22 mar 2020
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Time to rehouse this Chilobrachys sp. “Kaeng Krachan” (Dark Earth Tiger) tarantula into her new custom-made enclosure. I’m not gonna be explaining much here; Just watch the video and see what happened for yourselves :)
** This video was made purely for educational and entertainment purposes only.
Tarantula pairing DIDN’T GO AS PLANNED ~ (Dark Earth Tiger) RIP, dude.
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  • bro

    Clapped VcClapped Vc7 timmar sedan
  • There has got to be a better way of going about that

    Robert RedfieldRobert RedfieldDag sedan
  • I love ❤️ your videos I look forward to them because they are not boring I hate when it’s over, you are amazing

    Elizabeth JonesElizabeth JonesDag sedan
  • Ill just uhhh go get a new world as my 3rd tarantula

    ho lee fukho lee fukDag sedan
  • You should have a Brazilian Wondering Spider... if you think the Tarantulas are Dangerous

    christian pegorarochristian pegoraro3 dagar sedan
  • Why don't you get a camera mount then you can use both hand 😁

    FlightlessRobinFlightlessRobin4 dagar sedan
  • I have just one word for you... WATER!! I know you wouldn't forget but still😋.

    Sandra MorganSandra Morgan5 dagar sedan
  • Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh why is it open the whole time?! Beautiful spider but oh my gosh.

    Wren CerysWren Cerys6 dagar sedan
  • Man grow a pair your gonna hurt her if you don't do it right I understand why your scared but don't get them if your that scared about changing enclosures you could of hurt her the way you placed the cup above the web.

    Unrestricted GamingUnrestricted Gaming9 dagar sedan
  • “Always in a bad mood” I didn’t even know spiders had moods.

    Baby GooseBaby Goose10 dagar sedan
  • Who would of thought a tarantula could be soooooo stubborn!

    EMPTY with NTEMPTY with NT12 dagar sedan
  • The things he does for subscribers

    Kim BradleyKim Bradley12 dagar sedan
  • Why do you leave the door to the new enclosure open if you think that the spider can and will bolt

    raevyn medellinraevyn medellin12 dagar sedan
  • Holy hell holy hell holy hell holy hell

    boylava 300boylava 30013 dagar sedan
  • How about investing in a $20 phone tripod so you can start using two hands to handle these fragile creatures? Half the content on your videos is just by virtue of not taking this seriously enough and using two hands to work with.

    DooDoo BrownDooDoo Brown14 dagar sedan
  • Just dump her in there...

    blachloch1blachloch117 dagar sedan
  • Entertaining? You want a honest reaction to that? You so funny hahaha. No you make good content. But still I'm gonna kill every spider in my room. I'm so funny I let other people kill the spiders in my room :)

    Michaël HuybensMichaël Huybens18 dagar sedan
  • who needs a Horror movie after this? I'm too scared to look at the video

    Michaël HuybensMichaël Huybens18 dagar sedan
  • Dude you really gotta stop scaring me haha but after typing this I'm gonna look further hehe

    Michaël HuybensMichaël Huybens18 dagar sedan
  • why don't you pick up your spiders they are fine

    jenibeexo Bjenibeexo B21 dag sedan
  • Ms Thailand black's sister

    Trini_ BruceTrini_ Bruce23 dagar sedan
  • Me vs that me💀🚑👻 that 🥤🥤👌😎

    peter evanspeter evans26 dagar sedan
  • How did the old world spider get its name?

    Cassie LongCassie Long26 dagar sedan
  • Tarantula: Imma act crazy Exotic: yo chill out Tarantula: So, there is one Imposter among us

    Jeremiah FuentesJeremiah Fuentes26 dagar sedan
  • thanks to you , i want some tarantulas hehe

    Tycor officialTycor official26 dagar sedan
  • She is such a beauty!!!!

    Zan Do - Qi Gong. Wege in Deine UrsprungskraftZan Do - Qi Gong. Wege in Deine Ursprungskraft26 dagar sedan
  • attion all spider owners be care full

    Robert LongRobert Long28 dagar sedan
  • I honestly wish you would get a camera set up instead of doing everything with one hand!! Even a expert would say the same, dealing with spiders that are like that don’t need to be taken lightly and with extreme caution.

    Dre_VapesDre_Vapes28 dagar sedan
  • I love your channel....But please invest in a tripod lol

    William SandersWilliam SandersMånad sedan
  • I would🙌🏼be freaking da freak out if my child took this up for a hobby! 😂😆😂

    Angelina HinganoAngelina HinganoMånad sedan
  • I just rehoused my dark earth tiger, glad I am not the only one that had issues lol

    kenneth goddenkenneth goddenMånad sedan
  • If you make a straw sized hole in the bottom of the cup it would make pushing her out of the cup much safer

    Eoghan BourkeEoghan BourkeMånad sedan
  • you stress them with your hand moving everywhere.

    JusticeEtVeritePourlHistoire wdthwdhwJusticeEtVeritePourlHistoire wdthwdhwMånad sedan
  • im begging u please use both hands.

    kimberly michellekimberly michelleMånad sedan
  • Dude you're so annoying and do not know what you're doing I really do hope you get bitten from her

    Jamie WardJamie WardMånad sedan
  • PLAYUH... Fun video. thanks.

    Russell HeldtRussell HeldtMånad sedan
  • Leave the cup in the cage and let her go out on her own time when she isn't as stressed. She's beautiful but ....she is massive!

    Jake KiddJake KiddMånad sedan
  • Exotic: buys and cares for tarantulas Tarantulas: shut up and die

    Can we get 5,000 subs For the dog with no videosCan we get 5,000 subs For the dog with no videosMånad sedan
  • how she doing right now?

    Jose Mari Francoise SeccionJose Mari Francoise SeccionMånad sedan
  • If tarantulas are pretty docile, then why are these tarantulas in your videos so aggressive???

    RenaOrientedRenaOrientedMånad sedan
  • Remembers me of rehousing a very pissed featherleg baboon (Stromatopelma calceatum).

    True SpiderTrue SpiderMånad sedan
  • I respect you not cursing but if I was doing that I would've cursed the whole video

    Luis Zuniga-RuizLuis Zuniga-RuizMånad sedan
  • Omg when you showed the flash back I had to pause the video!!

    Hector JHector JMånad sedan
  • Lol

    puteri and arash gaming channelputeri and arash gaming channelMånad sedan
  • Hey will😙

    Mert _61Mert _61Månad sedan
  • imagine getting that species as your first tarantu;a

    King LuffyKing LuffyMånad sedan
  • She was melting dum ass

    Foxytronmendoza 2024Foxytronmendoza 20242 månader sedan
  • Oh my freakin' hell freakin' god no freakin' way

    luhanology xoxoluhanology xoxo2 månader sedan
  • The first one made me drop my phone

    Fabiola NsenginamaFabiola Nsenginama2 månader sedan
  • no one: exotics:oh my freaking h*ll freaking god

    EriEri2 månader sedan
  • Exotics Lair:*takes good care of tarantula, gives it plenty of food and water, makes sure it's healthy* Tarantula: So you've chosen D e a t h

    vivian naylorvivian naylor2 månader sedan

    A HA H2 månader sedan
  • That T is the smartest tarantula i've ever seen-

    Tʜᴀᴛ✰Oɴᴇ✰Cᴜᴛᴇ✰Cᴀᴛ✰Tʜᴀᴛ✰Oɴᴇ✰Cᴜᴛᴇ✰Cᴀᴛ✰2 månader sedan
  • This bloke just make me nervous.......

    Fee ManFee Man2 månader sedan
  • Omg amazing

    kalaido ster laylakalaido ster layla2 månader sedan
  • His hands: ⬆️↗️➡️↘️↖️⬅️↙️⬇️↙️⬅️↖️↖️⬅️↙️↙️⬇️⬅️↖️⬆️⬆️↗️↘️↘️↗️

    uboquboq2 månader sedan
  • I just had an add in an add, wth SEworld?!?!?!?

    Dwagon Girl-9Dwagon Girl-93 månader sedan
  • she is one

    Michel WölfertMichel Wölfert3 månader sedan
  • When does the Thailand black actually get black

    Walker HargisWalker Hargis3 månader sedan
  • Why all this torture take her back to her natural environment why this prison 😢

    shade mchshade mch3 månader sedan
  • What’s old world

    Gabriel BumgardnerGabriel Bumgardner3 månader sedan
  • Damn shes doing a back bend there!!!! You talk about how she bolts but then you turn the cup so we can see her and keep talking while holding her in the cup. I think i watch these because as bad as they scare YOU, I think theyre hilarious with their personalities .

    Tamijo CampbellTamijo Campbell3 månader sedan
  • I get more nervous when shes CALM because I just KNOW shes gping to jump because youre relaxing

    Tamijo CampbellTamijo Campbell3 månader sedan
  • The frick?! SEworld gave me an add about a spray to kill spiders before that video. Like, sereously youtube?! Lmao that qas the weirdest timing ever for such an ad to pop up

    MonikaMonika3 månader sedan
  • I thought thats a brazillian black

    Giza VillarealGiza Villareal3 månader sedan
  • No one: No even single on: Spider: makes a quick move Exotix: Oh MyY FcCkInnGg GoDd

    Semko D.Semko D.3 månader sedan
  • Ever tried leaving the cup in the new enclosure and closing the lid, and coming back like 20 minutes later when she's out and then grab the cup

    GlaiceryyGlaiceryy3 månader sedan
  • Am I the only one getting annoyed when he is stalling on purpose waving his hand over the spider waiting for her to bolt

    αντρεας καρανασιοςαντρεας καρανασιος3 månader sedan
  • She’s gonna bolt ,she’s gonna bolt, she’s gonna bolt : doesn’t bolt

    T CT C3 månader sedan
  • He actually used it for the thumbnail 😂😂🤣

    SacrxdFNSacrxdFN3 månader sedan
  • "Do you fear death, Jack Sparrow!?"

    Christian WelkerChristian Welker3 månader sedan
  • She’s an old world, right?

    Jeanette BaityJeanette Baity3 månader sedan
  • 4:15 does some one has the original vid pls?

    Vinicius Sampaio Alves PereiraVinicius Sampaio Alves Pereira3 månader sedan
  • He’s scared they will bolt yet when he gets it in he leaves it open for ages!! Just close it!!

    Shadow hunterShadow hunter3 månader sedan
  • Shut the damn door. What is wrong with you?

    Carol CummingsCarol Cummings3 månader sedan
  • Whats the difference between old and new worlds?

    EmirEmir4 månader sedan
  • Lol I was laughing so hard then you put her in the enclosure and I started shouting at you to close the door lol x

    Elisa BondElisa Bond4 månader sedan
  • I feel like the Dark Earth Tiger is more chill than Ms. Thailand Black.

    ShelbyLover 135ShelbyLover 1354 månader sedan
  • I never have problems with rehousing my tarantulas, my trick..? 1 week before I just place an eviction note right infront of their nest. That way they know what is about to happen after 7 days. Works like a charm! ;)

    Game PlayerGame Player4 månader sedan
  • You need to get your head checked man .

    Nordic-Raven The DaneNordic-Raven The Dane4 månader sedan
  • 3:10 him literally arguing with tarantula me literally getting a heart attack every time she bolts

    white crewmate from among uswhite crewmate from among us4 månader sedan
  • 2:39 My phone: *thrown against the wall* Me: *12 consecutive heart attacks*

    Laura BLaura B4 månader sedan
  • Put holes in the bottom of the cup. Much easier to get her out

    Ry BobRy Bob4 månader sedan
  • LOL I found this video very entertaining

    Hard HitterHard Hitter4 månader sedan
  • Don’t mess with them he says as he’s sitting with the new space for it open to where the fucker can escape and putting his hand near it what an idiot

    Grenade GiverGrenade Giver4 månader sedan
  • I flinched so muchh

    Shimmi ShimShimmi Shim4 månader sedan
  • 5:33 Exotics Lair: Look at her, LOOK AT HER tarantula: *ASSERTING IT'S DOMINANCE* Exotics Lair: SHE is NOT happy AT ALL! me: _WhAt MaKeS yOu SaY tHaT?_

    Jaime Monzon BautistaJaime Monzon Bautista4 månader sedan
  • Man you actually stress me out!! I swear you do things really badly on purpose just to stress us all out. Surely take out the water first, then improve your removal wound her up for no reason and you're gonna get bitten one of these days 😂

    Roll DeepRoll Deep4 månader sedan

    ShxnoShxno4 månader sedan
  • This girl loves to bolt! *proceeds to leave her new enclosure open for several minutes.*

    ObsidianHawkObsidianHawk4 månader sedan
  • She's beautiful

    Dominique BushDominique Bush4 månader sedan
  • Once he got it into the new enclosure and started looking through the empty one I thought he was going to pan back to the new one and it's gone and then he's like "IT'S ON ME ARGHHHH!" shut the darn thing closed you mad man, my anxiety was through the roof LOL!

    Jesus is SalvationJesus is Salvation4 månader sedan
  • Watching his videos has helped me overcome my fear of spiders

    knucklehead dknucklehead d5 månader sedan
  • Very hairy experience 😜

    SAM TREADSSAM TREADS5 månader sedan
  • for 90% of these videos I just end up screaming "GET A TRIPOD" I can barely imagine rehousing a tarantula with 2 hands let alone one

    Lord CyLord Cy5 månader sedan
  • exotics lair: they will not hesitate to bolt on you also exotics lair: *keeps stalling with the enclosure open*

    Koen DaemsKoen Daems5 månader sedan
  • exotic: explains the future home for T Exotic: ok ill stop exotic: oh, and we've also got some pebbles...

    Reilley WilliamsReilley Williams5 månader sedan
  • Black beauty

    Stephanie BrunerStephanie Bruner5 månader sedan
  • 2:39 "Back Off Human!" 5:22 "I Said Back Off!" 9:48 "Leave Me Alone!"

    Miguel ReyesMiguel Reyes5 månader sedan
  • my dude you need to get a tripod for these type of videos one day one of them is gonna get u XD

    smash daggersmash dagger5 månader sedan