Told my FRIEND to REHOUSE one of my TARANTULA ~ His first time LOL !!!

16 aug 2020
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Time to do a little twist to a rehousing video!
This time, we’ve got my friend who hasn’t had experience with any tarantula before.. to rehouse one of mine. Fortunately for him, I’m being kind enough to give him some new worlds :P (Grammostola pulchra - Brazilian Black).
** This video was made purely for educational and entertainment purposes only.
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  • Imagine if exotic lair like this and comment it will be DA most happiest day of mah life

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    • Exotics Lair if u see this hi have a nice day bro ❤️❤️

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    • @Exotics Lair is this your alt account?

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  • If you watch he put the tongs under her butt and scooped her out. Poor girl 😬

    Dark EmpressDark Empress4 dagar sedan
  • That translated to yep this grandma stole a porteri

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  • Imagine some dude tries to rob Exotics and then he opens one of the enclosures searching it.

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  • I alway have wondered if you have been bitten. My ex boyfriend got bit by his rose hair. I think he made it seem worse than it was. I guess I hopefully will never know!

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  • Pretty sure if you let him do it alone, either he gets bitten or harms the tarantula.

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  • Exotic’s friend:GET UR ASS IN BOI. Tarantula:that me booty

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  • That door is held shut with two tiny magnets. Imagine going to get a milk at night and bumping into it and the door opens D:

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  • You could tell he was scared coz he was annoying me.

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  • no Layan AI-Mdallal the obt would be the scariest!!!!!!

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  • this channel helps with my fear of spiders but I still don't like them

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  • Sure hope ur friend isn’t getting into owning tarantulas.

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  • Me: *scared of a mini spider* Him: *housing a dangerous tarantula*

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  • WOW imagine holding that pair of legendary tongs

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  • his friend: get ur fat a** in there the youtuber:*chuckles* next min later the youtuber:get the uhm water dish his friend: ok where the youtuber:at the right his friend: here? the youtuber: do u even know the left and the right (his friend gets water dish) the youtuber: im gonna have to censor ur u know *butt* me:uhhhh lol fans: hahahahahahahaha

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  • I love how much you care about the Ts 🥺

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  • and one day i will buy all your merchandise :> sorry if you think it wreid :{

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  • imaging exoctic lair subcribing to you back!?!?!? i would cry i have being watching your conent for (2 i think years!!) :) i have always wanted a spider but my dad says no bc my brothers are scared of them :{

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  • Im Inspired By You Exotics Lair,I'm planning On having Tarantulas,Im still low in budget,Thanks For Inspiring me #ExoticsLair

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  • Meanwhile you have me over here like why can’t T’s be more cuddly. 😭 why must they be so cute but simultaneously a hands-off pet? You CAN handle them of course ...but they don’t really get anything out of the experience but stress which kinda makes me sad.

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    • But then it left the moment the power came on back.

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    • Same :D I once saw a tiny wincey spider I told my mum he ran away so I was scared if I will eat him at night in my sleep so I slept in my mums room 😂😂 until my teacher said:did you know u swallow spiders in ur sleep without noticing

      • Todoroki Vibes •• Todoroki Vibes •2 månader sedan
    • Same

      • Todoroki Vibes •• Todoroki Vibes •2 månader sedan
  • Bruh, idk how they walk around bare foot in a room full of old worlds, scorpions, and other animals. While rehousing a T.

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  • It's easier to use on hard plastic straw where the little bit of a bigger cup I used to do demonstration shows in high school and I will use sometimes a Starbucks cup and I would poke holes in it and just scooping in there nice and gently and I would use the 7-Eleven big gulps Goliath bird eaters all three of them were giants I called one big red the problem with your friend is that give him the right tools a guy that that nervous I would give him gloves for there are decating hair that's just my opinion you have any excellent collection keep up the great work tell your friend to man up there just tarantulas

    505ZOMBI MMA505ZOMBI MMA2 månader sedan
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  • I would have gone with a B smith--i or a Chilean Rose Hair I used to own 49 species of tarantulas my favorite was the Goliath birdeater I had three of them going to Central America I had to give up the hobby I sold them to a pet store I wouldn't call it I sold it them I practically gave him my whole collection for 240 bucks to this day I missed a hobby but I love these SEworld channels keep up the great work please subscribe to my channel if you can thank you very much

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