19 jan 2020
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What is this… baby turtles?!!
Well, baby turtle. What happened to the rest??
So today my dad decided to clean out our fish pond, and whilst he was doing so, he saw this little baby Red Eared Slider turtle swimming in the pond. I grabbed my net to capture it cuz that’s the safest bet - It wouldn’t last another day or two with the giants in that pond. I never expected them to reproduce. This was really a surprise for me.
** This video was made purely for educational and entertainment purposes only.
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  • There was a turtle right there 9:32

    E money 2410E money 24105 timmar sedan
  • When your 8 year old turtle that has been lonely as hell gets it on

    lucifer shadowlucifer shadow14 timmar sedan
  • oh ok 👁👄👁*edit:OMG HIS HOUSE IS AMAZING :0*

    Xxwere_called_the_SPOOKS!xX SpookXxwere_called_the_SPOOKS!xX Spook2 dagar sedan
  • Buy see snails

    Leah WoodLeah Wood2 dagar sedan
  • This is like our turtle that we gave, we didnt expect it to give birth but it did and it was 2 eggs she ate the other 1.

    Ric AbieroRic Abiero3 dagar sedan
  • 4 days

    Anna NewbeginAnna Newbegin5 dagar sedan

    Rafaella Angeline MunarRafaella Angeline Munar5 dagar sedan
  • Save the 🐢 turtles

    Laura SilvaLaura Silva8 dagar sedan
  • Large fish eat the baby's 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 is so sad :((((((

    Tony TurtleTony Turtle9 dagar sedan
    • Baby turtles)

      Tony TurtleTony Turtle9 dagar sedan
  • Tuuuuurl haha hahahaha hahaha

    Leonel MadrigalLeonel Madrigal10 dagar sedan
  • You have heaps of pets 💖💖💖I used to be so scared of spots spiders will I still am but I'm watching this and I'm actually not scared black in one of your videos the spider jump and it's dropped my iPad because you make me jump cos it scared me so badly I want to change it but then it stop so I felt

    glen colvinglen colvin11 dagar sedan
  • Wait if there were 30 of those little guys. What happened to the other 29?

  • .-.

    Mohammad HossainMohammad Hossain12 dagar sedan
  • Fcking

    Jason BornJason Born12 dagar sedan
  • there is anothre alive baby turtle

    Shamar ArchibaldShamar Archibald13 dagar sedan
  • My name is Willow yea

    Mike ContrerasMike Contreras13 dagar sedan
  • i have the same turtle 1 male

    Sarah HoffSarah Hoff14 dagar sedan
  • Can I please have a baby turtleI always wanted two

    marta moralesmarta morales15 dagar sedan
  • What if the fish ate the rest? I’m just guessing. At this moment I haven’t watched the whole video

    PopFizz StudiosPopFizz Studios16 dagar sedan
  • You can't plan it just happened when there's a Male

    LieDieEyeLieDieEye17 dagar sedan
  • I love turtles.

    Perhe NiinimäkiPerhe Niinimäki17 dagar sedan
  • Can you swim with your sliders and catfish I wanna see dat

    Gacha CookieGacha Cookie18 dagar sedan
  • 👁👄👁 me staring at Exotics hold the bby turtle upside down and kinda shake him around. . . 👌🏼👇🏼👉🏼🤚🏼🖐🏼✋🏼👈🏼✌🏼👊🏼🤞🏼👐🏼🤲🏼👏🏻

    Angelina MAngelina M19 dagar sedan
  • AWWWWWWWW He's soooooo cute baby turtle 👶🏻🐢

    Ace SchaeferAce Schaefer22 dagar sedan
  • Gender reval party

    lizzy small hatlizzy small hat24 dagar sedan
  • The little guy is so adorable!

    Leslee LaneLeslee Lane26 dagar sedan
  • I love how distracted he gets. “Ooh, what are these?”

    Leslee LaneLeslee Lane26 dagar sedan
  • I think theres 1 more because at the end I saw like a turtle like thing

    light flame 74371light flame 7437126 dagar sedan
  • I think the catfish ate them?🤔

    K1LL3RS4L1F3K1LL3RS4L1F327 dagar sedan

  • Exotics Lair :" Im not going to squeeze him " One second later squeezes

    Dominique VictorDominique Victor28 dagar sedan
  • I have baby turtles the same one and someone found them and I got 2 but they don’t bit me

    Roes BellaRoes Bella29 dagar sedan
  • I want a turttle

    Playing With Bon BonPlaying With Bon Bon29 dagar sedan
  • Big ones are males small ones are female

    Sascha RaineSascha RaineMånad sedan
  • use algae eating fish!

    Amazing world of miecraftAmazing world of miecraftMånad sedan
  • oml, ofc he was scared! he needed to be left alone for a bit! You kept shaking him around and handling him!

    Hot Choccy and MarshmallowsHot Choccy and MarshmallowsMånad sedan
  • My broth has a 🐢 and it cute

    Ariel MoyerAriel MoyerMånad sedan
  • i like the turtle vids more than the spider vids and i like the lizard vids to

  • S-step turtle what are you doing???

    DjKobeOnGfueI !DjKobeOnGfueI !Månad sedan
  • 5:11 Why is a toilet just sitting there?

    Mczman123Mczman123Månad sedan
  • Ahhh. I wished there were more babies alive tho...

    Bitch SenseiBitch SenseiMånad sedan
  • Ok I know I’m late but I love turtles and you should get some other kinds of turtles

    XTBImShxrPXTBImShxrPMånad sedan
  • I gfhnnhg O

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  • He is 3 days old

    Shay QuattrucciShay QuattrucciMånad sedan
  • 1:32 is that healthy for the turtles

    Harrison GuppyHarrison GuppyMånad sedan
  • People are pregnant animals and get babies out of room

    Lashwan McClaineLashwan McClaineMånad sedan
  • Who else is rewatching to see which one is the turtle is

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  • R.I.P baby turtles

    MintMintMånad sedan
  • you should put some wood to give them a better basking spot

    marielly rojasmarielly rojasMånad sedan
  • Maybe 7

    Jacob CastanedaJacob CastanedaMånad sedan
  • He is like 5 days old

    Jacob CastanedaJacob CastanedaMånad sedan
  • Turtles lay eggs on the strand

    Vide AnderssonVide AnderssonMånad sedan
  • 3:05 EL: * talking clever things * Me: one of your plants fell over...😐

    Dinomoo1212Dinomoo1212Månad sedan
  • I'm distracted by the squat toilet that is out in the open, why do you have it like that🤣

    Safira NabilaSafira NabilaMånad sedan
  • Y voy al médico a casa a

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  • Please give me 2 a male and a female pls pls pls pls

    Isabella MartinezIsabella MartinezMånad sedan
  • A turtle gets more pus than I do.....

    yeyeMånad sedan
  • Any updates on the baby turtles 🐢

    S HS HMånad sedan
  • Damn this guy is annoying

    Miranda GarciaMiranda GarciaMånad sedan
  • They layed eggs there the whole family tree will lay there.

    X GeneralBeta XX GeneralBeta XMånad sedan
  • There is one more stop at 9:29 min and look by both walls

    artist aartist aMånad sedan

    MythmakrOxymoreMythmakrOxymoreMånad sedan
  • I found a baby turtle in a river once I think I was in Richmond ? But I found a baby turtle and I loved it so much because we were fishing and messing around and I saw a baby turtle like flipped on it’s back we thought it was a leaf at first but I made the water like ripple? And when I got it it was soooooo small! I would let it lay on my stomach or my shoulder it would just crawl around me while I sat around TwT but I hate to leave the river so I had to let him back T^T or her I miss them so muchhhhh

    CømetCømetMånad sedan
  • The giant gourami will eat the babies

    Trinifish Hobbyist TVTrinifish Hobbyist TVMånad sedan
  • :O wow gtg school now / PRISON WITH NP VID :( mine not prison :D

    Robot HuRobot HuMånad sedan
  • They prob drowned if they couldnt get back out of the water by themselves.

    Mandy St. OngeMandy St. OngeMånad sedan
  • When you realized turtles mean everything to him

    Zuraini SazariZuraini SazariMånad sedan
  • Damn that baby turtle can survive at that large pool, maybe thw other maybe is in there too?

    KhowandarylKhowandarylMånad sedan
  • Stop expanding the video with bullshit and focus on the main task

    Killer QueenKiller QueenMånad sedan
  • *puts a male with 3 females* *females lay eggs* This guy: i never planned for this to happen, mindblowing

    Killer QueenKiller QueenMånad sedan
  • female turtle: "ignore it" male turtle: my best day of my life!!!!

    Renren ArgoteRenren ArgoteMånad sedan
  • The turtle is da CHOSEN ONE!!!

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  • Exotic lair : What the hell Auto generated caption : What the health

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  • I also never expect that thing in the toilet bowl.🤣

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  • why do you have a squat toilet outside?

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  • I had a turtle but my dad sold him I was passed the turles name was pumpkin because I found him in a pumpkin patch

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  • I have two turtles and me and my brother name them April and Sheldon

    I’m not the rulerI’m not the rulerMånad sedan
  • I saw one at the side

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  • Maybe they had one baby

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  • House tour pls

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  • Meals your acsent is like none others

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  • Looks alot like a painted turtle o:

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  • me when I saw the fishes in the pond: I'm pretty sure I know what happened to the rest.

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  • 2

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  • I mean 30 😖

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  • If u have a go pro can you show us you gourami under water plz?

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  • Other mother update where you get the Frog

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  • it is 3 you can tell from its shell

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  • No its because u put the water to low

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  • Ma bro male turtle is 8 and already had babys

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  • Can I pls pls have that red eared slider we are trying to get a red eared slider baby pls I will tell u my number so u can send it to me pls

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  • U move the baby turtles to fast and to much!!!!

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  • I think the baby turtle is a female because of the marks on it's belly

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  • I like how he just randomly fished up a baby turtle XD

    SerenaBwiuBwiu :3 LiSerenaBwiuBwiu :3 LiMånad sedan
  • you have no intention to breed them, but you have Male and Female Turtles, what do you expect them to do if they are together, off course they will breed, by the way, I'm dizzy watching your video

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  • Jeeeez all the people anoying because the others propaply died... he feeds roaches to his spiders too and nobody cares about those... shit happens would have been cool if there were more but well... maby next year

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  • OMG man! Babies!? For real!?

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  • z

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