This is Animal Abuse !!!!! - Rant 🤬 [BONUS VIDEO]

12 mar 2021
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I believe people paint turtle shells to attract kids, which would then pester their parents to get one (or more) for them, since they look "pretty".
I'm sure a lot of you already know that painting turtle shells can be harmful to them, but if you know anyone who wants, or has, or even would potentially get a turtle with a painted shell, PLEASE share this video with them.
** This video was made purely for educational and entertainment purposes only.
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  • Poor turtle 😭

    NightTimeNightTime7 minuter sedan
  • if it’s poisonous for us it’s poisonous for themx

    warmseulgi ッwarmseulgi ッ15 minuter sedan
  • Poor turtles!!! I hope they stop painting on them! Turtle shells are beautiful as they are!! 😭

    purplegirl02purplegirl0223 minuter sedan
  • That is so sad. The shell is the body. It can't chang shells.

    Carla WCarla W32 minuter sedan
  • Could you buy/save the unpainted turtle please :(

    Lovesick GirlLovesick GirlTimme sedan
  • Who the fxk Colours specially Peppa pig?????

    GalaxyNightOwlGalaxyNightOwlTimme sedan
  • it’s so horrible and stupid what people do to turtles and other animals, do they not have common sense?!

    BradMan 450BradMan 450Timme sedan
  • The only animal shell that can be safely painted is hermit crab shells.

    Anni BurgoyneAnni Burgoyne2 timmar sedan
  • I will STOMP YOUR KNEECAPS BACKWARDS if you do this ^^

    ElfsanElfsan2 timmar sedan
  • Y would they do that 😡 Thats mean

    WafaaWafaa3 timmar sedan
  • It's never okay to paint those poor turltles

    Justine kyle SustentoJustine kyle Sustento3 timmar sedan
  • Those pattern are too perfect, and there are no brush strokes.whoever did this probably hrdro dipped the turtles.......which is even worse.

    Namrata DaveNamrata Dave4 timmar sedan
  • Exactly why we don’t deserve animals we ruin everything

    Aretha RutledgeAretha Rutledge4 timmar sedan
  • 1:29 he literally dropped the turtle

    hobi-is-my- sunshinehobi-is-my- sunshine4 timmar sedan
  • Would getting a hermit crab painted shell be better? I'm not trying to be mean I legitimately wanna know

    ms. piratems. pirate5 timmar sedan
  • Turtle shells are already aesthetically pleasing how they are

    KumaderaKumadera5 timmar sedan
  • I agree and I like you. I’m subscribing. Thank you for showing people this.

    S BoloshisS Boloshis5 timmar sedan
  • Why are the turtles pale this person doesn't know how to take care of a turtle at all!

    Anabella SantosAnabella Santos5 timmar sedan
  • Hopefully they can come off... But I don't think they can. Poor things.. If you see animals like this at a pet store contact them!

    Lily SalisburyLily Salisbury5 timmar sedan
  • Do they not realize that paint is toxic as well? Like if it could hurt humans then it could hurt turtles even more. Also why would you paint a turtle? Just get a ceramic

    G r i z zG r i z z6 timmar sedan
  • :/.

    monica solismonica solis6 timmar sedan
  • Im gonna marry this guy

    Natalia DeppNatalia Depp7 timmar sedan
  • Can't you just wipe off the paint or is it permanent? Poor turtles, why don't have do our bois like that

    Adriana FourrienAdriana Fourrien7 timmar sedan
  • Those poor turtles

    LevijanaLevijana7 timmar sedan
  • Here's some advice: If you don't know you can't paint a turtle's shell, don't even begin to think about owning one. God I hate people.

    Diogenes Has SpokenDiogenes Has Spoken8 timmar sedan
  • My turtles usually ignore me when i try to play with them but when i showed this my turtle, it kept staring at the screen and it looked sad? It was so focused in the video and moved closer when i moved it away. My other turtle kept swimming to the video bc it wanted to see it too. When i showed the vid to her, she immediately ran away wiggling/shaking her head. Then she swam to my third turtle immediately and i think they were talking, or at least they were communicating in some sort of way :(

    Cookie BerryCookie Berry8 timmar sedan
  • Turn to Jesus and be saved

    Heyit’shailey!Heyit’shailey!8 timmar sedan
  • He is right!!! Dont do that animal pets dont deserve that human art on them. stop i saw that already and turtles were not right.

    Ashko AlaskoAshko Alasko8 timmar sedan
  • You dropped her I- 😭😭😭

    SailorSerenitySaturnSailorSerenitySaturn9 timmar sedan
  • This is awful :(( why would anyone do that...

    clairobscurclairobscur9 timmar sedan
  • That looks like washi tape

    Katrina MidgetteKatrina Midgette9 timmar sedan
  • Please tell me you bought them and got that paint off of them

    High QHigh Q9 timmar sedan
  • :(

    peachtacpeachtac10 timmar sedan
  • You can paint a turtle shell........if it's f*cking dead and not alive to reap the consequences.

    Teddybear KillerTeddybear Killer11 timmar sedan
  • mybe way to remove paint but... its probably wore for their health

    SSneaky And FriendsSSneaky And Friends11 timmar sedan

    Small ChildeSmall Childe11 timmar sedan
  • Why can't people just take stickers (that aren't too sticky), take a few pictures (dry), and get them off?

    Babie_BunnBabie_Bunn11 timmar sedan
  • Poor turtles

    Jingle lynxJingle lynx11 timmar sedan
  • Really? People are seriously painting or hydrodipping animals now? They arent toys jezus

    Allard van BockelAllard van Bockel11 timmar sedan
  • How could they if I see someone paint a turtle I will be like:Hello sisters YEET

    Warriorcat GamingWarriorcat Gaming12 timmar sedan
  • disgusting

    owen buchanowen buchan12 timmar sedan
  • Turtles are already beautiful creatures. Why do people think they need to paint them.

    Laney RussellLaney Russell12 timmar sedan
  • When I was younger I was that one kid who painted a couple of snail shells because I didn’t know 😔 (One of the snails showed up like two years later and was big and the paint was chipped so at least it survived)

    Taco CatTaco Cat12 timmar sedan
  • Just why I have my own red eared sliders and I would never do that to them!!

    XxGacha _MoonlightXxGacha _Moonlight13 timmar sedan
  • At first I thought what’s so bad about painting a wooden turtle before I realize that poor thing is alive :(

    Surprised PersonSurprised Person13 timmar sedan
  • The dislikers that the abuser don't know to type 911 to report you but they spell 411

    MOB3Y3MOB3Y314 timmar sedan
  • Some people dont know that the turtle shell is a part of the turtle, they absorb nutrients through there

    Lucas RománLucas Román14 timmar sedan
  • You are a good man .

    The dig little namy CatThe dig little namy Cat14 timmar sedan
  • Can you please make a video of the paint removal process?

    DecadentCupcake123DecadentCupcake12314 timmar sedan
  • Ok I will not :) 😇

    Joe VeeJoe Vee14 timmar sedan
  • China bruh

    Jonhy the sharkJonhy the shark15 timmar sedan
  • Its beautiful with the normal shell Painting shells are unnecessary

    Gray KtheitatianGray Ktheitatian16 timmar sedan
  • what about breeders who use the spots to show gender? is that okay? (genuine question)

    CheyenneCheyenne16 timmar sedan
  • This person is literally giving the turtle a tattoo. Humans are strong enough for tattoos. But not turtles, what the hell

    Infinite NightInfinite Night16 timmar sedan
  • But however I think once they grow, the shell will come off. I hope the turtle will out grow this nightmare

    Blue BallsBlue Balls16 timmar sedan
  • No human will do that! No, not to turtle. Probably their shells can’t breathe

    Blue BallsBlue Balls16 timmar sedan
  • Thank you for doing this.

    RandomPersonRandomPerson16 timmar sedan
  • 1:29 *oh no oh no oh no no no no no*

    Random. EditsRandom. Edits17 timmar sedan
  • People also put dresses on dogs

    scoobywooscoobywoo17 timmar sedan
  • If you don't paint your cats or dogs then you shouldn't paint turtles! Did you report this yet?

    Annette MelnychukAnnette Melnychuk18 timmar sedan
  • You rant about this, but what about putting clothes on cats and dogs? What about humanizing animals in general?

    Wolfsong MoondancerWolfsong Moondancer18 timmar sedan
  • #savetheanimals

  • please do not do this to this animals 🙁🙁🙁

    Riz MRRiz MR19 timmar sedan
  • ...did you buy the turtes?

    Paula PPaula P19 timmar sedan
  • XD

    Danosva_kingDanosva_king19 timmar sedan
  • Oh my god someone actually painted peppa pig on a turtle shell

    Lonely_ Cabbage;-;Lonely_ Cabbage;-;20 timmar sedan
  • he do be lookin kinda fresh tho

    Maple SyrupMaple Syrup21 timme sedan
  • What type of turtles are these?

    just mejust me21 timme sedan
  • I thought those were stickers. Like vinyl.. but will block thier light absorbtion.

    marikie mariemarikie marie21 timme sedan
  • Ikr

    *f l o w e r *and teddy owo* e x p l o r e **f l o w e r *and teddy owo* e x p l o r e *22 timmar sedan
  • Really what's wrong with that people

    Angela Blasi LopezAngela Blasi Lopez22 timmar sedan
  • Jsdks Nd assholss

    mylene san pascualmylene san pascual22 timmar sedan
  • How awful, and absolutely disgusting...Those poor little turtles 😔 🐢💖

    Cherry FaithCherry Faith22 timmar sedan
  • Thanks for letting us know! I’d never paint a turtle but I’ve always imagined their shells to be similar to human nails. It’s very interesting to know that having their shells covered would affect their vitamin and oxygen levels.

    littlebluecloverslittleblueclovers22 timmar sedan
  • Omg this is unbelievable 😠 who thinks it's ok to paint a baby

    Iωάννα Β.Iωάννα Β.22 timmar sedan
  • #savetheturtles

    AshKay Gacha ❶AshKay Gacha ❶22 timmar sedan
  • "Guys please do not pain turtle shell" Me="Yeah stop doing it, the turtle are crying 😭"

    Davina Celia GunadiDavina Celia Gunadi23 timmar sedan
  • Oh my god please listen to this man

    headshot66headshot6623 timmar sedan
  • 😥💔

    imcsk channelimcsk channel23 timmar sedan
  • It’s just like painting plants and putting glitter on them, it’s dangerous for them and bad

    Logan 0-0Logan 0-023 timmar sedan
  • 👌🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️❤️❤️

    Javi GarciaJavi Garcia23 timmar sedan
  • Oh crap i feel bad now. A few times when we were younger, me and my mom found some wild turtles and painted their shells with fingernail polish. Looking back at it it was stupid

    Crown ClownCrown ClownDag sedan
  • Paint yourself.

    ozai.ozai.Dag sedan
  • What the hell

    _Error_ :]_Error_ :]Dag sedan
  • I've seen painted hermit crab shells. Those aren't as bad bc the shells are easily discarded. This is sad and cruel tho.

    T. H.T. H.Dag sedan
  • I feel like it was hydro dipped

    Azaleya ReidAzaleya ReidDag sedan
  • I’m saying no painting on the turtle’s shells. I don’t want to hurt the turtle. 😡

    Shadowcat107Shadowcat107Dag sedan
  • My cat turned blue because he fell into the paint bucket.....

    Farren AvenFarren AvenDag sedan
  • I didn't realise until recently that turtle shells weren't just hard shields and that they are the skeleton covered in skin. Poor little guys. Not good

    MsOstritchMsOstritchDag sedan
    • ik! its their spine

      Midnight MurdererMidnight Murderer4 timmar sedan
  • Looks like vinyl stickers

    Melissa DeckerMelissa DeckerDag sedan
  • Me and my siblings got 3 of the turtles with paint shell and we put it in with our big turtle I think they got along very well :>

    。Diana。。Diana。Dag sedan
  • I see so many bad things happening at pet stores...they should be held responsible everytime they neglect or mistreat any animals...seriously, they have one job

    Grace RobersonGrace RobersonDag sedan
  • The turtle can die-

    Sanguche de tortita con salame y queso.Sanguche de tortita con salame y queso.Dag sedan
  • Oh no. I had no idea that this was harmful, (even though I never thought about doin it). please call the humane society. I hate ppl who treat animals like insignificant objects.

    BlacknBougieBlacknBougieDag sedan
  • OMG😭😭😭😓😓😓

    Blanca Martínez hayotBlanca Martínez hayotDag sedan
  • I don't know what's the purpose of this painting the tiny turtle they are just beautiful just the way they are

    Not Some Guy With a MoustacheNot Some Guy With a MoustacheDag sedan
  • In my country they paint chick,I dont know that they still do it or not.

    RanRanDag sedan
  • Who ever did this they should go to jail poor turtle

    Samyra HickmanSamyra HickmanDag sedan
  • Poppa pig (dont paint on ur turtles!)

    Ava MachadoAva MachadoDag sedan
  • The only time you'll catch me calling PETA fr

    TaintFlapTaintFlapDag sedan