26 feb 2020
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As I thought when I unboxed this girl (Psalmopoeus pulcher - Panama Blonde); She doesn’t look to be doing too good. What I’m suspecting are internal parasites similar to a few other tarantulas of mine that consumed infected crickets. I just got to know recently that many crickets here contain some kind of internal parasites that affects the animal(s) who eat them. Hopefully this girl will pull through. There will be another update on this girl in the near future.
** This video was made purely for educational and entertainment purposes only.
A very very JUICY TARANTULA FEEDING video !!! ~ Tarantula CANDY !!!
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  • Nooooo it's such a gorgeous T

    ikjae changikjae chang15 dagar sedan
  • oh my oh do not die

    Trixie TumamaoTrixie Tumamao16 dagar sedan
  • I had a spider who died a month ago he was not defensive at all he’s a jumping spider and he recently died he died on a Sunday night from parasites

    Aarya Deb ChatterjeeAarya Deb Chatterjee17 dagar sedan
  • Screw crickets!,!!!,

    Suzette JenkinsSuzette Jenkins18 dagar sedan
  • So hyper, you have coffee or energy drinks or something?

    Moody CatMoody Cat20 dagar sedan
  • I hate crickets too

    Al Rahman RakibAl Rahman Rakib23 dagar sedan
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  • Dead

    WackyClassic DreamzWackyClassic Dreamz29 dagar sedan
  • Ok

    Cheimeka TudorCheimeka Tudor29 dagar sedan
  • It's expensive, but you can find stuff to put in their water to help with parasites, if you can find it even.

    Melody TrotterMelody TrotterMånad sedan
  • Are you giving her shot?

    Julie KkJulie KkMånad sedan
  • No one: Not a single soul: Not even my goat: Me: imagining putting the straw in the coconut fibre and sucking it up

    •Ⴆυɾɳƚ ƚɾαʂԋ • ʕ •ᴥ• ʔ•Ⴆυɾɳƚ ƚɾαʂԋ • ʕ •ᴥ• ʔMånad sedan
  • Paul stridal

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  • My dog died last night 😢😢 R.I.P t owzer 🐕 S

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  • Omg 😔

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  • Me:Nooo My t Is Sick! Tarantula:I Aint Sick Mr Owner Lemme Show U *jumps at tweezers* Me:OH U AINT SICK AHHHHH!!!!

    Aaron The UltimaAaron The UltimaMånad sedan
  • This cute poor tarantula don't deserve to die

    v_xx şńıpęř àłphąv_xx şńıpęř àłphąMånad sedan
  • waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Makayla HamMakayla HamMånad sedan
  • Me: *is scary of spiders* Also Me: *loves to see feeding videos and spiders*

    Aesthetic BuildsAesthetic BuildsMånad sedan
  • 99% fails the challenge below Don't read this comment 😈😈😈

    Siyan LinSiyan LinMånad sedan
  • Sooo it probaly cause if a cricket eats a dead cricket and a trantula eats it

    Recoill iOSRecoill iOSMånad sedan
    • Bru

      Satira AbdullahSatira AbdullahMånad sedan
  • *yeah*

    Alen281 Fortnite proAlen281 Fortnite proMånad sedan
  • R.I.P

    AA14 the amazing playerAA14 the amazing playerMånad sedan
    • Waaaa!!!!!!!!!!!

      Satira AbdullahSatira AbdullahMånad sedan
    • Yeah

      Satira AbdullahSatira AbdullahMånad sedan
  • I think is Miss Lord have mercy

    Coltin Bird tarantula collectorColtin Bird tarantula collectorMånad sedan
    • @Satira Abdullah hmmmmmm

      Coltin Bird tarantula collectorColtin Bird tarantula collectorMånad sedan
    • Bru

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  • She’s or he is old enough now to die

    Mine CrafterMine CrafterMånad sedan
    • Uh...

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  • It's sick

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    • Where do you live

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    • Crazy it's ded I know

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    • What you said 😐

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  • I was just about to say we’re is the water dish then he oh yeah the water dish I forgot like ahhhhhh

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    • Sorry

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    • Bru

      Satira AbdullahSatira AbdullahMånad sedan
    • Bri

      Satira AbdullahSatira AbdullahMånad sedan
  • I think your right

    Serenity YorkeSerenity YorkeMånad sedan

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  • I think I know the seller

    The phenomenal OneThe phenomenal OneMånad sedan
  • Neee ma toads

    Kryptic_trizzKryptic_trizzMånad sedan
  • She might of have gave birth when she was with the previous owner

    Joelene MontgomeryJoelene MontgomeryMånad sedan
  • *Sick tarantula* Ah yes, what we all need TO LIVE, WE NEED TO HER TO LIVE. SHE GOOD GURl.

    Minty MøchaMinty MøchaMånad sedan
  • can you give me dirt i need some i am going to get a tarantula

    Margarita AlonsoMargarita AlonsoMånad sedan
  • Its sad if its sick so i hope it be good again

    Nikolaj DrostNikolaj DrostMånad sedan
  • What is the difference between an oldworld and a mewworld?

    Roghan McAuliffeRoghan McAuliffeMånad sedan
  • Me : noice Exotic hands : ↗️↘️↙️➡️↪️🔁↩️↔️🔀🔄🔃⬅️➡️🔽

    auxiauxiMånad sedan
  • Wait :D ∧( 'Θ' )∧ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ=3=3=3ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ It’s different

    auxiauxiMånad sedan
  • It's always sad too see a beloved pet become ill

    Tory RiddleTory RiddleMånad sedan
  • When you buy more spiders from breeders ask them what they feed .them And to make sure are in good health and to take good care of how they pack and handle them

    Hey it ya gal GemHey it ya gal GemMånad sedan
  • Is she still alive?

    Gigi HideGigi HideMånad sedan
  • 😣😞

    shadow 17shadow 172 månader sedan
  • Forget the spider, nobody is gonna mention the tiger casually just sitting there in the same room?

    Samuel GertenSamuel Gerten2 månader sedan
  • everyone knows trantula life matters

    Victor PlaysVictor Plays2 månader sedan
  • Maybe there is parasite

    Cole Deveane FloraCole Deveane Flora2 månader sedan

    ThomasZayNotFoundThomasZayNotFound2 månader sedan
  • I feed my pokie crickets and have not had any issues, she will not eat anything else.

    mike russellmike russell2 månader sedan
  • Good to know to stop feeding mine crickets. 😳🤕

    slumlord racingslumlord racing2 månader sedan
  • I hope she feels better

    Naomi ButlerNaomi Butler2 månader sedan
  • It's so sad

    lil simpyylil simpyy2 månader sedan
  • Spider is sick me be like man he needs to do ASMR‘s

    Moon reaper —Moon reaper —2 månader sedan
  • Its kicking hairs

    Giza VillarealGiza Villareal2 månader sedan
  • Sorry for your beautiful T. 😭😭😭 Hope it turns out ok. On a side note: In your videos, I wonder if you drink alot of coffee or energy drinks on a regular basis. You're so full of energy.

    Rhonda BelongiaRhonda Belongia2 månader sedan
  • You are the best SEworldr

    Zavyet AlpurtoZavyet Alpurto2 månader sedan
  • Maybe she has DKS? She does walk funny.

    Cherette CameronCherette Cameron3 månader sedan
  • Take her to a very good vet

    Eva WilliamsonEva Williamson4 månader sedan
  • So, I’m not a expert on Tarantulas or Spiders because I’m scared of them but I think why she’s acting up like this is probably because it’s either, stress, a injury, some sort of pain, she could be in pre molt, or she’s probably fasting. I’m pretty sure that’s the reason she’s not eating, I looked it up and it said that Tarantulas will not eat when they’re fasting or in pre molt. She probably had a meal before she was shipped here, but that wouldn’t explain why she’s been being defensive, she could also be scared or confused. Like I said I’m not a expert on this. I’m just trying to explain what I heard on your videos and my own research. So please don’t get mad at me. Hope she’s feeling better. Maybe try feeding her a tiny Super Worm and just leave her alone for a bit?

    Ashley Fox Films SFMAshley Fox Films SFM4 månader sedan
  • She’s in premolt

    getsu2233getsu22334 månader sedan
  • F for my sister

    lord have mercylord have mercy4 månader sedan
  • "I left in a Turk for her to eat" exotics lair 2020

  • well if it's a nematode then you should put the T in water, i guess that would be the best way to test out if there is a parasite in her. If it is a nematode then it'll burst out (as far as i know) once the host is in water since that's where they reproduce and live in their lives which is why they go inside insects which have fluid insides... not sure if there would be a safe way to remove it if it was a nematode though... hope the best for this T

    Jaime Monzon BautistaJaime Monzon Bautista4 månader sedan
  • And she's not moving that fast

    Dominique BushDominique Bush4 månader sedan
  • No spider want you to be that close to them

    Dominique BushDominique Bush4 månader sedan
  • They sold you a sick spider

    Dominique BushDominique Bush4 månader sedan
  • Oh yeah she's defiantly sick

    Dominique BushDominique Bush4 månader sedan
  • probably she has mold

    Theodore (Theo) SyTheodore (Theo) Sy4 månader sedan
  • she is in pre pre pre molt😑

    Theodore (Theo) SyTheodore (Theo) Sy4 månader sedan
  • She died

    Rovie BambaRovie Bamba5 månader sedan
  • Who is here after she unfortunately passed away 😔😭

    Ibrahim Al AtrashIbrahim Al Atrash5 månader sedan
  • Maybe she was just an older spider. Or perhaps she had something wrong internally. I have had some goldfish pass away because they had internal problems that just could not be fixed. Swim bladder problems in the case of the fish. But maybe she had some internal spider related problems. It was not your fault at any rate.

    Camron BuxtonCamron Buxton5 månader sedan
  • Poor spider 😭💔

    Camron BuxtonCamron Buxton5 månader sedan
  • Idk I fed my ts crickets almost exclusively, some for over 18 years, and none of them had an issue. I get mine from fluker farms, so maybe just like your own food, be careful about it

    Kelly MorganKelly Morgan5 månader sedan
  • i like this but... u r poor I like u u r cool

    Owen VoOwen Vo5 månader sedan
  • I knew she had parasites as soon as I saw her. Her abdomen is lumpy which is a sign of parasites because that mean it's full of parasites because its not something that fills out evenly like food mush

    Alex HenshawAlex Henshaw5 månader sedan
  • He should have paried her so she could not eat his male if he had one pls no hate i dont know a lot about Ts

    Queniya OliverQueniya Oliver5 månader sedan
  • I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight, it's my first time being a T mama ♥️ I currently have a striped zebra (sorry I forgot the scientific name) I currently worried, she's quite small, has a bald spot on her abdomen, and hasn't wanted to eat (I'm going to try to see if she wants to eat this Friday) all she's been doing currently is just borrowing and staying in a corner.

    Okami KumoOkami Kumo5 månader sedan
    • @Misty Moonglow she's okay. 😊

      Okami KumoOkami Kumo2 månader sedan
    • Okami Kumo Is she ok ?

      Misty MoonglowMisty Moonglow2 månader sedan
  • You could possibly have fed her crickets if she’s gonna die any way at least she would have a chance

    MarkMark5 månader sedan
  • wait why r crickets bad?

    BanKooBahBanKooBah5 månader sedan
  • Why am I soo scared of spiders but your videos don't bother me at all?

    《 Rain 》《 Rain 》5 månader sedan
  • so sorry... hopefully she does better

    Carola DeschampsCarola Deschamps5 månader sedan
  • Tarantula has corona virus

    Matthew AaronMatthew Aaron5 månader sedan
  • le epic bug with legs

    Cookie JJCookie JJ5 månader sedan
  • Any update on this blonde girl?

    SuperHothead14SuperHothead145 månader sedan
  • Nooo

    h i.h i.5 månader sedan
  • Premo

    Ashton OwenAshton Owen5 månader sedan
  • I like farting in people's face!!

    Matthew FraserMatthew Fraser5 månader sedan
  • hey man great vid! just wanted to help you out buddy. the word Nematode is said like this "knee-muh-toad" like neeeeeeeeeee muhhhhh toad but very fast. neematoad. hehe hope this helps :) again great video! I'll make sure not to feed my T's crickets

    Benedict Zoe PenaBenedict Zoe Pena5 månader sedan
  • Is there an update or have I somehow missed it?

    Mizz. DiMizz. Di5 månader sedan
  • Oh I’m so sorry to hear this

    Help Me, my spaghetti is trying to eat meHelp Me, my spaghetti is trying to eat me5 månader sedan
  • :(

    Jason RomineJason Romine5 månader sedan
  • I think she is slowly dying

    Jacob CreutzmannJacob Creutzmann6 månader sedan
  • I love your videos but i absolutely hate how you only use 1 hand... makes me smell copper o.0

    Cisco LagunesCisco Lagunes6 månader sedan
  • I hope she feels well!

    FluffySky9FluffySky96 månader sedan
  • Update?

    Yasmin KhalidYasmin Khalid6 månader sedan
  • Poor baby ; ^ ;

    Gacha_ harleyGacha_ harley6 månader sedan
  • Update?

    SomeoneYouKnowSomeoneYouKnow6 månader sedan
  • Pleas don't die😟😟😟😟😟😟😢😢😢😢😢😢.

    Annie IhalauwAnnie Ihalauw6 månader sedan
  • How's she doing by the way??

    Suki RedSuki Red6 månader sedan
  • I hate spiders, but I don't think death is fair for anything. Please follow up. How is she??

    tyshi00tyshi006 månader sedan