Tarantula Unboxing ~ ANOTHER DELAYED tarantula package, but this time …

12 aug 2020
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I haven’t purchased any new tarantulas the past couple months due to the current situation, but I’ve finally decided to slowly start again, so why not have 2 unboxing episodes on the same week? :D WIN WIN !
And I’m starting to think packages are being delayed (apart from the Blue Fang, which was the postman’s mistake) due to the current situation as well, so let’s see how situation is in the near future.
** This video was made purely for educational and entertainment purposes only.
Check out the last video of the
Postman’s CARELESS mistake that KILLED my RARE TARANTULA !!!
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Jaxxy D.

  • anyone else cringe at how he held that knife at the beginning?

    KazumaTsunoKazumaTsuno2 månader sedan
    • I dont like when he swings it around

      Oh okayOh okay17 dagar sedan
    • @Rao's World a bit

      sebastiangamer proplussebastiangamer proplusMånad sedan
    • @sebastiangamer proplus does he need it????😂😂😂

      Rao's WorldRao's WorldMånad sedan
    • @Exotics Lair lmao

      fadhil gamerfadhil gamerMånad sedan
    • Exotics Lair yes

      Brittany AlvaradoBrittany AlvaradoMånad sedan
  • Aha imagine stabbing your chair with a knife

    More_ ChickenMore_ ChickenDag sedan
  • Can you make a video on how you make your custom made enclosure

    Moses TuveraMoses Tuvera7 dagar sedan
  • His gf on their 1st date : " Do you have any pets ?" Him : uuuuhhhh ......yeah?! do you by any chance like spiders? ?? Girl : IS YOUR PET A SPIDER him : you meen my room full of spiders then yes ( pleas don't see this as a hate comment bc it's not )

    CAMHOCAMHO9 dagar sedan
  • tbh even though it didn't die this time I'd still switch postal services this is ridiculous at this point

    little devlittle dev10 dagar sedan
  • Bro I don’t want this to sound like a threat but I think ur cars steering wheel is to the left

    Mohammad HazamaMohammad Hazama20 dagar sedan
  • *he spends more money on animal food than himself* *wow*

    Trevor ZhangTrevor Zhang24 dagar sedan
  • Where u even buy those awesome cages and where do u buy the tarantula

    Marceline, AbadeerMarceline, Abadeer25 dagar sedan
  • I didn’t realize he was doing it in a car until 1:03

    madison lolxdmadison lolxd25 dagar sedan
  • I really don’t like spiders but I keep coming back because your funny

    Harper GraceHarper GraceMånad sedan
  • I have a question, how do you tell a male and a female apart? 😅

    Koi Gamez889Koi Gamez889Månad sedan
  • I'm surprised your Old World tarantula attack you when you put in the water dish. Instead, she remained calm!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Make sure you don't poke a hole in the car seat with a knife during the next video! Funny!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Great video as always!!

    jeff clarkjeff clarkMånad sedan
  • Could you imagine being a major arachnophobe ans finding out exotics is your neighbor

    Westside TruckerWestside TruckerMånad sedan
  • I don't understand the new and old world thing

    AvoMilaXAvoMilaXMånad sedan
  • 🕷

    Ivy bIvy bMånad sedan
  • we mix breed it with another tarantula..fuck first..relax second

    Zulkhairi IskandarZulkhairi IskandarMånad sedan
  • Im to much of a chicken to hav spiders but ill get snakes

    Senpai ?Senpai ?Månad sedan
  • Come on man I'm very used to this word after seeing several videos of yours

    Profesor GamelandProfesor GamelandMånad sedan
    • booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

      Nandita FrancisNandita FrancisMånad sedan
  • Yeah oml last time they package it like it wasent alive like I swear theres probaly are packing them in zip bags

    Evil_cat31 Toca life world!Evil_cat31 Toca life world!Månad sedan
  • Coronvirus that's why post gets delayed now

    Mark PughMark PughMånad sedan
  • I love how this guy is meticulous and careful enough to take care of tarantulas, but also almost stabs a hole in his car seat on accident.

    Brooklyn PetersonBrooklyn PetersonMånad sedan
  • Its the covid delays everything

    Elizabeth MillsElizabeth MillsMånad sedan
  • Do a time lapse of the tarantulas making their webs

    Abeth el cocineroAbeth el cocineroMånad sedan
  • Why don’t you get one of those cameras that go on your head so you can use both your hands? It’s beneficial you should invest lol still love your videos tho!! 💸📷📷

    Savanah TaylorSavanah TaylorMånad sedan
  • He needs a GoPro

    Jill NicklesJill NicklesMånad sedan

    F l o r a xCF l o r a xCMånad sedan
  • How's this new girl doing? Also would it be ideal to give her a small worm to give her some type of food as she been in the container for quite some time?

    GameplayVids83GameplayVids83Månad sedan

    Tijn JagerTijn JagerMånad sedan
  • How many tarantulas do you have

    Nancy WorthNancy WorthMånad sedan
  • I want a heart 😓😓😂🤣😂

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  • I Hope you can give me a tarantula hehe because i have only one chaco golden knee tarantula i want to have more tarantulas hehe

    Kyrie IrvingKyrie IrvingMånad sedan
  • Question on the tanks the ones are on the shelf. Where can I get one and could they possibly hold water. Looks like it be great for a beta tank. Been trying to find a low boy type one but they are hard or very expensive. Thanks

    Twilight OneTwilight OneMånad sedan
  • My birthday is tomorrow

    juggernaut wolfjuggernaut wolfMånad sedan
  • So I want to get a tarantula, but I don’t have any money and my family is pretty poor... dose anyone have any recommendations on a place where I can get good quality stuff for one like where to get the home where to get the spider and where to get food,water,and everything else I need, While it is cheep?

    xX_Rouge_Waffle_XxxX_Rouge_Waffle_XxMånad sedan
  • the tarantula be like: YES FREE COLD FRESH AIR

  • You're beautiful in all ways

    master dejiofficialmaster dejiofficialMånad sedan
  • Are u rich how can u afford the area it is awesome just wondering

    shawnaldo 6shawnaldo 62 månader sedan
  • Just discovering your channel - love your custom setup!!

    Minx JohannsonMinx Johannson2 månader sedan
  • This man has a more than a handful of tarantulas and I can’t even go into my parents bedroom at night to get toilet paper

    GitAries’d 22GitAries’d 222 månader sedan
  • Yeets blade

    ArisenCookie YTArisenCookie YT2 månader sedan
  • You need burrow and a water dish

    Pusheen FanPusheen Fan2 månader sedan
  • I am cringe when I wach his videos

    Družinski MailDružinski Mail2 månader sedan
  • I wish I could get the curly hair but this is from two weeks ago lol

    Mini mech club.Mini mech club.2 månader sedan
  • Him: I would have regretted stabbing the seat Also him: *swings knife around in every single video* Me: Don't worry guys he's a professional holy sh-

    KotoKoto2 månader sedan
  • To tell me the dream shop I swear to God send it to me he said I will take good care of it to save a little bit of work just to let you know I have some crickets on my head so much and I look a bitch off as well too so I have everything you have for your trenchless so just send it to me when I see it you can come back or message me well hope you don’t like it heard me bye

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  • Man Exotics Lair is pretty good of doing everything with only one hand

    Dream & Cherri Bomb OwODream & Cherri Bomb OwO2 månader sedan
  • Exotic: Poke onto car seat and panic Also him: Continue swinging knife...

    JayClareJayClare2 månader sedan
  • I just wanna say my favorite quote... “Cringe makes the world happy,cringe makes the world go round” -Exotics Lair BTW IM A HUGE FAN AND YOU WOULD MAKE ME SO FRICKEN HAPPY IF YOU PIN,COMMENT OR DO BOTH! (No you don’t have to do it,you can see it and do nothing! That’s your option I won’t force you!!) btw have a good night/day/afternoon! Stay safe,remember wash your hands,ALWAYS use masks in the store and wear hand sanitizer in your pockets,purse or just wear it XD

    XxITSMEH xXXxITSMEH xX2 månader sedan
  • Əəə

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  • Sp?

    Eugene GarciaEugene Garcia2 månader sedan
  • Sp?

    Eugene GarciaEugene Garcia2 månader sedan
  • To hold a Triangular you need to be brave for that but I am not scared of spiders but when I see them all-of-a-sudden I will get a shock 😓

    The flippity flop gang!The flippity flop gang!2 månader sedan
  • As long as you not try to get and keep an Australian Funnel Web Spider (not recommended) a bite can kill you in a hour, but maybe you are interested in a trap door spider that can live up to 20 yrs (not recommended either) too painful bite, good job your collection is amazing and please tell us about if you have suffered bites of your tarantulas one video with details of each time please

    Miguel DeMarchenaMiguel DeMarchena2 månader sedan
  • He’s a one handed master

    The WildcardThe Wildcard2 månader sedan
  • Can you give the blue fang to me

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  • Were could i order one

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  • I have a spider pet but it die it was a little spider :v

    Sophia Mariebiene CorderoSophia Mariebiene Cordero2 månader sedan
  • yaaaa mcdonalds with the t

    DarthbishopDarthbishop2 månader sedan
  • How much would you charge for the curly haired

    EmberTheWitch666 AminoUsername as wellEmberTheWitch666 AminoUsername as well2 månader sedan
  • ok jeez yeah we are having problems with my Undertale merch i should have some of it is here but there is 1 or 2 packages that arent they should have been here at Christmas some were like a few months late and where are the rest!? postal service is going crazy so i feel bad for you they should work on living things faster at least

    Kailee loves IzuruKailee loves Izuru2 månader sedan
  • I remember another video where he opened 2 tarantulas but sadly the one died because they were packed terrible :

    Kayler SteenkampKayler Steenkamp2 månader sedan
  • The way the T was packed outright made my soul fly away like who does that?

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  • covid19 = cause of delays

    Nightmare ApocalypseNightmare Apocalypse2 månader sedan
  • How does one decide to do this as a job or hobby?

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  • : D

    Adilene RamirezAdilene Ramirez2 månader sedan
  • I cant see love for these animals. To hold living creatures in such little terrariums is not love. Even if those boxes were huge it wouldnt be any lovely. My heart hurts when I see prisioned lifes. Same at the zoo. Just think how many kilometers a normal free elephant would walk for example, and how many meters an elephant in a zoo is able to walk. Free wild live for any animal!

    Sandra S.Sandra S.2 månader sedan
    • Oh look,a Karen

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  • To get a new home

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  • Spiders are kinda cute

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  • itis mosque

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  • We love you. -Nolan and Betzy

    xShocK_DreamzxShocK_Dreamz2 månader sedan
  • I noticed in a few videos you mentioned they tend to throw what they don’t eat in their water.., any ideas why? I was wondering if in the wild the spider may be near running water so it’s almost like chucking it in the bin? 🤷🏻‍♀️🙈 just a thought but I have no idea..., I just enjoy watching your vids lol

    katkat2 månader sedan
  • More content=more subs=MORE MONEY FOR TARANTULASSS😊

    Inderislive Big fanInderislive Big fan2 månader sedan
  • What T is that

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  • Another unboxing in a car

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  • The one your giving away is sooooo cute

    Victrixxx ValoisVictrixxx Valois2 månader sedan
  • A big boi in the cup is what I call a female being shipped

    Generic NASCAR FanGeneric NASCAR Fan2 månader sedan
  • I guess buying animals online during the Corona crisis is probably not the best idea. Post office is doing what they can but more packages could be too late and dead spiders are pretty likely in these times...

    Maus MailMaus Mail2 månader sedan
  • “Do not bolt, Do not bolt, Be a good girl, Yeah your a good girl” 😂😂

    _X .Roddy_X .Roddy2 månader sedan
  • Exotics Lair:*2 day delay* Me in the Netherlands: *3 week delays*

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  • I love when you say catch cup it sounds like you are saying ketchup

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    Khyte Riu G. CarmenKhyte Riu G. Carmen2 månader sedan
    • Ur 5 days late

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  • Can u feed your rare blue fang tarantula so that we can she your coolest rare spider yet I love the way it looks

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  • thx for not making me scared of spiders now i want too come were u are LOL

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