Tall TARANTULA tanks are FINALLY here !!!

10 jun 2020
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At the moment, I haven't got the time to ask my friend to build the custom setups for these arboreal tanks. Once they're done (probably in months, if not a year), we'll have an update and put some arboreal species. The dimensions are 60x30x30 cm.
** This video was made purely for educational and entertainment purposes only.
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  • I have a question: my texas brown, aphonopelma hentzi, used to eat a lot, like once a week. Now it’s been since october, 8 months, and it still won’t eat. It’s a mature female, she’s fat, and behavior hasn’t changed, she’s not bald, not lethargic. Looks really healthy actually. What on earth is going on? If she was gonna molt, would it really take 8 months? One person said i overfed her and now she won’t eat for a while, but 8 MONTHS? Is she gonna die?

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  • guys that's not him, that's his helper because Exotics lair is a floating hand and isn't able to carry stuff that normal humans can carry. common, we all know this

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