What’s inside an Abandoned Weaver Ant Nest ? [BONUS VIDEO]

26 feb 2021
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Nick, PotionsYT

  • The ants babys produces silk, so the parents use that😁

    fossilhunterfossilhunter14 dagar sedan
  • it was the sliders new house :(

    Alexis McDowellAlexis McDowell27 dagar sedan
  • Antscanada and exotics are friends right?

    Daybreak - RobloxDaybreak - Roblox27 dagar sedan
  • watch AntsCanada to learn about how they build their nests

    P AudaxP Audax29 dagar sedan
  • Remember to ask AntsCanada when you have a chance.

    The Lost OrchidThe Lost Orchid29 dagar sedan
  • They are using the silk of their larvae

    LordImperioLordImperioMånad sedan
  • They actually use there Young, ( the Larvae ) to put silk down while the workers hold the leaves together. Usually Larvae will Wrap themselves in the silk to turn into Pupa and eventually into a fully formed Ant ( usually White/ see through) that hardens once they come out.. but instead of that, they don't require the silk to go into Pupa Stage. so they use it to construct nests instead. ^-^ So cool.

    DysunXanthDysunXanthMånad sedan
  • I love how he pulled his hand back at the spider. YOU OWN TRANTULAS.

    xDragonxAdventuresxYTxxDragonxAdventuresxYTxMånad sedan
  • the ant larva makes the silk, the adult holds the larva and sews the leaves together. Yes Ant Canada lol has them

    Ldy WolfLdy WolfMånad sedan
  • Thay ues ther new born and use the silk

    Fabio AgrelaFabio AgrelaMånad sedan
  • Canda ants ;)

    Mr potatoMr potatoMånad sedan
  • Do not touch it it is the spit of the ants

    Maci ThomasMaci ThomasMånad sedan
  • The "webbing" they make off the Larvae!

    Jamie BrustJamie BrustMånad sedan
  • Asmr 😂

    Alvin BAlvin BMånad sedan
  • Male ants’s arms after building the nest: 💪😏

    4m4n4m4nMånad sedan
  • I was just watching ants canada 😂

    Jestine_1Jestine_1Månad sedan
  • Some ants expert:You monster! That was art!

    Dark PowerDark PowerMånad sedan
  • They make it with their babies by the way.

  • Hello

    Alexander GröndahlAlexander GröndahlMånad sedan
  • A mystery unboxing video

    09Sammy_owo09Sammy_owoMånad sedan
  • They use larve to make the silk

  • 0:08 those things are baby ant silk ask @antscanada

    Harpoon ReactsHarpoon ReactsMånad sedan
  • Cool as hell!!!!!

    Sandra MorrisonSandra MorrisonMånad sedan
  • I like the crunchy sound of the leaves

    ReubenRocksReubenRocksMånad sedan
  • inside of it is unfertilized eggs of weaver ants

    Marlene G. SalmorinMarlene G. SalmorinMånad sedan
  • They use larva for the silk

    coolosc 74coolosc 74Månad sedan
  • weaver ants got there name because they mastered the element of weaving

    Blue Chaos EmeraldBlue Chaos EmeraldMånad sedan
  • Cool man

    PlasticandRagePlasticandRageMånad sedan
  • Exotic lairs:ripping apart the nest of ants AntCanda:interesting...

    SADFROgySADFROgyMånad sedan
  • The weaver ants use the larvae to weave up the nest!

    khoo khooshuakhoo khooshuaMånad sedan
  • They use their larvae to make soak

    Jean Mary CunananJean Mary CunananMånad sedan
  • The "spider web looking things" are silk, which the larvae or baby ants produce. So basically theyre using their children as building or gluing tools

    Jahzmpire KagariJahzmpire KagariMånad sedan
  • Ants **Abondon thier old home** Spider: *Its free real estate*

    Shooter PlayzShooter PlayzMånad sedan
  • That's really cool! I've never seen that before, thanks for sharing!

    beyond-the-nightbeyond-the-nightMånad sedan
  • Ants Canada:its my time

  • By the way that is called ..pala.. in phillipinesp

    *JA5* -_-**JA5* -_-*Månad sedan
  • It's been forever sense I watched you bro, it's been 3 years.🤚😭 I remember I always watched you on my ipad. Now i'm on phone.

    BunnyBunnyMånad sedan
  • What if the ants went out for a vacation or was looking for food then this happened to there nest

    Galaxy White tigerGalaxy White tigerMånad sedan
  • The use their larvae to make those silky white material since only larvae can produce it.

    Satrick PtarSatrick PtarMånad sedan
  • Exotic lair: something educatiounal like this... Also exotic lair: **destroyed the ants nest**

    RoyaleMega21RoyaleMega21Månad sedan
  • Don’t reply to this comment

    Mikey NicMikey NicMånad sedan
  • Reply to this comment

    Mikey NicMikey NicMånad sedan
  • I was expecting like ant temple ruins or a zombie lich queen...my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

    rap mabidarap mabidaMånad sedan
  • the ants use the larvae to make the tunnels because weaver ant larvae can spin silk

    nobody noticeseannobody noticeseanMånad sedan
  • asmr

    I'm a simpI'm a simpMånad sedan
  • Bro do you have mexican red rump tarantula??? I am new to the channel

    Lil OTAKULil OTAKUMånad sedan
  • Hey exotic what happend to jackson the hedgehog

    XThereaperXXThereaperXMånad sedan
  • They use larval silk to make the spider web like material

    Mr ProperMr ProperMånad sedan
  • The stuff is silk for their larvae:)

    VasteVasteMånad sedan
  • Early?

    Elly HeElly HeMånad sedan
  • The spider web thing is called silk. It’s produced by the larvae.

    Celestial MoonCelestial MoonMånad sedan
  • someone get this man a tripod

    Miles ProwerMiles ProwerMånad sedan
  • I believe they do it by using their larva as glue guns to produce the silk that holds the leaves together.

    Vexents GamingVexents GamingMånad sedan
  • Short story: nothing. :-D

    Gomez RodriguezGomez RodriguezMånad sedan
  • Pls do more spider vids I love/miss ur spiders😔

    itZ Chris aftonitZ Chris aftonMånad sedan
  • We have ants already God we don’t need spider ants

    Camerons KitchenCamerons KitchenMånad sedan
  • Did any of u guys expect like a plot twist were like a tarantula was sleeing there or something cuz i did lmao

    EIiminateEIiminateMånad sedan
  • Weaver Ants use the silk of their larvae to make the leaves together

    JuThijGamesJuThijGamesMånad sedan
  • Im late ¡n¡ ♡ all of your vids are very cool and can you give me a ♡ i love your vids

    Meowmeow Smasher06Meowmeow Smasher06Månad sedan
  • I'm scared of ants

    Danni KDanni KMånad sedan
  • its a silk iam not sure

    REAPERREAPERMånad sedan
  • bro pls do a video with the best types for tarantulas beginners

    JotaP 05JotaP 05Månad sedan
  • I thought this was an AC vid, seeing that it's not cleared up my confusion.

    JayClareJayClareMånad sedan
  • I saw an Ant video pop up in my feeds in the weekend and I just assumed it was Ants Canada. I got so confused for a moment when Exotics Lair started talking. 'XD

    dawkinsbeagledawkinsbeagleMånad sedan
  • So cool!

    Marissa C.Marissa C.Månad sedan
  • why it look like the bottom of my foot

    Tearduxlama5Tearduxlama5Månad sedan
  • Ooo

    Ink RabbitInk RabbitMånad sedan
  • The spider web looking things is a larvar jelly thats on their mouth they used it to make nest

    Muhammad Akif Zulhaqeem 6AMuhammad Akif Zulhaqeem 6AMånad sedan

    ꧂Tarantula Boy꧂꧂Tarantula Boy꧂Månad sedan
  • Btw, the spider web thingys are called silk produced by there larvas. The ants squeeze the larva and then the larva shoot's out silk on the leaves to attach them together.

    MystxcMystxcMånad sedan
  • Philippines ant that just made my day worst

    2nd Littlekingryan2nd LittlekingryanMånad sedan
  • AntsCanada: Oh the horror!!

    Trenee281Trenee281Månad sedan
  • I believe it's a type of saliva that binds the leaves

    Insane0 JuggaloInsane0 JuggaloMånad sedan
  • Weavers ant larvae create silk for their cocoon. The weaver ant uses their larvae silk to attach two suitable leaves and start making a nest. The larvae silk and spider silk are pretty much same.

    Rajan MandalRajan MandalMånad sedan
  • Hi

    Jesse Lapis BirdJesse Lapis BirdMånad sedan
  • That was the colony's holiday nest. :O ;P

    Drag0n Mistr3ssDrag0n Mistr3ssMånad sedan

    EwoXc XbEwoXc XbMånad sedan
  • They basically use their larvae like glue sticks lol, fr

    Amber BaldwinAmber BaldwinMånad sedan
  • I didn’t know that ants made nets until I watched this and teachers say SEworld doesn’t teach you anything yeah sure

    Itzia PItzia PMånad sedan
  • Can I message you a spider I think you would love in your collection?

    Leanne MitchellLeanne MitchellMånad sedan
  • Random person: what is that man doing

    Danny HaliliDanny HaliliMånad sedan
  • Make it an arachnid nest!

    Bread From the Dimension of Frosted PlantsBread From the Dimension of Frosted PlantsMånad sedan
  • Their larvae produce the silk while the ants hold each leaf still so others can pretty much glue it shut

    Meowzerz GamingMeowzerz GamingMånad sedan
  • spider feeding asmr when

    IntelIntelMånad sedan
  • *When tiny creatures can make better things than your baking soda volcano*

    Sofia margaretteSofia margaretteMånad sedan
  • Hi

    Salsa BillaSalsa BillaMånad sedan
  • How is you bite

    Attic WolfAttic WolfMånad sedan
  • Give it to ants Canada if it was not yet dead

    Tyler’s random stuffTyler’s random stuffMånad sedan
  • Wow

    Siew Fan LeeSiew Fan LeeMånad sedan
  • Can you do an update on your leopard geckos

    BryOn30FPSBryOn30FPSMånad sedan
  • does anybody know when he makes a bonus video and when he makes a new one he just put the bonus video to the next video a full one

    ZacharyZacharyMånad sedan
  • When is the next Arizona blonde video coming I would love to see her be rehoused

    Awesome GamerAwesome GamerMånad sedan
  • There's a spider in my bathroom it was brown

    Gabriel WrightGabriel WrightMånad sedan
  • These weaver ants are weird and cool

    Jaiden LopezJaiden LopezMånad sedan
  • What is dis

    Debbie DungcaDebbie DungcaMånad sedan
  • They use they larva silk to create the nest

    DMG SavageDMG SavageMånad sedan
  • That’s sick dude

    SBK -SBK -Månad sedan
  • What did the webbing feel like?

    Anton TarvoAnton TarvoMånad sedan
  • Go check out Ants Canada's weaver ants videos he explain everything about weaver ants he even had them once as a pet colony till he couldn't keep them anymore.

    bumblebee89bumblebee89Månad sedan
  • *breaking it with hands* Me: sTep ON IT I WAnnA HEaR ThAt CRUNCHHHhhhhHhhHhHhHh

    Bebalon .-.Bebalon .-.Månad sedan