Arizona Blonde ~ Best beginner TARANTULA?? imo, HELL YEAH!

10 feb 2021
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I always get asked, “What’s the best beginner tarantula species?”
.. and I always reply “Arizona Blonde (Aphonopelma chalcodes).
Why? Mainly cuz they’re generally a docile species. They’re also;
1) Hardy
2) Get to a nice size (About 6 inches)
3) Slow
4) Doesn't kick urticating hairs often
5) Less likely to bite when not provoked
6) Low venom potency
** This video was made purely for educational and entertainment purposes only.
Just as I thought she was chill ~ Arizona Blonde TARANTULA KICKS HAIRS at ME for the FIRST TIME !!!
Preparing a REAL SKULL for my TARANTULA !!!
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  • Im looking around but i cant find any arizona blondes. Its my dream pet if anyone has any info for getting a arizona blonde please comment

    Gabe PaulinGabe PaulinDag sedan
  • Did you ever get bit by one of you're spiders

    Shirley CampbellShirley Campbell2 dagar sedan
  • I caught one in Arizona, and she’s been with me for over 10 years...definitely a great species and like you said very hardy & docile!

    J_s92J_s929 dagar sedan
  • Im arachnophobic, but this channel has helped me with that, and I actually want an Arizona Blonde now

    Nick JohnsonNick Johnson13 dagar sedan
  • They’re such sweethearts, I’m still absolutely terrified of tarantulas & spiders but I love seeing you hold them 😔💞💞💞

    Hella Sweet Jeff BroHella Sweet Jeff Bro14 dagar sedan
  • This is my favorite spider by far

    BIXBIX17 dagar sedan
  • Uhhh I'm so upset that probably If not for my mom ages ago I'd be a fully obsessed spider owner by now. I guess it's not too late but I don't have time for another hobby sadly

    Angelika HAngelika H21 dag sedan
  • You're over doing the danger of an Arizona Blonde... She wont hurt you...

    MrNo NaymeMrNo Nayme25 dagar sedan
  • I might get a pet arizonan blonde but let's soo what my parents think about it. The Arizonan blonde has venom and it's less dangerous than other tarantula venom but if your allergic to the blonde venom it can be fatal. They are pretty nice like exotic is talking about and showing.

    The ButtHead UniverseThe ButtHead Universe26 dagar sedan
  • I don't lik spiders

    Erika de BeerErika de Beer26 dagar sedan
  • For a long time, I had a really fucking hard aracnophobia. But, watch your videos, and see how cute u act with your tarantulas, "cure" this fear :)

    c a l l m e Vc a l l m e V28 dagar sedan
  • My son has been asking for an Arizona blond. I’ve been reading all about care and everything and I’m ready to get him one. Can anyone recommend the best place to order? And should we start with a baby or a larger one? Any help would be appreciated.

    Dan’s Exotic spiderDan’s Exotic spider29 dagar sedan
  • why r u downgrading her borrow

    Daniel CICCULLODaniel CICCULLOMånad sedan
  • So... Who is or who are the most hardcore tarantulas ? You understand right?

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  • i hate spiders.. i have no idea why i watching ur videos 🤣

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  • Her butt is so fAt😭

    Island DanielsIsland DanielsMånad sedan
  • I'm an arachnophobic but i try to watch your videos to get over it and I think it's kinda helping.

  • You used to disagree with people about Arizona blondes being good beginner tarantulas what changed your mind?

    09Drdray09DrdrayMånad sedan
  • Wow, I’m glad she didn’t bite him..

    Nancy TorgieNancy TorgieMånad sedan
  • She an OG spider dont play with her Exotic Lol 😬😂🤔👏👌🏾💀💯🏃

    Brandon ReedBrandon ReedMånad sedan
  • How is he not dead?

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  • You should do another video of you getting skulls for your spider

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  • Bro that enclosure is clean the dog skull is a really nice touch too 🐶💀

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  • She’s like I will Twork because I have a big butt

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  • Love mine! Scared to handle because of the hairs 😆

    Endora Del ReyEndora Del ReyMånad sedan
  • Today I found a Huntsman spider on my wall! When I saw it I screamed and still realized I still had phobia about spiders! But exotic lairs really boosted my confidence to trap it on a plastic container and free it outside!!! :D No one would probably read this but that was so cool and I was so proud of me! :D ♥

    Carla Jean RielCarla Jean RielMånad sedan
    • nice lol

      Bob the Builder AwesomeBob the Builder Awesome16 dagar sedan
    • I could never, but I hope to get to that chapter someday. 🥺

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    • Well done random extra

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    • Good for you hopefully u can lose the fear forever

      the gaming dino playzthe gaming dino playzMånad sedan
    • Nice lol I would cried and smashed it to death. My fear of spiders is so bad hahaha

      Manaia FalwasserManaia FalwasserMånad sedan
  • I’d rather shit in my hands and clap than pick that thing up

    I’m SonnyI’m SonnyMånad sedan
  • I’ve always been iffy with tarantulas idk I’m not the type that’s like “eeek Spiders” I’m really not but idk I mean I never handled a Tarantulas I’m ok with them being near me and looking at them. If someone was to put one on my hand I would be like “ehhh..just as long as you don’t bite me or something we’re good..” I can appreciate the beauty they hold but I’m like “I rather you stay in your home..”

    Stew GorillazStew GorillazMånad sedan
  • Im no tarantula keeper but because of her good behavior she should get a megaworm as a treat :D

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  • You can drop her when handling that could go wrong

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  • So gentle really wholesome even if its a spider

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  • swagclosure❤️

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  • I live in Arizona and had a wild female live on my property for 12 years. Although she was wild she was mellow and really use to human interaction by always staying at the entrance to her borrow when we came out. During mating season so many males came to try to mate with her. I was really sad when she didn't come up one year after hibernating but she had to be old since she was there when I moved in.

    Gwyen RaamatGwyen RaamatMånad sedan
  • nice video ferry interesting. you make awsome video's.

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  • Should j clean my spiders terrarium? Or is it not necessary

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  • Do you have tips for caring for a Venezuelan sun tiger?

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  • Who found his channel randomly? Just me?

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  • What can go wrong with keeping an A. chalcodes? Deciding you need more Aphonopelma species (I love my A. anax and A. moderatum) They all eat super well and can take down anything, even as subadults

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  • It is good but it needs more features

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  • Get a jumping spider

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  • i've always been scared of spiders but I think my fears are going away thanks for showing me that not all Spiders are bad but i'll still play it safe if i come across one lol.

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  • They take wayyy to long to grow. Mines molted twice this past year and a half and is still a half inch

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  • I’m sooooo happy you made this! I have 2 and they are the most chill! Love them!!

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  • I like spiders tarantulas I love bees they are cute

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  • I want a tarantula but I have arachnophobia ;-; but I really want one ;-;

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  • My arachnophobia is dissapear from my mind by your videos, now im not afraid again with jumping spiders -w-

    Fein_ AlchemistFein_ AlchemistMånad sedan
  • As an aracnaphobe I enjoy researching tarantulas wayyy too much and I'd even like to keep an arizona blonde... my boyfriend had a tarantula in the past so it would be a good deal considering I wouldn't have to touch it 😂 but they are so beautiful and calm, I think I could manage.

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  • So cool love watching your vids

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  • The enclosure looks breathtaking, STUNNING! I'm taking it slow with just one for now but maybe I'll be expanding the family in the future : )

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  • Spiders are awesome.. just dont eat my finger.

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  • arizonas are such cute babies i love them so much...

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  • Beautiful girl! The only downside of A. chalcodes is that they take forevvvvvvveeerrrrr to grow.

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  • Day 2 of asking for an update on pissy's boyfriend

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  • Hey would anyone be able to tell where I can get a gorgeous tarantula like this please ? 😢😊

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  • When he said, "4-5 inches isn't that big" 😔

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  • Not gonna Lie I saw a Big BIG tarantula and It Was My First Time and i Was Scared To Death its Because i Have Arachnophobia and i Believe The Spider Was Named Heteropoda cyperusiria And yes Im From Philippines

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  • Where do you get these amazing enclosures? The closest thing I found was on jamies tarantulas and they're stupid expensive.

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  • I can remember when you found that, you literally just found it out because it wasn’t just the skull you found also yeah was about a year ago now

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  • We just got an Arizona Blond sling about a month ago, but he still won't eat. I'm not too worried though, he looks like an overfed tick. Hoping he's close to molting soon! 🤞🤞

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  • You only see it for a moment but Exotic has a library of spiders sitting on his shelves around this room. It’s truly amazing

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  • My first two tarantulas were Arizona Blondes! They are the best for beginners! Super docile, hearty, and just chill AF! They’re teddy bears! Nothing can go wrong! I was handling mine when I was like 11! ❤️

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  • I have a juve Arizona Blonde named Odin 🥰 love him

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