FEEDING my “Glowing” SCORPIONs in the DARK !!!

28 jun 2020
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It’s been a while since I did a Scorpion Feeding Video, so today’s the day! However, it will not be the usual Scorpion Feeding Video - Today we’ll be using a UVB/black light torch, which when used in the dark, the scorpions’ exoskeletons “glow”! Pretty interesting, right?
Comment down below if you’d like another Scorpion Feeding Video as such and hopefully we’ll get better take-downs in the future video(s).
** This video was made purely for educational and entertainment purposes only.
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  • Please stopping using one hand only. Like your vids but not comfortable seeing one hand motion.

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  • //do not try this at home//

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  • *Opens the roach bin* Me: WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE. (It is dark in that room and he opened a box to about 100 roaches!)

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  • The battery looks so small because you need flashlight batteries. The voltage is similar so it will run off AA but the capacity doesn't compare so it will last much longer using the right batteries. It probably uses something like 18650 or 18500.

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  • That big guy deserves a really nice enclosure with some blue light

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  • Fun fact: You got flashbanged in this video or at least your eyes hurt in this video

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  • Fun fact: the smaller the scorpion the more poisonous.

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  • Any1 else having flashbacks to scenes from James and the Giant Peach when the scorpions glow like that ? Just me ? *-*

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  • Is your biggest scorpions tail sniped off

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  • Do you know much about C. Sculpturatus? I started breeding them, and now (finally) my females are starting to have their babies

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  • OMG that is so amazing I never seen a glowing scorpion wow

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  • Wrong battery 🔋

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  • Frogs

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  • Omfg, around 9:10 or sumthin, I am watching in the dark in bed and I think a small spider, ant or something crawls across my screen. Freaking me out lol, was it in video, irl or just my head lol

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  • I love your scorpions

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  • What do I do my scorpion hasn’t ate in about 5 months and I keep offering him food but is refusing is he in pre molt he is a sub adult urodocus yaskenchoi should I switch his feeders maybe from crickets?

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  • When you keep flashing the camera with UV light. Me: AHHHHHHHHHHH MY EYESSSSSSS

    Just A ByteJust A Byte2 månader sedan
  • If you do this in the future, I suggest getting UV safety glasses. UV is very harmful to eyes, even if you’re not looking into the light. The UV rays bouncing off of surfaces is still enough to hurt your eyes. Otherwise great video.

    no1bandfanno1bandfan2 månader sedan
  • I have a question if a scorpion puts venom in The food doesn't it die because venom of this

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  • I think you could get the same effect with the phone flashlight, you took the clear tape and a blue marker, you took a piece, applied it on top, colored it and then you took another to cover it

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  • Your Flash Light is what is called a Black light Flash-light.

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  • Bruh dood i laugh when Exotics says just having a nice pumpkin Roach : Mmmmm nomnom tasty pumpkin Roach gets tonged : *AaaHhhHh* Scorpion : Mmm wow this roach flavored pumpkin is damn good

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  • Thats excellent thanks l also like 🦂 !!!!

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  • I just bought a emperor scorpion three weeks ago and it has not eaten food yet. Granted, I believe it is molting. In your opinion, how often should you feed your scorpion? Or anyone in the comments. I’m trying my best at and want to make sure my pet has a quality life. Thanks!

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  • Recently got stung by a scorpion 🦂 they’re cool but deadly

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    • Amariea Got an Opinion maybe I’m a little unstable

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