff it can burn your hands What he is doing: opening and poring bare handed

    CarrotCarrot20 dagar sedan
  • That “oil” is actually venom

    Glados AiGlados Ai20 dagar sedan
  • next time try *100%* hydrogen peroxide

    logicxrlogicxr20 dagar sedan
  • Hydrogyn Peroxide is what you put on cutes to clean it thr bubbling means its cleaning it

    Cherry The BerryCherry The Berry20 dagar sedan
  • It's not oil it's broken down fats

    Burton Rondo jrBurton Rondo jr20 dagar sedan
  • Him: Better wash this off before it burns me Me: *dumps it in my ear*

    Ky Van ShaarKy Van Shaar20 dagar sedan
  • lul #bleached tarantula HAHAHA

    ITS YOUR GIRLITS YOUR GIRL20 dagar sedan
  • also when u leave hydrogen peroxide like w out a cap for like after 2 hours or smthing it turns into "WATAH" lul

    ITS YOUR GIRLITS YOUR GIRL20 dagar sedan
  • I thought it Would come back to Life

    Dale EasthamDale Eastham20 dagar sedan
  • The spider: ahhh a rest: after a few years: i hate you now.

    Apollo The Furry Friends PlayhouseApollo The Furry Friends Playhouse20 dagar sedan
    • Edit: part two: spider: why are you messing with my corps wow i look bad

      Apollo The Furry Friends PlayhouseApollo The Furry Friends Playhouse20 dagar sedan
  • As a mechanic oil floats on top of water that’s definitely oil

    bmx12521bmx1252121 dag sedan
  • This is so fuckin dumb of a video, like you’ve never cleaned with hydrogen peroxide it sizzles when it goes down the drain. What did you think was gonna happen when submerge into a vat of chemicals. I enjoyed watching your videos till now i already no it was dead but you clearly know its a pets and you just threw in vat chemicals Dissolving its corpse for views wtf . You clearly have norespect for Arthropods. This comment was such a waste of time i feel like I shouldn’t be telling the guy with 8x mor tarantulas and animals then me how to respect animals. Like Wat are u thinking?

    Lee reidLee reid21 dag sedan
  • I really expected the tarantula to fall apart when you took it out of the peroxide...... I wasn't expecting it to go hard and its legs look like crunchy French fries!!🕷🍟

    Solo 7Solo 721 dag sedan
  • The tarantula's legs rebember the mc donald fries lol

    Nicho_703 LiatiNicho_703 Liati21 dag sedan
  • Peroxide does not burn your skin .... at all

    2320 Dakotah2320 Dakotah21 dag sedan
  • The legs look like fries 😂

    Pempi ptlPempi ptl21 dag sedan
  • 30% you use to bleach wood

    Sue KayacikSue Kayacik21 dag sedan
  • You bleach the shit out of him 😅

    Sue KayacikSue Kayacik21 dag sedan
  • Keep it and prank your friends saying it’s a new breed of horn baboon

    Faith PaulusFaith Paulus21 dag sedan
  • Not oil it looks like venom

    jacob stricklandjacob strickland21 dag sedan
  • sup exotics lair

    Malcom BobnuttMalcom Bobnutt21 dag sedan
  • I just saw that you bever gave an update on the 9 Year old leopard gecko you got with some shed stuck on his toes. Is there some update or is he already gone ? I would love to have an update on him. Also I would love to see more about your reptiles. Greetings

    Sascha JacobSascha Jacob21 dag sedan
  • It could be the venum that is left in it

    Nichole ScalesNichole Scales21 dag sedan
  • Best way to hide the evedence of your dead speder

    who are u bruehwho are u brueh21 dag sedan
  • i dare you to insect the thing

    I make u regret thisI make u regret this21 dag sedan
  • while he's sniffing it sound's like he's on drugs hahahahahahahahahahahaha

    john michael banzuelajohn michael banzuela21 dag sedan
  • Do more

    KepattzKepattz21 dag sedan
  • Oil......... America has entered the chat

    Chancy Dremain ClarkChancy Dremain Clark21 dag sedan
  • Tarantulas hair can be use to mop up oil

    A GUINEA PIGA GUINEA PIG21 dag sedan
  • Also nice

    Kwon Hingham the best TseKwon Hingham the best Tse22 dagar sedan
  • Legend has it the other tarantulas know their buddy was soaked in hydrogen peroxide. 🥺😭

    Tiffany Michele AnthonyTiffany Michele Anthony22 dagar sedan
  • If you search how to do a plastic tarantola you will found this 😂

    xAle 04xAle 0422 dagar sedan
  • Do it with a alive one

    ItzRxzyItzRxzy22 dagar sedan
  • why its so sad :(

    Music LoverMusic Lover22 dagar sedan
  • Might not smell bad... but looks don't deceive! lol

    Colin TimminsColin Timmins22 dagar sedan
  • forbidden french fries

    Andreea MarinAndreea Marin22 dagar sedan
  • Ew- It looks like french fries

    •BuntatoBunnies••BuntatoBunnies•22 dagar sedan
  • u are a monster

    Rudež GordanRudež Gordan22 dagar sedan
    • 🤦‍♀️

      mr_mcfiddlesticks_reviews 71mr_mcfiddlesticks_reviews 7122 dagar sedan
  • Exotic's Lair- They have oil?! US Military- Did you say....OIL!!!!

    Rasgriz RevelationsRasgriz Revelations22 dagar sedan
  • Mamma

    Edith SaldivarEdith Saldivar22 dagar sedan
  • Culo

    Edgar SaldivarEdgar Saldivar22 dagar sedan
  • An albino tarantula that ain't no such thing as albino tarantula

    bhsyvbhsyv22 dagar sedan
  • You should do a update on your Mexican fire leg

    Chely MartinezChely Martinez22 dagar sedan