One REASON why people DO NOT recommend OLD WORLD TARANTULAs for beginners ..

25 dec 2019
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Remember that whole bunch of baby Ceratogyrus sanderi slings?
It’s been several months and they’ve grown quite a bit, so today we’ll be packing a few up for shipping.. and a few, I mean 12! TWELVE CRAZY BABY TARANTULAS! There will also be 5 Grammostola porteri (Rose Hair) slings to be shipped, but the packing of those weren’t recorded.
** This video was made purely for educational and entertainment purposes only.
Unboxing 80 [Eighty!!!] BABY TARANTULAS !!! (feat. My Turtle)
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  • My bed would be the LAST place I would use as my packaging platform. However, on a positive note, these little guys are arriving to their new owner smelling like a fresh newborn baby. 😂

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