TARANTULA very UNHAPPY after being STUCK in the CARPET !!!

4 mar 2020
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I’ve been keeping tarantulas for several years and have always been using pure coconut fiber (with some exceptions here and there) from the start. As time went by, I kinda slowly got tired of using it. So today we’re gonna be switching stuff up a little - I’ve not really experimented with a mix of different substrates, so that’s what we’re going to be doing in today’s video. What substrate will I be mixing? Check it out in the video! As for the tarantula, we’ll be having my juvenile Orange Baboon (Pterinochilus murinus) to test it out.
** This video was made purely for educational and entertainment purposes only.
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  • I bet EL treats his significant other like royalty.

    Leslee LaneLeslee LaneDag sedan
  • Note to self... get fluffy rug for extra security when rehousing

    slumlord racingslumlord racing8 dagar sedan
  • I say the mix soil is better because it looks like a wild soil

    Emma OutwaterEmma Outwater27 dagar sedan
  • You should add some moss in there too

    Alo PalAlo Pal28 dagar sedan
  • omg its a step-sis tarantula

    Voixs GTVoixs GTMånad sedan
  • seworld.info/will/lYqdnsiasKCBvYk/video Man tries touching an obt with his hands and nearly cries afterwards

    24222422Månad sedan
  • @exotic lair I'm a small youtuber who wans to improve a little bit. I just wanna ask what editor you use for videos its entertaining me well. I too want to entertain my friends(i.e. my friends). Pls tell me so I continue to grow. Thank you.

    ChrizCAChrizCA2 månader sedan
  • Mix looks better

    DRAGON GIRLDRAGON GIRL2 månader sedan
  • To anyone that’s new to the channel this is exotic lair: the poop master

    Dark energy knightDark energy knight2 månader sedan
  • My mom likes the mix. Put the rocks in the bottom, so that way all the drainage is in the bottom so it won't mold, and put the mix of 2 parts coconut and one part charcoal mix. We love your videos, even though my mom is still scared of the Ts! ❤️

    Gracie BakerGracie Baker2 månader sedan
  • Aw poor little claws were stuck...glad she didn’t hurt herself 😕

    Solitude LaFaeSolitude LaFae2 månader sedan
  • Exotics: dangit neighbor! Always when I Film you do something stupid ! Me:YOU HAVE NEIGHBORS?! I THOUGHT YOU LIVED IN THE MIDLE OF A RAINFOREST!

    • Miika Chan •• Miika Chan •3 månader sedan
  • This is my new strange addiction lol I was just nosy about tarantulas and came across your channel. Now I'm addicted !!! I could never do what you do, so th ass thank you for sharing 😀 My spidey senses are growing and I'm starting to love and admire these beautiful amazing creatures. Not in my house tho lol

    stephanie elliottstephanie elliott3 månader sedan
  • I enjoy your rambling. It makes it almost like I'm visiting a friend's house, a tarantula obsessed friend's house, but a friend's house none-the-less.

    AdamAdam3 månader sedan
  • AC/Ants Canada: *Use gloves* EL/Exotics lair: Pfft who need Gloves

    The Dog SquadThe Dog Squad4 månader sedan
  • Why did you turn off all of the ratings and comments for the crocodile video?

    lava bucketlava bucket4 månader sedan
  • oh come on it's just a carpet, why everyone on the internet values the comfort of an animal more than her owner's safety?

    Claudia ChenClaudia Chen4 månader sedan
  • carpet is their weekness

    Leticia MartinezLeticia Martinez4 månader sedan
  • "They cannot go anywhere on this carpet *for some reason*" What an idiot. You're a disgrace to the hobby.

    DD'sDD's4 månader sedan
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    Lucy Oliver OliverLucy Oliver Oliver4 månader sedan
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    Lucy Oliver OliverLucy Oliver Oliver4 månader sedan
  • Dog doo doo

    Tiffany HuangTiffany Huang4 månader sedan
  • The tiny claws got caught, kinda like when a cat gets its claws caught on carpet lol

    Eva AviEva Avi5 månader sedan
  • Archer voice: Do you want mold?.......... Because this is how you get mold.

    Cole WilderCole Wilder5 månader sedan
  • She was waving at you in anger, after being stuck in the carpet; cursing you out, probs. 🤗🤗🤗

    Rhonda BelongiaRhonda Belongia5 månader sedan
  • Your new mixs

    Stephen HewittStephen Hewitt5 månader sedan
  • Don't do unboxing on the carpet or the tarantulas might lose a leg or two

    Steve WongSteve Wong5 månader sedan
  • The spider version of pissy

    Steve WongSteve Wong5 månader sedan
  • Obt

    Lesley De oliveiraLesley De oliveira5 månader sedan
  • Hi

    hjydystr hstzhstzy H zyzuz7zhjydystr hstzhstzy H zyzuz7z6 månader sedan
    • Hi

      hjydystr hstzhstzy H zyzuz7zhjydystr hstzhstzy H zyzuz7z6 månader sedan
  • Have we all forgotten that not only can they regrow legs, but it’s also arguable that insects don’t feel pain like we do, given their differing nervous systems?

    diabeticmonkeydiabeticmonkey6 månader sedan
  • Mini Lond have mercy

    lol 2006lol 20066 månader sedan
  • Add more substrate

    Tom HallTom Hall6 månader sedan
  • I think they get stuck because bugs (and those sort of creatures, I know they aren’t insects) have sticky feet and tarantulas have little claws

    theunluckiestzircontheunluckiestzircon6 månader sedan

  • Omg

    Jayden HowingtonJayden Howington6 månader sedan

    Leah HillLeah Hill6 månader sedan
  • You were hurting her leg!!! thumbs down!!

    Loge RLoge R6 månader sedan
  • PLEASE don’t continue to do rehousing on the carpet like you said you want to do. It’s REALLY bad and painful for them! With the amount of tarantulas you own, you should know by now that they have little claws, and that the carpet will not only cause a bunch of stress, but will eventually rip off a leg. I know you care about all of them, so please stop doing this!!

    Jennifer FosterJennifer Foster6 månader sedan
  • 9:51 Mini Lord have mercy

    GROO VISHGROO VISH7 månader sedan
  • I’m really wondereing how old he is, cause the internet says 13.. WHich is unlickely since he said he works and is a teacher

    EviEvi7 månader sedan
  • Dont tease like that to crocodiles

    Jacket ._.Jacket ._.7 månader sedan
  • Make sure U clean your house😁😁😁

    deandre taeaodeandre taeao7 månader sedan
  • to drain the water you're suppose to put a layer of those stones along the bottom about an inch and then add your substrate on top

    Daisy MellorDaisy Mellor7 månader sedan
  • Exotics layer: I hope it's a female He: He,She, Me: pick what u call it -_-

    BluewoodGachaXDBluewoodGachaXD7 månader sedan
  • Not good to have your tarantula on these types of carpets. Their legs could get torn or damaged due to getting entangled with the carpet fibers

    Terrie and TinkerbellTerrie and Tinkerbell7 månader sedan
  • This video gave me anxiety to the max

    not kaitlynnot kaitlyn7 månader sedan
  • Exotics lair is the only one who says if you hate the vid dislike that i know

    random user • 15 years agorandom user • 15 years ago7 månader sedan
  • The star:Mini ms.Lord Have Mercy😂😂

    Holycarrotsticks xHolycarrotsticks x7 månader sedan
  • “just starts to collapse an- GOD DANG IT COCONUT FIBER”😂😂😂

    Holycarrotsticks xHolycarrotsticks x7 månader sedan
  • They can’t bolt on carpet because there hairs get stuck into the carpet like Velcro

    DarkAssasin5DarkAssasin57 månader sedan
  • Lol I laughed when I saw you first housed her or him in a soda cup 🥤lol 😂

    Shadow WolfShadow Wolf7 månader sedan
  • wheres the "Ts" water?

    TaiGreymon I55hinKuro5akiTaiGreymon I55hinKuro5aki7 månader sedan
  • Who’s better at handling bugs and stuff brave wilderness or him

    Brendon VickeryBrendon Vickery7 månader sedan
  • I love you 😂😅 , your personality is just idk, I love you 😅

    Kaylee AugerKaylee Auger7 månader sedan
  • Buy iPhone x and record 4 k 60 fps

    poppzpoppz7 månader sedan
  • lmaoo i laughed when it got stuck 😂🤣

    rebecca xxrebecca xx7 månader sedan
  • Helps a *bit. Also the reptisoil sees to allow my Ts to burrow more easily, should they desire. zoomed.com/reptisoil/

    LadyGypsyRoseLadyGypsyRose7 månader sedan
  • I highly recommended Zoomed Reptisoil - and will often mix with ZM coco fiber with Ts that need a bit less moisture. More reptisoil or all reptisoil for Ts that need more moisture. Much less mold issues - i am in a dry state but hope this helps a but.

    LadyGypsyRoseLadyGypsyRose7 månader sedan
  • Turantula: *gets stuck in carpet* Turantula: *morality has left the chat*

    unusual freakunusual freak7 månader sedan
  • Is it just me or is it that every time he says “coconut fiber” I literally think of coconut and want to eat it? No just me-

    Chicken NuggetsChicken Nuggets7 månader sedan
  • I want to echo all of the other keepers who said you're lucky your OBT didn't get hurt or lose a leg. Please don't let your T's run on carpet like that. Kinda irresponsible. Anyone who's read reliable manuals and articles on husbandry knows you shouldn't do this. Also, not to sound harsh, but shining your cell phone light right into the T's eye's and constantly waving your hands and pointing fingers close to them is a bad practice ... No wonder you get so many threat postures and skittishness. I know you have 2+Million subscribers (me included), so you want to show them off, but honestly, how would you feel if you had a spotlight right in your eyes and a giant hand or finger zooming in and out of your comfort zone? There are better ways to feature your creatures while respecting their natural inclinations. Maybe do a video on that: How to make videos of T's in the most non-invasive and most effective way possible. "Everybody loves cringe, it's what makes the world go around" ... Well, so does TLC. Be a kind keeper and a good role model. You owe it to your T's as well as your audience, many of whom are probably influenced by your show.

    David GDavid G7 månader sedan
  • She has pretty.....feet? Toe pads?

    Dagget ShafferDagget Shaffer7 månader sedan
  • tarantulas fault

    Don The SavageDon The Savage7 månader sedan

    One EyeOne Eye7 månader sedan

    One EyeOne Eye7 månader sedan
  • You can to heat the soil before you making enclosure - it kills most of the things in there . I am doing that before planting cacti

    Olga LitvinskyOlga Litvinsky7 månader sedan
  • What did coconut fiber do to you exotics lair 😂

    JelaJela7 månader sedan
  • This is exactly what I needed because I always have mold problems so I don't even have any spiders right now :( I felt bad rehousing them all the time

    Boojáble GoogléBoojáble Googlé7 månader sedan
  • Watching this with my 3 year old niece, she says the baby spider needs a name and called her Sam.

    Sapphira S.V.Sapphira S.V.7 månader sedan
  • Hi Exotics Lair

    Evelyn plays RobloxEvelyn plays Roblox7 månader sedan
  • you have really beautiful hands...

    ian ’ian ’7 månader sedan
  • Pissy little potato went full Velcro 🤣

    Cat CallenderCat Callender7 månader sedan
  • Can u please get an Antfarm?

    K0nPlayZK0nPlayZ7 månader sedan
  • The spary is working but u are tiping it

    Garnher AlindajaoGarnher Alindajao7 månader sedan
  • Where is your purple spray bottle

    Ahmed YusufAhmed Yusuf7 månader sedan
  • Mini miss lord have mercy

    Aila FerrerAila Ferrer7 månader sedan
  • Tbh I would've wanted to see more spider escaping action 🤣

    ColdyColdy7 månader sedan
  • So much hate in the comments.

    Fran RaynalFran Raynal7 månader sedan
  • Why they cant run on the carpet? Remember their are spikes on their feet and those spikes will most likely get stuck on the carpet fibers stands

    Super SunSuper Sun7 månader sedan
  • Hey I’m kind of new to the channel I don’t really know much about trenchers so I just wanted to ask if tarantulas we are venomous at all

    Shading ShadowsShading Shadows7 månader sedan
  • Carpet: You have no power here!

    Brian CallahanBrian Callahan7 månader sedan
  • It's nice

    ΦΦΦ ΦΦΦΦΦΦ ΦΦΦ7 månader sedan
  • Somebody: im a pet lover Exotics lair: im a tarantula lover Somebody: (눈‸눈)

    Miguel ReyesMiguel Reyes7 månader sedan
  • Did anyone else realize at 9:56 he goes to shake the enclosure and then tried to cut it out

    hailey herohailey hero7 månader sedan
    • oh god you're right :/ that and the carpet thing.. yikes

      hesvdkyehesvdkye7 månader sedan
  • Under the feet are so pretty! 😍

    Roacho CincoRoacho Cinco7 månader sedan
  • The "burnt soil kind of thing" looks like frosted flakes lol

    Mark The GamerMark The Gamer7 månader sedan
  • How did he not think “maybe this ISNT great” :( I’m not an expert but it’s pretty obvious she was not okay and struggling, it was hard to even watch

    Bethie BowieBethie Bowie7 månader sedan
  • Why dont you just get a go pro so you can use both of your hands?

    {Zclipse-_-Anims}{Zclipse-_-Anims}7 månader sedan
  • No just no... Poor girl She could have gotten badly hurt

    Mikky HeliophobiaMikky Heliophobia7 månader sedan
  • So close to 2M subs, i subbed just today because for some reason i find these videos relaxing late at night...

    DEV GANGDEV GANG7 månader sedan
  • She is mini lord have mercy

    ¿シKᴀɪ Dᴏᴇs Fɴᴀғ ッ?¿シKᴀɪ Dᴏᴇs Fɴᴀғ ッ?7 månader sedan
  • face revvealllllllllllllllll?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Josue HernandezJosue Hernandez7 månader sedan
  • Coconut fiber looks dull the new stuff you are using looks fancy. (BTW) I know style is not everything It's what best for the animal but I'm just sayin.

    Steven RosadoSteven Rosado7 månader sedan
  • Pissy needs his own vlog series The Adventures of Pissy!

    Cornel SwartCornel Swart7 månader sedan
  • Then why u do it ot carpet

    rickey the picklerickey the pickle7 månader sedan
  • Why won't you show your face

    Divya ArunkumarDivya Arunkumar7 månader sedan
  • seems very unprepared and a bit chaotic :/

    Steve OsburnSteve Osburn7 månader sedan
  • why were the comments deaktivated in your last vid?

    HLHL7 månader sedan