20 sep 2020
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Somewhat similar to the OBT, today we’ll be rehousing my Pterinochilus murinus (Usambara Baboon) “Tan Colour Form”. This girl is pretty well-known to be rather bolty when disturbed, but it looks like today she somehow knows she’ll be getting a brand new enclosure. So yep, you guessed it - She cooperated (kinda). There will be more rehousings to come, so stay tuned
** This video was made purely for educational and entertainment purposes only.
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  • I’m terrified of bugs and spiders, legit screamed and jumped up on the toilet because of a moth on the floor in the bathroom. Love your videos!

    Doyouliketacos? IliketacosDoyouliketacos? Iliketacos5 timmar sedan
  • My man just got ways with words, his stutter are to funny or when just doesn't know what to say

    Killerzk9Killerzk922 timmar sedan
  • Ms. Lord Have Mercy is an interesting name.

    Dudley RedDudley Red3 dagar sedan
  • You are so awesome

    Alexander RiosAlexander Rios4 dagar sedan
  • I love your vids

    Henry and mike TvHenry and mike Tv4 dagar sedan
  • "much cooperative" "much awesome" yes *much much*

    Megan Ashley PanganMegan Ashley Pangan4 dagar sedan
  • Then why is that stick in the video picture the stick looks like a pencil

    ROBOXROBOX8 dagar sedan
  • Mrs lord have mercy have a cousin??

    Aremla XAremla X16 dagar sedan
  • Have one of them ever bite you

    Shariq VallieShariq Vallie16 dagar sedan
  • 6:14

    William XiongWilliam Xiong17 dagar sedan
  • The white thing under the log is ....... I think is a termite tunnel ???

    Princess and Thirdys WorldPrincess and Thirdys World17 dagar sedan
  • Love the videos

    Micheal JohnsonMicheal Johnson18 dagar sedan
  • I live in Australia and freek out when I see a half an inch long spider near me, HOW DONT U GET SCARED OF THOSE THINGS!!

    Ivan SimovicIvan Simovic18 dagar sedan
  • Can you plz tell me where I can get a pet scorpion?

    SamSibPlays 96SamSibPlays 9619 dagar sedan
  • Idk what it is but this guys voice makes me sleepy after 2 hours of watching his videos

    Raquelle HurstRaquelle Hurst20 dagar sedan
  • 1:45 Do you mean "bark?"

    Gabby's WorldGabby's World20 dagar sedan
  • Exotic lair : this is the last T that would obey Me : don't jinx yourself! She will get ya when you least expect it!

    Shadow CreaturesShadow Creatures20 dagar sedan
  • Pin me because me doggo

    MarlyMarly21 dag sedan
  • Pissy:hah I piss u off Tylan black:I dare u touch me stuff watch what gonna happen Exotic: yall mad hype chill u dam spiders

    kamille lordkamille lord21 dag sedan
  • I’m getting a Brazilian white knee tarantula for my first tarantula is it a good beginner one? Cuz I heard it is @Exotics lair

    Josiah OsgoodJosiah Osgood21 dag sedan
  • Iive stream a midnight feeding!!

    Dakotah DemmelDakotah Demmel23 dagar sedan
  • Just subbed

    Memoona AwanMemoona Awan23 dagar sedan
  • Wait, what happened to bella?

    Myra AmberMyra Amber24 dagar sedan
  • Gonna play this to my obts and hope they take some hints on how to behave during a rehouse 😂

    Rhian JamesRhian James24 dagar sedan
  • You make me want a T so badly I also want a huntsman so bad. But I’m so scared of them something so deadly is badass tho.

    Chris CainChris Cain25 dagar sedan
  • Awesome vid man. Just wondering where are you from?

    Sam ClairsSam Clairs25 dagar sedan
  • I have a wolf spider in a enclosure he's super mean he's name is zilla😊

    Minecraft apexgaming llMinecraft apexgaming ll26 dagar sedan
  • I really want to see the hedshog

    reynard villandareynard villanda27 dagar sedan
  • Every single time I see a tarantula I just literally cry and run I have a fear of tarantulas

    Bridget DaschBridget Dasch28 dagar sedan
  • I had a really fear of tarantulas but now I think you’re really cool but I’m still have a kind of feel tarantulas

    Bridget DaschBridget Dasch28 dagar sedan
  • I don't know if you have done them yet, but I would like to see you rehome your dark blue (I think Cobalt Blue) one(s) (if I remember correctly, you have more than one). I love seeing those ones, they are so gorgeous and of course can be 'fun'.

    BlackxroseBlackxrose28 dagar sedan
  • If the huntsman spider was in there that would be cool for it but pretty big

    Guy FiGuy Fi29 dagar sedan

    Suzette JenkinsSuzette Jenkins29 dagar sedan
  • I have a tarantula sling

    Circus BabyCircus Baby29 dagar sedan
  • I love your T videos, but would really like to see your other animals.

    Leslee LaneLeslee Lane29 dagar sedan
  • She did great!

    Leslee LaneLeslee Lane29 dagar sedan
  • Exotics is daddy

    RMC :RMC :29 dagar sedan
  • can you make a note to run to the video that really long

    Martty !Martty !29 dagar sedan
  • Me reading the Title only up to sick: ☹️... Also me realising there’s more to read: 👁👄👁

    ꧁ sʜᴏʀᴛɪᴇ.ʟᴏʟ ꧂꧁ sʜᴏʀᴛɪᴇ.ʟᴏʟ ꧂Månad sedan
  • Talk a lil lowder

    Jennifer SuchanJennifer SuchanMånad sedan
  • *Ms Lord have mercy* : Yeah I’m gonna run up on this guy every day

    Fsher Man 971Fsher Man 971Månad sedan
  • That was a pretty calm rehousing for an old world.

    Nightpony inRfaceNightpony inRfaceMånad sedan
  • I never see this man put a tarantula on his hand

    Daryan AsoDaryan AsoMånad sedan
  • When Exotics is fighting with a cockroach

    Perle d'EclipsePerle d'EclipseMånad sedan
  • So I’ll be honest I’m not fan of insects but you make these tarantulas cool and interesting. As an animal lover I respect your passion and I think Steve Erwin would be proud lol

    Mark BowdidgeMark BowdidgeMånad sedan
  • Where can we get those water dishes??

    BillbeauxBillbeauxMånad sedan
  • I had a pet spider before but he died I stepped on him on accident

    Jeff the killerJeff the killerMånad sedan
    • me: aww how sad * clicks Read More * me: oh...

      Megan Ashley PanganMegan Ashley Pangan4 dagar sedan
    • That sucks

      Kiki MarshamKiki MarshamMånad sedan
  • Even though i hate spiders because they eat animals and if i had one it would my dog i still watch these :P

    Weirdos Vlogs MAINWeirdos Vlogs MAINMånad sedan
  • Some of his videos on the rehousing is private I can’t seen them all

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  • I Love Your Spiders Even Tho Am Shit Scared of them your vids dont scare me i adore them loved the vid

    Adam Lewis Jon McBrydeAdam Lewis Jon McBrydeMånad sedan
  • Was that your girlfriend's voice on the merch part?😮

    Brandon Lee RiveraBrandon Lee RiveraMånad sedan
  • I love watching these Tarantulas videos. But I'm in constant fear thanks to my arachnophobia.

    Dasher DashDasher DashMånad sedan
  • What happened to miss lord have mercy?

    Madeline RussellMadeline RussellMånad sedan
  • She was probs just happy to get a new home. Those new enclosures are awesome sauce!

    Rhonda BelongiaRhonda BelongiaMånad sedan
  • I never get bored of your videos. Im the one that's bored of myself🤣 those sounds effects kills me☠☠🤣🤣 your enclosures ARE ALWAYS SICK👀😻👀🕷🕸🕷🕸🕷🕸

    lala Brownlala BrownMånad sedan
  • I thought miss LHM was meant to have the cow skull. Poor lady was skimmed.

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  • Pissy is so COOL

    Anders EstesAnders EstesMånad sedan
    • She does nor like people but I love her

      Anders EstesAnders EstesMånad sedan
    • My mistake

      Anders EstesAnders EstesMånad sedan
    • Sorry

      Anders EstesAnders EstesMånad sedan
    • Who does not like people but I love him

      Anders EstesAnders EstesMånad sedan
  • Me look for vids to watch 💧👄💧 When I see a video of exotic lair 👁👅👁

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  • Pls

    Des nutz AbrDes nutz AbrMånad sedan
  • Me seeing small spider = scream!! Me seeing tarantula = pass out

    Minecraft_ AssassinMinecraft_ AssassinMånad sedan
  • That's a good looking enclosure! Very tropical feel in that enclosure 😀

    dna arachnidsdna arachnidsMånad sedan
  • Where does he live can anyone tell

    Shreyan MondalShreyan MondalMånad sedan
    • @Megan Ashley Pangan ok thanks

      Shreyan MondalShreyan Mondal4 dagar sedan
    • I think he said in another video but I can't remember

      Megan Ashley PanganMegan Ashley Pangan4 dagar sedan
  • Love rehousing. Your closures are beautiful. Even tho you don't try lol

    Maria MargaritaMaria MargaritaMånad sedan
  • The turtle check up

    Mason ScottMason ScottMånad sedan
  • Also do you have any tarantulas from Australia

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  • I lave your videos so much !!!!

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  • You seen them big ass cave spiders in New Zealand?

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  • Dame dame

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  • It' s not an ant trail on the coconut or palm tree bark, it's part of a termite nest

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  • 2:48 I didn’t know you can house tarantulas together?!

    JoJoDoodlesJoJoDoodlesMånad sedan
    • They were probably going to mate

      Dudley RedDudley Red3 dagar sedan
  • I wanna see pissy soo bad AND YASSSSSSSSS PISSY MERCH IM GONNA Buy it right now

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  • How do you know how old a tarantula is

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  • My SEworld account got hacked so I had to make a new one and delete the other one it sucks

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  • I scryed

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  • I like

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  • Ay what type is pissy? Ps: sorry for bad english

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  • Theres a rarest spider call the albino spider its white and has some big hairs in his body and it can be found in austrailia

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  • Hey 👋 you should get a wondering spider there deadly and sick! 👍

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  • Hey Question Pleasee Only For Philippines.Where Can i Buy Tarantula? Pls amswer

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  • Hi, im keeping tarantulas because of you :D, Greetings from Argentina (im using the traductor).

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  • The majority of your rehousing videos are set to private. Will you open them to the public again? I love your videos and would really like to see those other ones. Best regards!

    Crucial EndCrucial EndMånad sedan

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  • This guy should be called pet lair cause he’s got alottttttt of pets

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  • Can you please start and finish the video's with Pissy?

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  • People are saying ur mistreating ur snake pissy, and that she's not mad, and that shes just scared of you, and ur stressing her out. Any comments?

    Strawberry ArtistStrawberry ArtistMånad sedan
  • Do you have a jumping spider in your collection?? (sorry for the bad English I am French and I have only 13 years)

    Djovany dDjovany dMånad sedan
  • Very lucky u have a lot of spiders in what I believe in one day my God was running cuz we were chased by robbers with guns and he saw a spider the made a web and the bad guys got trapped in it it's not too bad it protects you the most

    XxroseposesxXXxroseposesxXMånad sedan
    • That's why I have a spirder

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  • Everybody's going to call me crazy but this guy deserves at least 20 mil subscribers

    Maddie HansenMaddie HansenMånad sedan
    • @Jake Bruce no problem but I will still subscribe

      Maddie HansenMaddie Hansen29 dagar sedan
    • I appreciate your support but my parents don’t allow me to make videos. I would love to and show everyone how awesome my jumping spiders are so thanks for believing in me.

      Jake BruceJake BruceMånad sedan
    • @Jake Bruce you should make videos on it I'll be your first subscriber

      Maddie HansenMaddie HansenMånad sedan
    • I have several pet spiders people think I’m weird but I don’t care

      Jake BruceJake BruceMånad sedan
  • i have always been afraid of of spiders but you changed my mind love your vids

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  • Legend says that he has a camera as the head.

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