How Fast do Roaches Detect Food ??? [BONUS VIDEO]

2 apr 2021
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  • That is damn disgusting

    Leshawn CorbinLeshawn Corbin35 minuter sedan
  • Is there a phobia where u get creeped out cause they all just start coming out

    Jay MaxwellJay MaxwellTimme sedan
  • *him being entertained and fascinated by feeding his roaches* *me wondering why he even has a box of roaches*

    Maca rondaMaca rondaTimme sedan
  • How do you just store roaches in ur house? Absolutely no way!!!!!!

    King of KixxKing of Kixx2 timmar sedan
  • They aren’t actually detecting foods. They have learned that when they hear a grain like noise, the owner has left a food. If this is outside controlled environment, they will not detect new food as fast as this. This is only in a controlled environment where these roaches know they are been fed. Learning and detecting are completely unrelated

    Victor GoldVictor Gold2 timmar sedan

    Jessica SimsJessica Sims2 timmar sedan
  • I think it's funny how much people hate bugs as a lover of them myself, to me this is just a funny box of beetles and I want to put my hand in there too haha. I will say it's impressive how it looks when they all come out to eat! So many...

    RobBoyBlunderRobBoyBlunder3 timmar sedan
  • Drove to Spain with mom and her Boyfriend, slept at his friends house and god... The guy had double the roaches that are in that box.... No, he didn’t have roach pets... he had Spanish roach infestation....

    Romantic SecretRomantic Secret3 timmar sedan
  • Damn when they are crawling over each other , good quality same

    Galazy StarlightGalazy Starlight4 timmar sedan
  • This video is completely redundant, it’s called feeding time. How fast could you “detect” food if you were trapped in a box? Reminds me of the movie “platform”...

    Jedi Doom kickJedi Doom kick4 timmar sedan
  • Why da hell you have a creation of roaches

    B_TibaB_Tiba5 timmar sedan
  • that’s not awesome , that’s fucking nasty 🤮

    ploffyploffy6 timmar sedan

    KarenKaren6 timmar sedan
  • Every Rochas in The Colony:FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Aida galvanAida galvan7 timmar sedan
  • Must be good food. Mine only like carrots

    Reptiles, Fish, and MoreReptiles, Fish, and More9 timmar sedan
  • That's disgusting

    Felipe Esteves OliveiraFelipe Esteves Oliveira9 timmar sedan
  • Wall-e would be happy

    Darkstar_diyDarkstar_diy10 timmar sedan
  • What are u feeding them

    Gafa AbbottGafa Abbott10 timmar sedan
  • If i ever saw that raid wouldve been sold out-

    Private armadaPrivate armada11 timmar sedan
  • 2:31 brah you nasty

  • Dont do that again

    WrldDarkWrldDark12 timmar sedan
  • 2:34 Dang dude........

    Md AlmasMd Almas13 timmar sedan
  • Do people raise bugs so they can feed birds?

    Alessandro UgarteAlessandro Ugarte14 timmar sedan

    socom9710socom971014 timmar sedan
  • The sound got them moving!

    David PerezDavid Perez14 timmar sedan
  • this just got to my recommendation

    jherald taboadajherald taboada16 timmar sedan
  • Strolling see video about how fast roaches detect food fully aware I'm gonna get an extreme case of the heebie jeebies!😳😳😳😬 Why do I click anyway?🙄

    Lakiela ManningLakiela Manning17 timmar sedan
  • Yeeeeeeeergghhhh Burn them all! Burn them all!!!

    Yuuta KazukiYuuta Kazuki17 timmar sedan
  • you know what, good for them, getting a snack

    S.C. WoodS.C. Wood17 timmar sedan
  • you're charming but that was gross 🤢🤮

    Nuzhat SilvaNuzhat Silva18 timmar sedan
  • 2:34 😐😑 WHAT.. EW... WHY DO I WATCH THIS

    Slime ballSlime ball20 timmar sedan
  • Thank you for this, honestly brought back great memories for me! Made me miss my roach colony, made me miss my reptile room and all my babies. Thank you.

    Hope YanceyHope Yancey20 timmar sedan
  • I can’t look away

    fishyfishy22 timmar sedan
  • 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    criminal Smilingcriminal Smiling22 timmar sedan
  • Congratulation Everyone. You recomendation would change like this

    Ins Ch.Ins Ch.22 timmar sedan
  • I died of laughter when he said:if you don’t want roaches in your room don’t eat your room…

    Natalie ANatalie A22 timmar sedan

    Real LifeReal Life22 timmar sedan
  • I really appreciate the fact that you basically "Grow" your own roaches for your spiders, even if I get the heebie jeebies watching this lol.

    alana andersonalana anderson23 timmar sedan
  • This might be a dumb question but how do roaches take in water?

    Ashlynn NashAshlynn Nash23 timmar sedan
  • this guy is touching a roach like nothing. :|

    EgyriaEgyria23 timmar sedan
  • What do you feed them?

    Amanda JonesAmanda JonesDag sedan
  • Burn it. All of it.

    TojoTojoDag sedan
  • Where you get your pumpkin seeds?

    A JA JDag sedan
  • What kind of Cockroaches do you feed your Tarantulas?

    Suzannah RogersSuzannah RogersDag sedan
  • Why am i torturing myself watching this 😂

    noname nononame noDag sedan
  • Why

    Kiara BKiara BDag sedan
  • It’s cool but if I owned them that would be impossible I have a fear of some bugs :

    palmershire88palmershire88Dag sedan
  • Reminds me of the movie Kong with all the bugs coming out of the walls. Horrifying.

    Vhailor MithrasVhailor MithrasDag sedan
  • i bet you 500K he's an Australian

    Master OogwayMaster OogwayDag sedan
  • ....this fucking guy is a boss

    JohnnyLane EntertainmentJohnnyLane EntertainmentDag sedan
  • Why am I not getting chilles

    Trav dogTrav dogDag sedan
  • I think roaches are the only thing that creep me tf out. The way they run and how fast those little shits are. Jeeeeez.

    BigBuddhaBigBuddhaDag sedan
  • **don't eat your room**

    AIAIDag sedan
  • Pour gasoline and burn that shit fuck that bro you are crazy lol

    Elmafusa69Elmafusa69Dag sedan
  • me "at the beginning":- O-Ok there are not ma-ny nothing to fear-. me "after putting food":-😳😳😳😳 "F**k Shit I am out"

    Sayan MullickSayan MullickDag sedan
  • I dont know how he can touch them, I would cut my hand off and burn the house lol.

  • Ewwwww but wow

    ddshs Msnsjsjsddshs MsnsjsjsDag sedan
  • I’m just wondering how he touched those

    Infected CandyInfected CandyDag sedan
  • If I were at your house I would kill all the spiders and all the roaches you have

    Avakin Goth QueenAvakin Goth QueenDag sedan
  • Why do they kinda look cute though ✨

    AustinVice •V3AustinVice •V3Dag sedan
  • OMFG

    Jerron SmithJerron SmithDag sedan
  • If they come running that fast the roach-food must be good c:

    Nana loves youNana loves youDag sedan
  • Now how do we get rid of them....

    GodGanji's TreeOfLifeGodGanji's TreeOfLifeDag sedan
  • I'm feeling something on my body

    Giacomo BacilieriGiacomo BacilieriDag sedan
  • I hate cockroaches 😭 *watching this video*

    danialbinnordindanialbinnordinDag sedan
  • Panic buying.

    Let’s game the fuck out :DLet’s game the fuck out :DDag sedan
  • I've enjoyed breeding my own roaches and superworms to feed to my reptiles

    BiG AlBiG AlDag sedan
  • Are you growing a bunch of insects, just to feed the spiders???

    Richard CastroRichard CastroDag sedan
  • What kind of food are you giving them?

    timmy olssontimmy olssonDag sedan
  • You have a real problem you should buy some raid. jk I know this is a controlled, farm? Is farm the right word?

  • My skin is crawling like crazy

    Perkaholic 02Perkaholic 02Dag sedan
  • Wow crazy 🤯

    Kitana KhanKitana KhanDag sedan
  • How about how fast do roaches react to poison? Lol.

    NumeroDezNumeroDezDag sedan
  • My cat detects faster

    Eman AshaariEman AshaariDag sedan
  • Everyone’s all freaked that he’s touching the roaches like they aren’t just a bunch of herbivorous feeding insects. That’s just what they do, they aren’t hurting anyone.

    Nolan MissigmanNolan MissigmanDag sedan
  • Nice haha😄👌🌟

    Hanna LindströmHanna LindströmDag sedan
  • What do you feed them?

    SR SmallerzSR Smallerz2 dagar sedan
  • I really want the bucket to fall over. For a good Laugh

    U_just_lost_dogU_just_lost_dog2 dagar sedan
  • Me after watching this video: "Bring forth the flamethrower!"

    FlyingPaladinFlyingPaladin2 dagar sedan
  • My heart rate while watching this : 📈📈📈📈📈 Me: I'd rather die that having that many cockroaches in my house 👁️👄👁️

    Stef Kelly JavellanaStef Kelly Javellana2 dagar sedan
  • I have the urge to buy a flamethrower and burn them all to ashes

    AceAce2 dagar sedan
  • If my girl cheats I know what to leave behind for her

    unforgettableunforgettable2 dagar sedan
  • Shee sheesh

    Sofia BenitezSofia Benitez2 dagar sedan
  • Awww they're so adorable

    SlipperyBomb_ SSlipperyBomb_ S2 dagar sedan
  • When he scooped up the roaches I screamed out “ OH FUCK NO” 🤢 I can’t even look at one in person without the urge to smash it more than to grab a handful

    Breezy _nukeBreezy _nuke2 dagar sedan
  • "Don't eat your room" lol that mad me laugh.

    Luna the blue wolf furry. OwOLuna the blue wolf furry. OwO2 dagar sedan
  • No food? They will eat eachother *literally*

    The DORUKThe DORUK2 dagar sedan
  • Ok. I have a few. How to get rid of them?? Right now I do raid and borax

    Adeline NicholasAdeline Nicholas2 dagar sedan
  • Kill it with fire!

    Lick my booty Squeaky cleanLick my booty Squeaky clean2 dagar sedan
  • Hey Exotic Lairs I need your help. Can you tell me what brand of food would you recommend for a red knee spider. Thx

    XChazePlayzXXChazePlayzX2 dagar sedan
  • Omg you keep those as pets! Disgusting!!

    Ashley LangstonAshley Langston2 dagar sedan
  • This reminds me of a girl i once met in tinder... You dont wanna know the story. Trust me.

    The Voice KingThe Voice King2 dagar sedan
  • This didn't look that bad until that one prick stretched its wings and I realised they all look the same.

    ZyndrisZyndris2 dagar sedan
  • “Don’t eat your room”

    May & Soder’s StuffMay & Soder’s Stuff2 dagar sedan
  • Why dont they eat pumpkin seeds?

    Xen XanderXen Xander2 dagar sedan
  • Burn it allllll

    Gregory Pickrom Jr.Gregory Pickrom Jr.2 dagar sedan
  • Eeeewwww the sound of them moving around 🤢🤮🤢

    stephanie elliottstephanie elliott2 dagar sedan
  • Fuckkkkk nooooo!! Scooping those roaches like that , it make me squirm in a horrible way. Btw super awsome the colony u have 👍😀.

    Veronica VazquezVeronica Vazquez2 dagar sedan
  • 3 words: BALLS OF STEEL 2:36

    RubixRubix2 dagar sedan
  • Para que crías esos bichos?

    Luis z28Luis z282 dagar sedan