Catching a Baby Python, FEEDING it, then RELEASE back to WILD ..

9 sep 2020
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So the other day I got a call from my friend saying there’s a Baby Python In his house. I then drove over to his place, which is only about a 2 min drive to capture it. Brought it back home and “rehoused” it into a temporary enclosure for a couple days. I fed it a mouse, since it’s not as easy for snakes to encounter food in the wild as they would in captivity, and we don’t know when was its last meal. After feeding, I allowed 2 days for it to digest the mouse, and then headed to a nearby jungle to release it.
** This video was made purely for educational and entertainment purposes only.
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    Tenko ShimuraTenko ShimuraMånad sedan
    • 😳 someone just got told

      FBIFBI22 timmar sedan
    • S h u t u p It’s WILD and if you know it’ll probably be stressed and bite it’s way out of a box plus it would be a long drive if u live far away:/ so G E T T O L D

      Bella BooBella Boo6 dagar sedan
    • @Lol Iiii he younger than 30

      Isaac ArguellesIsaac Arguelles9 dagar sedan
    • He not in Florida

      Isaac ArguellesIsaac Arguelles9 dagar sedan
    • Because that type of python can get up to 24 feet

      Kamron MitchellKamron Mitchell13 dagar sedan
  • oh yeah thats all just a wild retic

    CrazyBurritoCrazyBurrito7 dagar sedan
  • He’s so CUTE aaaaaah. So beautiful

    Kaedin RheaultKaedin Rheault8 dagar sedan
  • That phytonutrients is a special boy because his eyes show about 20% albino

    Oompa’s V cardOompa’s V card8 dagar sedan
  • Thats a weird looking spider-

    Birdsarecool78Birdsarecool788 dagar sedan
  • Ok i didn't know you can buy frozen rats ...

    Treelon MuskTreelon Musk15 dagar sedan
  • godblessyou i hope u'll be achieving what u dream of in your life ❤️

    avocado whereavocado where17 dagar sedan
  • How old are you

    Alana BarnesAlana Barnes17 dagar sedan
  • This guy is mr beast for reptiles

    Good DayGood Day18 dagar sedan
  • Imagine seeing that snake a year from now.

    Joshua ReyesJoshua Reyes20 dagar sedan
  • How do you handle mice and mouses so well lmao

    IStephenIStephen21 dag sedan
  • I live in suriname and i caught this red tail boa while i was hiking and i just kept it cuz he is a chill dude and got along fast, i tried releasing him a few times over the year but when i walked away he came after me everytime i tried to put him back, now he's my pet. Idek he belongs in the wild but didn't feel like returning. Sometimes people are lucky i guess

    een kipeen kip22 dagar sedan
  • Can snakes choke? It might sound stupid but im genuinely curious. Also, what would you say the best snake is to have as a pet? Thank you!

    Abi MAbi M22 dagar sedan
  • Reticulated pythons are beautiful, pity they grow too big to keep

    Yong Jian YiYong Jian Yi23 dagar sedan
  • Exotic:let’s just wake him up by touching him with a mouse.

    Kool_BloxKool_Blox23 dagar sedan
  • I love how you took care of the snake and gave it food and realesed it . That snake is lucky to be found by you ^^ 💖

    Applina ChanApplina Chan25 dagar sedan
  • I am not scared of tarantulas , snakes and all the animals because of you now :3 thanks

    Applina ChanApplina Chan25 dagar sedan
  • Ur not suppose to release pythons into the wild.

    nicktoyplex Aguirrenicktoyplex Aguirre25 dagar sedan
    • It was from the wild

      Weeblee videosWeeblee videos20 dagar sedan
  • Im scared of snakes but they look cool

    John Paul ZimmermanJohn Paul Zimmerman25 dagar sedan
  • Hey, could you please tell me where you got your Trinidad Dwarf Tiger T, because I’ve been looking for one, and every site I’ve checked is sold out.

    Jason GlennaJason Glenna27 dagar sedan
  • How can people kill snakes, who sees a snake and say "Let me kill it"

    Julian GarciaJulian Garcia28 dagar sedan
  • Which country are you from btw....just wanna know😝

    fedi alongfedi along28 dagar sedan
  • 👁 👁 👅

    Dan and Ben's stop motionDan and Ben's stop motionMånad sedan
  • Exotics : i little snake! Snake : huh? Exotics : here is a smol mouse Snake : *HAHA NOM NOM SEEKERS GO BRRRRRRRRRRRRR*

    Joshua Yong Kwang MinJoshua Yong Kwang MinMånad sedan
  • Im sure that's a boa

    NovakiNovakiMånad sedan
  • **Oh, I'm so sorry dude**x2

    SpottedPaw ÕwÒSpottedPaw ÕwÒMånad sedan
  • That is one adorable reticulated python

    Josheon ZyskowskiJosheon ZyskowskiMånad sedan
  • Why it was so funny where he dropes snake and says ohh/oops sorry

    Ned1sNed1sMånad sedan
  • what a handsome little noodle i hope he’s living his best slithery little life

    danidaniMånad sedan
  • That's a weirdly cute puppy

    Tender and MoistTender and MoistMånad sedan
  • Episode 420

    Sanchez soldersSanchez soldersMånad sedan
  • @brian barczyk

  • How thick should a at most 6 month old ball python be? And where are you from because reticulated pythons are from Asia

    Daniel DiasDaniel DiasMånad sedan
  • But I’m so confused why would anyone release a retic aren’t they native in Asian countries he doesn’t live in America right

    Brody ScottBrody ScottMånad sedan
  • I already have a python a ball python

    Isaac RonquillioIsaac RonquillioMånad sedan
  • Best youtube channel on the planet!

    LyNxLyNxMånad sedan

    Tsukki ShimaTsukki ShimaMånad sedan
  • If u are a og u will know about pissy

    Ammar 009kingAmmar 009kingMånad sedan
  • Omg you're so lucky! I wish we had these native in Australia

    Elina WalshElina WalshMånad sedan
  • I know a little bit about snakes and surely it’s bad to do this im not hating it’s a genuine thing I thought. I maybe wrong but surely when you release him back to the wild he won’t hunt because he will wait to be fed ?

    Troy NashTroy NashMånad sedan
  • Why did u release it

    Dhanalakshmi AmalathDhanalakshmi AmalathMånad sedan

    XxtøgãxX lolXxtøgãxX lolMånad sedan
  • the rat or mouse was a dude i saw his thing

    Savage DogeSavage DogeMånad sedan
  • On the contrary the snake should be able to live its life in the wild and increase the population.

    Madox JuergensMadox JuergensMånad sedan
  • *This baby Python is literally me, it's always stressed and scared around people. ME*

    Retro DarlingRetro DarlingMånad sedan
  • Me : see’s the snake Snake: I’m a slithery snek

    Greg HensleyGreg HensleyMånad sedan
  • Love ur accent where are u from?

    Wolfie ExEWolfie ExEMånad sedan
  • I am a big fan of snakes but mom and dad never gonna by me some because I have birds So I watch your snakes and T videos your awesome 😎😎

    GaNgStEr GaMpLaYGaNgStEr GaMpLaYMånad sedan
  • 69 dislikes smh.

    Aggressive PepeAggressive PepeMånad sedan
  • Nice to see your from the Southeast Asia! Wonder if it’s Indochina, Indonesia and the Philippines ?

    Hemraj MuniramHemraj MuniramMånad sedan
  • why do i feel like you live in florida

    Dorothy LindnerDorothy LindnerMånad sedan
  • Me to

    Vivian ParkVivian ParkMånad sedan
  • I can honestly say uou did a goid thing considering how pythons are considered invasive by some but the fact it took the food is amazing and speaking from experience snakes can be very fussy even captive but im glad you released it

    british fish guybritish fish guyMånad sedan
  • Dang That baby python Is cuter than a Bat

    MisatoonMisatoonMånad sedan
  • WOW YOU DROPPED HIM IN THE ENCLOSURE NOW HE TOOK 15 fall damage give him a medkit and some mini shields

    ImSGT.dumbassImSGT.dumbassMånad sedan
  • Thank you for sharing this AWESOME experience with us, really liked the video. Hope lil' guy 's doing well

    LCB 444LCB 444Månad sedan
  • Who thing the frozen mouse famil ;(

    hileciyiz bizhileciyiz bizMånad sedan
  • You have retics casually in the wild where you live?! So crazy and cool. thanks for posting

    Jesse vJesse vMånad sedan
  • Hey I had a pinktoe tarantula and it died while molting 😪it had water next to it idk what I did wrong

    Andrew MejiaAndrew MejiaMånad sedan
  • I felt like if he kept the snake they could've been buddies but im glad the snake is safe now

    SwaggyGlassesSwaggyGlassesMånad sedan
  • Yes always catch and release I’m so proud of you

    Xian BirdXian BirdMånad sedan
  • Like so exotics lair can see One time I had like 10 snapping turtles we kept as babies because they where outside our house wandering around on the roads and sidewalk,we dicide to keep them because it was very cold outside,we kept them for like 2 years and decided to release them to a lake,I forgot the lake name, but we released for the good of them,now they are probably as big as your hand probably,but that is the story of our snapping turtles we found. If you see this exotics lair,please comment

    BioBreadBioBreadMånad sedan
  • Thats a retic dude ! Nice

    Reece AllumReece AllumMånad sedan
  • Friend : oow theres a snake in my house imma call an animal rescuer Friend : why should i call animal rescue when i have my friend exotic Friend : *calls exoticc* man theres a snake in ny house Exotic : im on my way!!!

    Gst Gd Agung Rama P.UGst Gd Agung Rama P.UMånad sedan
    • Btw where is the porcupine

      Gst Gd Agung Rama P.UGst Gd Agung Rama P.UMånad sedan
  • i too cut my grass with a chainsaw haha :)

    James 👽James 👽Månad sedan
  • I thought you were one handed ahhahha

    Gregg Adrian Piscos LangcamonGregg Adrian Piscos LangcamonMånad sedan
  • Oh, wait, wait, wait! This species is invasive!

    Vinicius PaivaVinicius PaivaMånad sedan
  • God the food makes me want to die but all of the other animals are totally okay with me. Seeing all of those mice 😖😖

    Moedef 1Moedef 1Månad sedan
  • What if it didn't want to leave your safe haven? Nice cozy place, fresh water and free meals 😋 I'd love to stay and he/she might be a bit upset to have been put back into the dangerous wild where food is hard to find. Maybe it was someone's pet that got out, since it ate a frozen mouse?

    stephanie elliottstephanie elliottMånad sedan
  • 2:41 the rats back be like:🦟. I’m sorry I had to xd

    S l e e p y L u l l a b yS l e e p y L u l l a b yMånad sedan
  • When I first saw the title i thought it sed to me put that python down now

    BoxBoxMånad sedan
  • Exotics Lair, I hope you were following the laws where you live regarding releasing of animals.

    Rom KinRom KinMånad sedan
  • kills animales to save animales...nice dude

    Azim SabbirAzim SabbirMånad sedan
  • I have to ask......where you from, bro? I can't figure it out. Are you American or smarter than Americans and capable of speaking more than one language? lol lol

    RageWar49RageWar49Månad sedan
  • This was so cool of you to do! I'm so glad someone who actually knows stuff about snakes found the little guy! :) I'm sure lots of people would have wanted to get the snake eating on camera, but thank you for being so compassionate and caring about it's stress levels!!

    HatspooksHatspooksMånad sedan
  • That baby was so cute he could have stroked u and he didnt how dare u release that snake u should have kept it disappoint man 😔😔

    Jordan CurryJordan CurryMånad sedan
  • Where does he live that retics are just chillin around lmao

    Zen aProblemZen aProblemMånad sedan
  • I’m glad he didn’t keep it and was responsible enough te release it

    Shadow CreatureShadow CreatureMånad sedan
  • I wish there was a love button!

    Tarra MorriceTarra MorriceMånad sedan
  • Its refreashing to see someone who loves and respects the laws of nature

    Kera BuhmannKera BuhmannMånad sedan
  • Nobody: Snake boi eating mouse: 👁👅👁

    CJCJMånad sedan
  • Just a retic chilling in the house lmao. Much props for a safe release mate, mad respect

    Zach NealZach NealMånad sedan
  • He released it so that the snake could have a better life and live a happy life

    Mira KaoudMira KaoudMånad sedan
  • Such a gorgeous snake. I'd die to have a retic someday

    Hope BlytonHope BlytonMånad sedan
  • *Exotics Lair, I challenge you to unbox a box with a box that you previously unboxed*

    r e er e eMånad sedan
  • My respect for exotics 📈📈📈

    Llamas RusLlamas RusMånad sedan
  • Oh look a horcrux

    Queen Wolf.Queen Wolf.Månad sedan
  • That python is gorgeous!!!

    TricksyFNTricksyFNMånad sedan
  • I was just making coffee with extra sugar because its sweat but then something was crawling in my leg I looked down and thought it was a brown recluse spider but I think it was a yellow sac spider I have know idea if it's poisonous but yeah!

    Spirit x SkullSpirit x SkullMånad sedan
  • Ah yes, cutting gras with a chainsaw xD

    JoelJoelMånad sedan
  • He is a true *SLYTHERIN* 500 POINTS

    Mermaid OceanMermaid OceanMånad sedan
  • Where does he live, that a reticulated python would be wild?

    RMZ lifeRMZ lifeMånad sedan
  • I love Arizona Blonde tarantula's but i know its pointless to try to convince my mom to keep one haha.

    RomeoBoardsRomeoBoardsMånad sedan
  • Kip the Payton

    Bambam UrietaBambam UrietaMånad sedan
  • I want to Thank u a little bit, Sinse Ive been Starting too watch ur channel I learned more About snakes I have one Myself. I dont remember the species of her, I Did had one snake That was a ball python. This is Just a little Thank u and I hope to learn more of ur channel.

    Faydecoolemeid89 De klerkFaydecoolemeid89 De klerkMånad sedan
  • It will probably help you when your in danger cuss you helpd him/her end hell pay you back!

  • When you think of it pythons Aren’t so bad

    kids marionkids marionMånad sedan
  • Sorry I’m late but do you have any poisonous snakes?

    ChaosInsurgencyCIChaosInsurgencyCIMånad sedan
    • DAMIT I FORGOT ;-;

      ChaosInsurgencyCIChaosInsurgencyCIMånad sedan
    • It's venomous not poisonous. Also i don't think he had any venomous snake, at least i never seen it

      dttcygugib xtfyfhdttcygugib xtfyfhMånad sedan
  • you have to get a pet jumping spider!

    Vicki MartinVicki MartinMånad sedan
  • I was hear when u has like 700k subs! U grew ALOT FASTER THEN I THOUGHT :D

    PlumbusPlumbusMånad sedan