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Another day, another rehouse!
What’s goin’ on, guys?! Welcome back to another episode of the rehousing series.
Today we’ve got Ms. Marshalli (Ceratogyrus), my Great/Straight Horned Baboon. One of my calmest baboon tarantulas in the ‘collection’, she rarely bolts or attack aggressively. Today, however, she doesn’t seem to be too happy to move into a new home. She’ll adapt, though ~ No worries.
** This video was made purely for educational and entertainment purposes only.
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  • I have a red knee tarantula and she is so mean 😭😂

    Kayla JohnsonKayla Johnson2 dagar sedan
  • Now I love spiders bc of your vid XD

    aly12 xzaly12 xz3 dagar sedan
  • The black spider is probably a black Theraphosa blondi

    Brennon RicksBrennon Ricks4 dagar sedan
  • The black tarantula is a Brazilian Black tarantula aka

    Sebas RoguezSchuSebas RoguezSchu5 dagar sedan
  • Should I go and turn my TV around when u show the cave? Yeah let's go!

    SakuskoSakusko6 dagar sedan
  • No one: Exotic lair’s hand: 🖐👌👍👉👆👇🤏

    Isaac.kxrlasIsaac.kxrlas6 dagar sedan
  • Rambling -man. Jeez

    Kristine MillerKristine Miller6 dagar sedan
  • Do any of you taratulas need eat their webbing to be able to make more ?

    Poopy Princess Toiletpaper TerroristPoopy Princess Toiletpaper Terrorist6 dagar sedan
  • Bro I haven't watched you forever

    bz4bz46 dagar sedan
  • It looks like a Brazilian Black but I'm not sure without being there I couldn't tell you for sure.

    ScapularBoreScapularBore7 dagar sedan
  • No offense but u Babble to much for me. But anyway Nice Spiders.

    Jerry RoachJerry Roach8 dagar sedan
  • He die :(

    lasaudia lovelacelasaudia lovelace9 dagar sedan
  • Who misses Pissy? 👇

    Azriela ._.Azriela ._.9 dagar sedan
  • What is your most dangerous tarantula

    Xx creature xXXx creature xX9 dagar sedan
  • You filmed glitchy

    Xx creature xXXx creature xX9 dagar sedan
  • Im so sad i missed the pumpkin patch merch

    ArahboMainArahboMain9 dagar sedan
  • pretty sure thats a borneo black

    Atrax RobustusAtrax Robustus9 dagar sedan
  • I'm really proud of myself, because a month ago when I first found this channel, I was terrified even looking at an image of a spider, now I want to play with this one (so pretty and sassy lol)

    Gabrielle GoodwinGabrielle Goodwin10 dagar sedan
  • I don't here the rain

    Donna DeLarmDonna DeLarm10 dagar sedan
  • I love how he talks to the tarantulas

    PinupgirlPinupgirl11 dagar sedan
  • do you have spider merch

    Charles ForbesCharles Forbes11 dagar sedan

    E pro EeeE pro Eee11 dagar sedan
  • Imagine as he was carrying the baboon he dropped the box and she just crawled out

    yeShazzyeShazz12 dagar sedan
  • Do you make your own enclosures? If so, they look really nice!

    SHSL Shuichi SimpSHSL Shuichi Simp12 dagar sedan
  • Nice kęp up the good work and mąkę More mating budowa and feeding vidoes plsss

    AJE MachampAJE Machamp12 dagar sedan
  • Why do I feel like he's from the Philippines

    miff Kapiimiff Kapii13 dagar sedan
  • 10:36 Am I the only who sees like a person's top half being showing on the spiders head.?? Demons souls spider boss confirmed

    XpapaDelicioso XXpapaDelicioso X13 dagar sedan
  • He is like: Its raining i hate it fuck the rain ughhh The dog outside: stfu i love the rain its so nice, do be sleepy tho

    Collin ChiriCollin Chiri13 dagar sedan
  • i think its a brazilian black tarantula

    Vivian BridgesVivian Bridges13 dagar sedan
  • Me too I like your videos

    ocza marocza mar13 dagar sedan
  • i think a Brazilian Black tranchula is the black one

    thefallen_savage Playzthefallen_savage Playz13 dagar sedan
  • Content got old no talent

    Matt LewisMatt Lewis13 dagar sedan
  • The new home at 3:45 would be perfect... I’m not an expert but I would say it has a lot of spider space for her... And I’m arachnophobic but this video ain’t scaring me for some reason... maybe I’m cured of that fear.... but seriously that enclosure should be an extension of the old enclosure... like maybe the old enclosure she has could be her bedroom... and then she can probably play or do stuff in the other enclosure and she can switch from one to the other using a pipeline system.... the reason the old enclosure looks good to be the bedroom is because of the way the webbing was made by her.... it looks like a hammock...

    Jollylover2017 - 2 doesnotdogamingJollylover2017 - 2 doesnotdogaming13 dagar sedan
  • Spider attack

    Todoroki ShotoTodoroki Shoto14 dagar sedan
    • @Andra Bintang The Gamer ?

      Todoroki ShotoTodoroki Shoto13 dagar sedan
    • @Todoroki Shoto daddy

      Andra Bintang The GamerAndra Bintang The Gamer13 dagar sedan
    • @Andra Bintang The Gamer yes

      Todoroki ShotoTodoroki Shoto13 dagar sedan
    • No

      Andra Bintang The GamerAndra Bintang The Gamer13 dagar sedan
  • I'll tell u what tarantula that is, it's a stay the f*ck away tarantula

    CrystalCrystal14 dagar sedan
    • Shut the *TRIGGERED* up

      Andra Bintang The GamerAndra Bintang The Gamer13 dagar sedan
  • An pretty sure you could do a watering tarantulas in these enclosures

    M _123M _12314 dagar sedan

    The Among Us Cyan susThe Among Us Cyan sus14 dagar sedan
    • @Andra Bintang The Gamer *pat*

      The Among Us Cyan susThe Among Us Cyan sus13 dagar sedan
    • Hi daddy :')

      Andra Bintang The GamerAndra Bintang The Gamer13 dagar sedan
  • Could you do more videos about GBB?

    Mateusz OszczypałaMateusz Oszczypała14 dagar sedan
  • Exotic: “She is really chill” T: Are you sure about that....? Me: ಠ_ಠ

    Jayna playsJayna plays14 dagar sedan
  • I wonder who was his first subscriber was (I was here since 165k)

    Amie Elliott’s worldAmie Elliott’s world14 dagar sedan
  • I think any animal/human would get scared and defensive if something huge just came from above...

    JayClareJayClare14 dagar sedan
  • Can you make some OBT merch??👀

    llHOSAllllHOSAll14 dagar sedan
  • Once you said :: “I don’t trust her fully” She got real mad at you

    { ¡devilx _ dreamz¡ }{ ¡devilx _ dreamz¡ }14 dagar sedan
  • "I thought she was friendly" *he says that as he casually dips his hand in to grab the water dish-*

    Jeannette CortezJeannette Cortez14 dagar sedan
  • I know the species of tarantula! Big Mad™️

    user deceaseduser deceased15 dagar sedan
  • Her leg was trapped in the lid when you put her in the container to weigh. You can see it when you show her fangs :(((

    Sophia EllaSophia Ella15 dagar sedan
  • Exotic lair and ants Canada are my favorite youtubers doing this stuff

  • Never hold or play with them just keep them caged all day wonder if you can actually handle all your exotic Tarantula that you own?

    rico pesosrico pesos15 dagar sedan
  • When are you going to get yourself a GoPro so you can use BOTH of your hands when feeding, watering, rehousing and unboxing?

    Fun FanaticFun Fanatic15 dagar sedan
  • E

    King CarpetKing Carpet15 dagar sedan
  • You should do more rehousing vids and unboxing vids

    Imelda AlcauterImelda Alcauter15 dagar sedan
  • I thought she was good she never dirties her water dish, them old worlds man

    Trey SF 415Trey SF 41515 dagar sedan
  • Exotics what do you do as a career to be able to care and have all these animals?

    K1D D3ATHK1D D3ATH15 dagar sedan
  • 905256:05440455

    Lina ChenLina Chen15 dagar sedan
  • Her fav song: I'm a rachet, boogey, savage

    pixelated birdpixelated bird15 dagar sedan
  • not even shown the spider attacked him crazy bro

    Anthony LaughinghouseAnthony Laughinghouse15 dagar sedan
  • tbh im scared to touch tarantulas but I love watched videos about them- weird lol

    diNG dOngdiNG dOng15 dagar sedan
  • I mean that spider in the begging looks like it has a point where the butt rope comes out and you'd find it in the Halloween store 😅😂

    LimitedEditonLex 06LimitedEditonLex 0615 dagar sedan
  • Me : are you friendly? Baboon Tarantula : *Yes*

    StalingradguyStalingradguy16 dagar sedan
  • unknown species seems a bit like Chilobrachys Kaeng Krachan to me. I am no expert tho.

    Martin KrajščákMartin Krajščák16 dagar sedan
  • why is the new videos less watched than the old one old 2oooooo vs 200000

    DaywhitewolfDaywhitewolf16 dagar sedan
  • "sorry my english is a little off as always" I thoroughly enjoy both your voice and manner of speaking. You know at least two languages! I always lecture those who comment about someone else's english. Well how many languages do THEY know if they're going to criticize someone else's SECOND language, hm? You speak fabulously, don't ever feel you need to apologize to anyone for it.

    JT JCJT JC16 dagar sedan
  • You should on box more tarantulas

    Cameron WilsonCameron Wilson16 dagar sedan
  • This guy wants Australia in his room I I V

    Honey HailHoney Hail16 dagar sedan
  • Can you clean out her old cage thing and clean out the webs as ASMR please?

    Lilee McWilliamsLilee McWilliams16 dagar sedan
  • Hey exotic could the all black T be a Brazilian black

    philip coatsphilip coats16 dagar sedan
  • hi i love your vids and i think the unknown tarantula you have may be a Brazilian black tarantula. Just an idea

    Noah Foster-NaisbittNoah Foster-Naisbitt16 dagar sedan
  • I see you like to talk with your hands.

    Aaron MartinezAaron Martinez16 dagar sedan
  • The home of cringe

    SamSam16 dagar sedan
  • she’s so cuteee 🥺

    Gacha AVEGacha AVE16 dagar sedan
  • I think it's a black babomm

    Harley FirthHarley Firth16 dagar sedan
  • Your plastic plants will kill your baboon.

  • Him : Complaining about how his pets are "anything but friendly" Also him: **agressive pointing hand and fast gesture intensifies**

    -Random User--Random User-16 dagar sedan
  • i think you caught its arms in the lid

    rapidd age ryanrapidd age ryan16 dagar sedan
  • Exotics Lair: feel free to comment something down below but idk what she is guys Me: *completely forgets the fact he wants to know what type tarantula she is* me POV: ok I’ll comment something Also me commenting: The comment: hi :3 ur pets are cute

    { WølfyPlāys }{ WølfyPlāys }16 dagar sedan
  • I think that is a Brazilian black tarantula 🕷🕸

    Heather SchubertHeather Schubert16 dagar sedan
  • I love how towards the end it seems like she wants to give you a big hug for putting her in a beautiful new enclosure :3

    Nicole BunacNicole Bunac16 dagar sedan
  • The dog in the background 🥺

    Allie RameyAllie Ramey16 dagar sedan
  • You should make a pissy shirt has all of her emotions and just the same one and it’s angry

    TR4vis_101 EnsignTR4vis_101 Ensign16 dagar sedan
  • The 143 people that thumbs down: IM GUNNA THUMBS DOWN THIS IS TO SCARY

    Leanne FotheringhamLeanne Fotheringham16 dagar sedan
  • Cooll

    Ryder PhippsRyder Phipps16 dagar sedan
  • The unknown spider is actually a black Borneo tarantula. I used to have on in brunei

  • every movement he made i was like O_______________O

    Hayley CrouchHayley Crouch16 dagar sedan
  • 1:00 i swear his accent changed for a moment

    Hayley CrouchHayley Crouch16 dagar sedan
  • 0:42 its preratorjormusdickhead species Thank me later.. JK

    Sawan SinghSawan Singh17 dagar sedan
  • Exotic:she's my most "friendliest tarantula" *3minutes later3:attack exotics hand Me:._. yes she is friendly very friendly

    Jack hey hey heyJack hey hey hey17 dagar sedan
  • seworld.info/will/obC3nazZjmSis3U/video

    Ron HobyakRon Hobyak17 dagar sedan
  • I have been really interested in tarantulas lately and i was trying to get a t of my own do you have any tips to help me?

    Trashcan's UniteTrashcan's Unite17 dagar sedan
  • The spider: Get yo annoying ass over here. (P.S.) you're awesome

    BruhNationBruhNation17 dagar sedan
  • She reminds me of a kid on their first day of school. She just wants to stay with you. ❤❤❤

    puppy_pink_beach_bunnypuppy_pink_beach_bunny17 dagar sedan
  • (Me finds the tiniest spider) holy shit the fuck is that kill it (Him) hmm new pet

    The Roblox LoungeThe Roblox Lounge17 dagar sedan
  • 2:13 so i’m probably not the first comment about this but that’s what she said 😂

    Uglah_Jo _Uglah_Jo _17 dagar sedan
  • 🤢🥺😰😨😱there was a taranchala leg in the first inclosure w-why?

    Rachel TaylorRachel Taylor17 dagar sedan
  • U can’t mess around with king baboon pls they will kill u

    Kenya AnguianoKenya Anguiano17 dagar sedan
  • Love u and ur tarantulas 🕷🕷🕸🕸 please pin me and have a good Halloween !

    Marlees Magical World🦄🦄🦄Marlees Magical World🦄🦄🦄17 dagar sedan
  • Nope I hate spuders 😂 I couldn’t even look at them. Some are that big they could smack you 😂 : i don’t hate them I’m scared of them.

  • She's freindly she just doesn't like being in a cup xD

    Scarlet FoxScarlet Fox17 dagar sedan
  • "Hey, let's name this spider" "Okay, what should we name it?" "I'm thinking we should name it after something, or someone" "I dunno, that's kinda played out" "Yeah, that's true" "Hey, why don't we name it after something it doesn't really have and an animal that has nothing to do with it" "You're a fuckin genius, man, any suggestions?" "Leeeeeet's call it a......Hoofed Orangutan" "Not bad, but, nah......how about.......a Million Gendered Duck Lizard" "That's pretty good, but, that will piss off Millenials and Boomers living vicariously through them" "Okay, how about aaaaaaaaaa........Great Horned Baboon?....." "PERFECT!!. IT'S THE PERFECT BALANCE OF RIDICULOUS AND WEIRD!!"

    pustulio81pustulio8117 dagar sedan
  • This reminds me of when I saw a wolf spider in my garage I’m was petrified

    Dylan MartindellDylan Martindell17 dagar sedan
  • Phormictopus cancerides

    Lorelai BraggLorelai Bragg17 dagar sedan