Cousin OVERCOMES (kinda) FEAR of SPIDERS before flying back to England ~ IT TOUCHED ME !!!

5 jan 2020
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Aaaayy what’s goin’ on guys..
Remember the video when my cousin held Hera my Leopard Gecko? Man, after overcoming that fear, he said he wanted to bring her back to England with him. Well, today, with the help of our favourite Arizona Blonde, he’ll be attempting to overcome his Arachnophobia. He was not forced to do this; Part of him was terrified, of course.. but another part of him wanted to do this. My cousin flew down from England for a visit, and not being exposed to such animals where he’s at, this will be a never-forgotten experience for him.
Oh yeah, this video was actually filmed right after he held Hera, so you may see Hera in this video as well. Yeah, I know the videos are pretty far apart, but that’s just me - I edit whichever video I feel like editing first. There will be a snake version of this, too. He’s already back in England at the time I’m editing this video.
** This video was made purely for educational and entertainment purposes only.
Cousin OVERCOMES (kinda) FEAR of LIZARDS before flying back to England ~ Aaaahhh OMGG !!!
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