28 mar 2021
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How unexpected!
Our Pterinochilus murinus “TCF” (Usambara Baboon “Tan Color Form”) tarantula just passed away today. What I’m concluding is that she expired of old age, considering I got her as a confirmed adult female, and have kept her for over 2 years (maybe even longer - I can’t quite remember). Who knows how long she’s lived before being handed over to me. The sad thing is that she’s the only “tcf” of this species that I’ve seen in the country. I’m afraid I may not be able to obtain another in the near future. Oh well ~ All part of hobby, I guess.
** This video was made purely for educational and entertainment purposes only.
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Dan Lebowitz - Last Train to Mars
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  • Spiders can get COVID-19?

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  • R.I.P to u girl 😔😞

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  • I never knew that they could "blow up".

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  • R.I.P.🙏😭🙏😭

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  • Wow, a double grave. Likes tarantulas but kills the termite on sight lol...

    Lighsadra SLighsadra S9 timmar sedan
  • Well the there's a chance that she ate to much and her u know belly exploded

    Zainal NurulZainal Nurul12 timmar sedan
  • R.I.P

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  • Yeah she dead

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  • If a tarantula's life was as a creeper...

  • I think her guts bursted so it inlarged her abedemin and killed her

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  • i heard she recently broke up with her boyfriend,she was talking about ending her own life,didnt know she was gonna do it this way :(

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  • Um i think she got stressed out that she even can destroy she can shut down her organs and or she ripped out her organs and she was left to die

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  • Me with a stomach of steel: I shall still eat

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  • I think i know because she ate to much every day? and her tummy was full then exploded of guts

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  • I feel like your obt probobly failed to molt so then it got stuck when it was starting to molt mabey

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  • if shes an adult why dose she have the guts out???

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  • What it taste like though

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  • Drink the guts

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  • It was a cockroach it had a disease and they got to split open and she died

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  • Might be a parasite

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