20 dec 2019
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Just a video feeding my Emperor Scorpion (Pandinus imperator) for the first time. HAPPY HOLIDAYS !!!
** This video was made purely for educational and entertainment purposes only.
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1) Aaron Kenny - Christmas Village
2) Jingle Punks - Deck the Halls (Instrumental)
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  • This is so metal smh

    MonkyFromHeck Hee hee bananaMonkyFromHeck Hee hee bananaMånad sedan
  • It's male

    Mr. LizzieMr. Lizzie3 månader sedan
  • Well that’s a lunch I won’t get back.

    Mister CameraMister Camera4 månader sedan
  • Brutal & gross, yet fascinating!!!

    Rhonda BelongiaRhonda Belongia5 månader sedan
  • Respect👊🏻

    SAM TREADSSAM TREADS5 månader sedan
  • can you get a dictator scorpion please! : (

    Maya Laxmi KunwarMaya Laxmi Kunwar5 månader sedan
  • so how does he handle scorpions, but not tarantulas??? 🤔

    Amberlyn MulliganAmberlyn Mulligan6 månader sedan
  • 0:44 who thought he was going to get stung

    Minecraft MasonMinecraft Mason6 månader sedan
  • Exotic Liar:OH NO look at that poor roach! Also Exotic Liars:grabs it by the head with the thongs-

    Tong FionaTong Fiona6 månader sedan
  • I know I'm late but she MIGHT be pregnant. Her armour is separating which is a decent sign.

    ForgottenSoul2012ForgottenSoul20126 månader sedan
  • H O L Y H E L L

    Stegogunadon ProductionsStegogunadon Productions6 månader sedan
  • IDK if it's just because he hasn't eaten but it looks like your Emp is a dude. Male Scorpions have long and slender bodies and longer pectines (the feathery appendages on their belly) than females. The tails of male scorpions are also longer.

    StreakyAnchovyStreakyAnchovy6 månader sedan
  • She needs more royale foor since she is an empress

    unusual freakunusual freak7 månader sedan
  • When I see scorpions I pee my pants

    Tariq OMGTariq OMG7 månader sedan
  • Me: oh this is nice *watches it* Me: *get a memory of a scorpion abrside my bed and get poke by one at my grandma house* oof ([●]□[●])

    Adriana MinervaAdriana Minerva7 månader sedan
  • ants canada is mikey bustos right?

    Ace TVAce TV7 månader sedan
  • Why does she want to escape? She probably wants to get back on your bed again. She liked hiding in your blanket

    Ken ChristiansenKen Christiansen8 månader sedan
  • I had just got my first emeperor scorpion and only hald it for about a week and its been refusing food for a few days now how long til i have to worry? I know it could be close to a molt or somethi g but being a newbie still I'm pretty scared lol

    EdgarEdgar9 månader sedan
  • Don't yuck it's yum

    dezmen dezmendezmen dezmen9 månader sedan
  • *Eats the ass of the roach* ''All right, Imma gonna finish you tomorrow. Just stay there, okay?''

    Ozku9Ozku99 månader sedan
  • 0:30 it starts

    Just a CatJust a Cat9 månader sedan
  • Looks like it didn't bother stinging to me. Brutal.

    Pickled SausagesPickled Sausages9 månader sedan
  • Cockroach: "I hope you dont mind if I fake it!"

    Raquel DalisayRaquel Dalisay9 månader sedan
  • The yellow stuff is babies they give birth when about to give birth so they have a chance to escape

    xD_jamb0013_ xDxD_jamb0013_ xD9 månader sedan
  • That's why they said gotta eat the botty like groceries

    BlixerXxc077upt3rBlixerXxc077upt3r9 månader sedan
  • He sounds like the tispy bartender

    yani Nicoleyani Nicole9 månader sedan
  • She is just saving leftovers for later

    Just a ForkJust a Fork10 månader sedan
  • Scorpion: oh food gime 5 seconds later im full thank you

    WilsonLim JiaJieWilsonLim JiaJie10 månader sedan

    Alana BananaCanadaAlana BananaCanada10 månader sedan
  • u c k

    LeHhoLeHho10 månader sedan
  • Redefining the term S U C C

    VanoryVanory10 månader sedan
  • Is his friend “Mikey” Mikey Bustos?? Wandrin

    Chloe NicoleChloe Nicole10 månader sedan
    • Yes, he said from ‘AntsCanada’

      Leon EugeneLeon Eugene10 månader sedan
  • Scorpion left the cockroach Cockroach: Am i joke to you?

    JellyFishJellyFish10 månader sedan
  • 👁👄👁 🔔🔔🔔 🤯🤯👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🤩🤩🤪😀😃😄😄😄😄😄😇

    Glen FordGlen Ford10 månader sedan
  • It is a girl tarantula

    Duncan MaCockDuncan MaCock10 månader sedan
  • I hope ya do alot more videos with her. Shes a proper scamp. My emperor (his majesty citizen snips) never comes out sadly.

    drake batelaandrake batelaan10 månader sedan
  • AC did say he loved to spoil him with pinkies, maybe he wants a pinkie

    Cheyenne LynnCheyenne Lynn10 månader sedan
  • Everyone gangsta till the scorpion goes italian

    Řəýñïî_ ĎāïšŘəýñïî_ Ďāïš10 månader sedan
  • I have a scopion he's very offensive and he protects me he try to sting my brother when he comes near me and he sleeps next to me meaning his cage is next to mine and he's mean

    alexis queen1015\rolblox namealexis queen1015\rolblox name10 månader sedan
  • I guess the scorpion liked his bed to much.

    P I EP I E10 månader sedan
  • l have two emperor scorpions 😁

    No Videos And 5,000 SubscribersNo Videos And 5,000 Subscribers10 månader sedan
  • Me: sees video Also me: *sways and falls over and has nightmares about scorpions until the year 3892*

    Yang XuYang Xu10 månader sedan
  • Hey he's friends with Ants Canada cool!

    The bot Behind the slaughterThe bot Behind the slaughter10 månader sedan
  • Stingey stinger ya got there

    Cringe CoreCringe Core10 månader sedan
  • all i heard was.... GET OVER HERE!!!!

    Ghost of Daniel RobitailleGhost of Daniel Robitaille10 månader sedan
  • Big oof

    wrnkle gwrnkle g10 månader sedan
  • How much is an obt?

    Afiq HazwanAfiq Hazwan10 månader sedan
  • think about it maybe he doesnt like roaches

    Omarithegreatest 2Omarithegreatest 210 månader sedan
  • Name him sissy

    JamesJames10 månader sedan
  • Yo did yall know that even after a cockroach is decapitated it will still stay alive for 9 DAYS until it starves

    Sammy SquidSammy Squid10 månader sedan
  • Scorpions are brutal

    Silver ScorpioSilver Scorpio10 månader sedan
  • The scorpion Just gave you the juicy feeding video you wanted...

    sam 'sam '10 månader sedan
  • Brutal Overlord

    mario williamsmario williams10 månader sedan
  • here is a name suggestion: Houdina

    Kaoticskies777 7Kaoticskies777 710 månader sedan
  • Never saw you so uninteresseted before.

    hyxhyx10 månader sedan
  • How does it grow that fast?

    Benjamin Printz BahBenjamin Printz Bah10 månader sedan
  • *asmr*

    PikachuPikachu10 månader sedan
  • That's so metal

    TrifectaTrifecta10 månader sedan
  • My new baby spiders hatched yesterday😄

    Leah EquestrianLeah Equestrian10 månader sedan
  • I Think She/He Showed A Talent Show

    pínєαpplєpínєαpplє10 månader sedan
  • She look like she got so sad as soon as he closed it. Was so close to freedom 😂

    Dark MagicDark Magic10 månader sedan
  • Thats not cool Thats cruel

    Zero: Lost Hope [SN]Zero: Lost Hope [SN]10 månader sedan
  • ew christmas music

    Bjorn S.Bjorn S.10 månader sedan
  • Where is mister hedge hog

    Isaiah Blake 51 (STUDENT)Isaiah Blake 51 (STUDENT)10 månader sedan
  • I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took a scorpion to the kidney.

    Josh LewisJosh Lewis10 månader sedan
  • That scorpion ate the roach ass lol

    DavidAdrian27DavidAdrian2710 månader sedan
  • Well... I guess this is youtube now

    PancakePancake10 månader sedan
  • you still have the ant eh?

    crystal the catcrystal the cat10 månader sedan
  • Where’s the 9 year old leopard geckos new enclosure

    Lucas LLucas L10 månader sedan
  • Poor roach? You should have thought about that before you feed it to the scorp

    neo217041neo21704110 månader sedan
  • You should get a malalsian trapdoor spider

  • Exotics Lair videos + meme character in the thumbnail *i clicked*

    Debyta FitrianiDebyta Fitriani10 månader sedan
  • Fatality.

    STEELSTEEL10 månader sedan
  • It is official. Nobody and nothing wants to eat cockroaches

    boom bammboom bamm10 månader sedan
  • Your scorpion is a bit beastly and derpy at the same time 😂 after she left the roach half eaten n started climbing again, you tried giving it to her again n she was waving claws like "no thanks I've had my fill to to explore" 😂

    Dustin HamiltonDustin Hamilton10 månader sedan
  • Thats one chubby scorpion dude they look well fed

    AkeldamaAkeldama10 månader sedan
  • The white sting would speak for a male.

    Johannes NowakJohannes Nowak10 månader sedan
  • 1:15 poor roach man... I like that he says that but the roach is legitimately dying...

    StrivenStriven10 månader sedan
  • ._______ .|Ô ͜l Ô| /|____|\ .|__/\_| .◼__◼_________🦂

    Red DudeRed Dude10 månader sedan
  • Make a video about your new boa

    Aryasatya LiswandaruAryasatya Liswandaru10 månader sedan
  • Pissy updates should be monthly. Just make a full update on all your pets monthly with Pissy narrating

    Donovan ShovanDonovan Shovan10 månader sedan
  • Just great, you just ruined my appetite for the whole day 😒😒 Thx Ms.Scorpion

    Patteera HongvisitkulPatteera Hongvisitkul10 månader sedan
  • Was so calm about that attack 🤣😂🤣

    RandomChibiRandomChibi10 månader sedan
  • That solves the life long question do scorpions eat ass

    GrimGrim10 månader sedan
  • I think his real name is Joshua Vimal Raj

    Green GamerGreen Gamer10 månader sedan
    • Zeke Smith then he can take away my comments from his videos if he really cared. But no one is really going to expose him, I made a suggestion to his name. I’ve been trying to find it out so I can contact him to pair my mature male GBB with his female.

      Green GamerGreen Gamer10 månader sedan
    • If he's trying to keep his identity unknown, then this could be considered a form of doxxing. I don't believe that was your intent, but probably not a good idea to throw this kind of information on a public platform.

      Zeke SmithZeke Smith10 månader sedan
    • Green Gamer yeah.. he is doing a super gooooood job hiding his identity... i dont really care, I enjoy his vids regardless 😀

      Exotics BiatchExotics Biatch10 månader sedan
    • JENNIFER I can’t, he does a really good job of hiding his face. But from what he has told the community, that’s what I have concluded. I don’t care that much it would just be cool to know. For all we know he isn’t from Malaysia or a tutor. I know he did that clickbait face reveal for his play button. But I can’t make any 100% decisions

      Green GamerGreen Gamer10 månader sedan
    • Green Gamer but how can you conclude his name is Joshua Raj ?

      Exotics BiatchExotics Biatch10 månader sedan
  • Iàm not really into spiders n stuff but i love your videos because of your calming voice

    AnAtheistAnAtheist10 månader sedan
  • Hi Bro, i Hope u can see my Channel, and i Hope than we can Talk in Instagram, see u, continue doing videos! Please! 🐜

    Reino Hormiga BoliviaReino Hormiga Bolivia10 månader sedan
  • but wait,have you got a Typhochlaena seladonia yet?they’re AWESOME i swear,completely different form any other tarantulas

    Lancel0t _Lancel0t _10 månader sedan
  • The second pissy has return >:D

    Daan Van der plasDaan Van der plas10 månader sedan
  • *people scrolling through the chat looking for good comments* *me scrolling through the chat looking if OWO joined the chat*

    livv.livv.10 månader sedan
  • Wheres the hedgehog and pissy

    elisha hancockelisha hancock10 månader sedan
  • Exotic: Awww that's disgusting! *He ate the abdomen where it breathes!* Me: *Did you just say it breathes out of its Butt?!*

    Shawn AlorShawn Alor10 månader sedan
  • What happen to the nine year old leopard gecko?

    Ultraman TregearUltraman Tregear10 månader sedan
  • im waiting for that time where he drops his camera in an exibit

    ChaRLIzE_ ;—;ChaRLIzE_ ;—;10 månader sedan
  • When you find out this boy is only 13 but sounds 20. Mr : Date me xD

    ExnA kookieExnA kookie10 månader sedan
    • @Exotics Biatch oh nu!

      ExnA kookieExnA kookie10 månader sedan
    • CookieSins_Gacha 09 he is MY MAN 😀

      Exotics BiatchExotics Biatch10 månader sedan
    • @Exotics Biatch Uhhhh >:) " I CAN TAKE YONMAN IF I WANT TOO" XD

      ExnA kookieExnA kookie10 månader sedan
    • CookieSins_Gacha 09 what if He is taken? 😶

      Exotics BiatchExotics Biatch10 månader sedan
  • Hey Exotic Lairs I Have Been Watching Your Channel For A Few Months Now And You Are Super Cool And I Love Spiders And Tarantulas And Now I Like Scorpions Like Your New One

    Tessa OrgeronTessa Orgeron10 månader sedan
  • Lmfao i got a gum commercial before watching this. Must be realated to chewing cockroaches

    Maritza SanchezMaritza Sanchez10 månader sedan
  • If my snake is sizeing my dog up what should I do cuz I dont know

    XD datboizXD datboiz10 månader sedan
  • She got a little big

    Paul justine CruzPaul justine Cruz10 månader sedan
  • That bebe scorpion is so evil

    Satrick PtarSatrick Ptar10 månader sedan