Time to TRIGGER Petko @ The Dark Den ~ [TARANTULA skull mode: ON]

15 jul 2020
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For those who watched Petko's video this week (at the time of this upload), you'll know that he despises fake plants and human skulls in tarantula enclosures. With that, I've decided to rehouse my Aphonopelma caniceps (Mexican Black Velvet) into an enclosure with BOTH of those exactly :D
** This video was made purely for educational and entertainment purposes only.
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  • *triggered* 1/10 because you also hit your tarantula at 4:20

    The Dark DenThe Dark Den3 månader sedan
    • @maxtinos l75 Nah for my opinion Exotics is better

      Aiden T.Aiden T.Månad sedan
    • D:

      LynXLynXMånad sedan
    • He didn't hit the t he was gesturing above it and she just moves when he did because of the air that came off his hand. It is just like when Ms. Thailand black would go threat posture when he was doing the watering videos. This man would NEVER purposely hurt ANY of his pets EVER! The way he treats his tarantulas has made me less afraid of these gorgeous creatures. You are an idiot to even think that he would hit her.

      Jamie DavisJamie Davis2 månader sedan
    • @The Dark Den He didnt hit it but he got close which startled the tarantula a bit

      Smauel SepberrySmauel Sepberry2 månader sedan
    • The Dark Den EXOTIC LAIR

      Lightning FlashLightning Flash2 månader sedan
  • @petkobad @petkoisdangerousforanimals

    hollie thrasherhollie thrasherMånad sedan
  • so idiotic video xd it sounds like u are not viewed enough and need some clickbait from better channels like the dark den. just an opnion bruh dont get triggered

    Manolo Martos UreñaManolo Martos UreñaMånad sedan
  • Petko reacted to this ;w:

    danny Rutzdanny RutzMånad sedan
  • Human skulls are just so cliché. "oh look at my dangerous spider" stuff. Natural enclosures also don't look as extreme and get arachnophobes more into the fascination in my experience than pseudo dangerous T's

    Reb elReb elMånad sedan
  • U id ot

    AppleplayzAppleplayzMånad sedan
  • My parents won’t let me get a 🕷😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    C9 AidenC9 AidenMånad sedan
    • LST_ Aiden Omg sane there like oh heck no I hate spider I’m crying rn I feel the same way

      Squished squidSquished squidMånad sedan
  • I’m under the water help me...

    auxiauxiMånad sedan
    • 7xT Woki what

      Squished squidSquished squidMånad sedan
  • Are you that uncle ??????😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

    Ishaan SinghIshaan Singh2 månader sedan
  • Mission accomplished

    Magic StrikeMagic Strike2 månader sedan
  • The most epic rivalry in history!!

    Laura BLaura B2 månader sedan
  • All of your tarantulas are females.

    Mr. LizzieMr. Lizzie2 månader sedan
  • lol saw the dark den watching this video he was like saying why ya doing hand action!🤣

    Lightning FlashLightning Flash2 månader sedan
  • Not nice

    Debra StoneDebra Stone2 månader sedan
  • This guy is bad

    gaming 5gaming 52 månader sedan
  • The dislikes are from people who are haters of spider How much haters 👇

    pro fileツpro fileツ2 månader sedan
  • Your dak

    Cindy RamirezCindy Ramirez2 månader sedan
  • I didnt see him in ANY way to be triggered i only saw him go in the skull?

    Michael HayesMichael Hayes2 månader sedan
  • Hey Exotics Lair do you recommend a Brachypelma Hamorii and a Ceratogyrus Meridionalis for a 2nd time Tarantula's

    Johanne SaysonJohanne Sayson2 månader sedan
  • Where did you got the enclosure from?????? (The ones whit the wooden lid)

    Sander PoolSander Pool2 månader sedan
  • Id have to agree human platic skulls are a no no i perfer real ones

    mike from wockhardtmike from wockhardt2 månader sedan
  • I like ur vids and the spiders and ive been watching u for 3 years

    dude willingdude willing2 månader sedan
  • I can tell you did it for fun.

    Kanefan701Kanefan7012 månader sedan
  • 0:23 confirmed male 0:24 *HER*

    A NameA Name3 månader sedan
  • Exotic Lair: favoriting every comment Me:*Doesn't get any commens that are favorited* It's showtime

    butter flybutter fly3 månader sedan
  • after targeting my favorite tarantula youtuber i had to unfollow petko is literally one of the kindest tarantula tubers on the planet and for you to target him like that nah you dont deserve my sub

    B1G N8B1G N83 månader sedan
  • Sorry if I'm dumb but why does everyone call him petko ?

    Kadence OliviaKadence Olivia3 månader sedan
  • Exotic lair do u ever name your pets???

    Jaiden LynJaiden Lyn3 månader sedan
  • Making fun of someone ? yea ur a loner in real life

    Smoke OnESmoke OnE3 månader sedan
    • Are you being for real?

      Popcorn FungusPopcorn Fungus2 månader sedan
  • you suck for doing this

    Pieter OrbanPieter Orban3 månader sedan
  • Its not funny when you make fun of the god of tarantulas.

    Auden GustafsonAuden Gustafson3 månader sedan
  • One of the most juvenile videos I’ve ever seen, why not just make your videos the way you make them and stop pushing hate to get viewers.

    The GoochThe Gooch3 månader sedan
  • Out of the 2 channels I prefer this one.

    Jess WolfeJess Wolfe3 månader sedan
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: WEAK!

    FireoftheGreeksFireoftheGreeks3 månader sedan
  • For me... You and other SEworld who raised spiders should share and make peace. Exotic Lair and Dark Den got good spiders as well... don’t forget about Tyler Nolan and Chandler Wildlife are close friends... they are awesome so you both should see each other and help each other for raise the rate of youtube fans

    Jon SheffieldJon Sheffield3 månader sedan
  • Me: Dark Den is 100% better then exotics lair Everyone: tf exotics lair whats with that accent

    Barney the DinosaurBarney the Dinosaur3 månader sedan
  • I'll give it a 5 star:D

    mekhi tezmekhi tez3 månader sedan
  • Whhy is the playlist of his rehousing videos private?

    Wizards HDWizards HD3 månader sedan
  • Now you two both funny ppl - you should meet some time

    Olga LitvinskyOlga Litvinsky3 månader sedan
  • I like the dark den much more. To me it seems Petko really cares for his creatures and is not making a show only to get more clicks. He seems to think about how to handle his pets the best way for them, even if you can't see the T proberly, ... instead of dramatically doing stuff only for the fun of the viewers. Petko seems to be straight, honest and authentic. Exotics lair seems to be thinking about entertainment more often. While Petko is sad about the males getting caught while “habba habba time“ exotics lair seems to push it forward, as it gives more clicks, ... I like the different Ts on exotic lairs channel. But I like Petkos behaviour much more. (Sorry, my english is bad)

    Patricia W.Patricia W.3 månader sedan
    • While i do not agree with that opinion, i respect it, i mean.... we all have different opinions.

      RandomCitizen 420RandomCitizen 4203 månader sedan
  • I really prefer watching you Exotic. Petko is weird I dont like watching them

    • Miika Chan •• Miika Chan •3 månader sedan
    • That’s your opinion, i do like watching Exotics Lair more but Dark Den is more professional and educated, Exotics is the chill and fun dude, smart but still naive and unexperienced, so Petko is not weird, he just doesn’t suit your taste but whatever.

      RandomCitizen 420RandomCitizen 4203 månader sedan
  • i love your rehouses

    Robynlea SaiterRobynlea Saiter3 månader sedan
  • Never thought you were enemies. Also you both got me into the hobby

    Atago1337Atago13373 månader sedan
  • 3:40 Dude I don't think it's a rock, I think it's a old piece of Wale Vomit.

    Vorsichtig FreundlichVorsichtig Freundlich3 månader sedan
  • People so triggered in the comments. Lmao like you can have preferences in favorite tarantula SEworldrs but no need to bash on ones you don't like. Chill

    Kelsey PlagmanKelsey Plagman3 månader sedan
  • I thought he was talking about the store 😅

    W. BKSW. BKS3 månader sedan
  • hahha this was golden

    Veretikus KojiroVeretikus Kojiro3 månader sedan

    FaithPlayzRoblox YT and TTFaithPlayzRoblox YT and TT3 månader sedan
  • The start was so cringe

    relaxing guy t.b.crelaxing guy t.b.c3 månader sedan
  • Ich bin deutsch und komme aus Amerika

    The BeastThe Beast3 månader sedan
  • Why is every comment 5 days ago

    SimplyPlaysSimplyPlays3 månader sedan
  • ooh so this is what the dark den has been talking about in his latest video because he can't respond since his first ever tarantula, sasha, died. For everyone this guys are friends and just joking around just like what guy friends usually do so please no hate on petko he's the main tarantula channel that I watch next to mr.hand here, real EL fans know that the dark den is this channel's inspiration...

    dark king severusdark king severus3 månader sedan
  • I like you both dark den and exotics lair 💕 you took my spider panic away! Also I like tarantula kat, if she accidentally reads it :D

    Franziska MarieFranziska Marie3 månader sedan
  • POV your waiting for petco to comment

    Danika BrooksDanika Brooks3 månader sedan
  • Hey Exotics Lair quick question, where do you get your custom made enclosures (question mark) i dont have the question mark key but i thought they looked very coool, i thought it would look cool for my L.P

    Азамат ЦароевАзамат Цароев3 månader sedan
  • 'This is a live plant ..which is dead' sent me

    beepboopbeepboop3 månader sedan
  • So wait does Petko use real human skulls for his spider enclosures? 🤔

    JasonixelJasonixel3 månader sedan
  • Why not keep p metallica

    arachno planetarachno planet3 månader sedan
  • wheres pissy?

    Tom AshbyTom Ashby3 månader sedan
  • Petco petco petco always says it

    jaydenloopie 123jaydenloopie 1233 månader sedan
  • This is not a cringe video...nooooooooo

    Dragan PreradovicDragan Preradovic3 månader sedan
  • how long do you need to change the substrate in all terrariums?

    DeseshrDeseshr3 månader sedan
  • I love your Tarantula Room ❤️

    Creature DomesCreature Domes3 månader sedan
  • I love you

    flymommysteph potterflymommysteph potter3 månader sedan
    • Thanks 👍

      Creature DomesCreature Domes3 månader sedan
  • He records with a iPhone and he has 2.2m subs? That’s craz

    HellcorexHellcorex3 månader sedan
    • Haha yeah I know

      Creature DomesCreature Domes3 månader sedan
  • oh and by the way what did you do about the rat that laid the pinkys ?

    ImNotPoorImBrokeImNotPoorImBroke3 månader sedan
  • What happened to your trap door spider?

    grandanugrandanu3 månader sedan
    • Yeah I loved the Trap Door spider 🕷

      Creature DomesCreature Domes3 månader sedan
  • Buat vids banyak lagi pasal pissy! btw I really love ur videos!

    Alpha zenAlpha zen3 månader sedan
  • Wait wait wait where the heck do u get the spiders

    Squished squidSquished squid3 månader sedan
  • can you make a video with pissy

    world off music the music productionworld off music the music production3 månader sedan
  • Heart me please ❤️ I always watching ur video I dunno why😂 is it bcoz I enjoyed watching all of ur videos even though I hate spider hahahaha...

    cheL BalanguecheL Balangue3 månader sedan
    • @Creature Domes ohhhhhhhh thank you😊❤️

      cheL BalanguecheL Balangue3 månader sedan
    • ❤️

      Creature DomesCreature Domes3 månader sedan
  • Can you do a feeding all my pets video pls

    Jadens PetsJadens Pets3 månader sedan
  • "Hey hey" was that the newest intro

    Siam Gamer Show BOYSiam Gamer Show BOY3 månader sedan
    • Because we never heard it LOL I JUST DID A PUN.

      Siam Gamer Show BOYSiam Gamer Show BOY3 månader sedan
  • I don't know why but I think Exotics lair is Asian

    Astro_ HunterAstro_ Hunter3 månader sedan
    • @AAA Tree How do you know that 😂😂 ??

      Astro_ HunterAstro_ Hunter3 månader sedan
  • Hi

    Jacqueline BarnesJacqueline Barnes3 månader sedan
  • After watching a spooky video and came here to relax

    Francis SomolostroFrancis Somolostro3 månader sedan
  • 5:03 Hahahahahahaahahahahaaa

    Gideon ChongGideon Chong3 månader sedan
  • Honestly just a great video :D

    lewis wardlewis ward3 månader sedan
  • :D

    X LiX Li3 månader sedan
  • Amazing enclosures! I rate it 10 out of 10!

    X LiX Li3 månader sedan
  • Get a pet praying mantis

    Reinaldo CapariñoReinaldo Capariño3 månader sedan
  • So um... it's been a year since I watched this guy and I'm back Does he still have superworms¿

    Orhan IOrhan I3 månader sedan
  • I get my chinchillas food at Petco

    ThanosThanos3 månader sedan
  • Will you do another video with jaxon the hedgehog

    E E PE E P3 månader sedan
  • facecam????????

    Nate RockNate Rock3 månader sedan
  • lol this made me laugh. I hope you guys are good friends at the end.XD i love dark den, exotic lairs, and tarantula kat. without you guys i wouldnt know how intersting not just mammals, reptiles, amphibians, or fish are but also insects!

    Phoenix hatterPhoenix hatter3 månader sedan
  • I want a tarantula what do you think is the best beginner one?

    リア-leahリア-leah3 månader sedan
  • My red knee turantula flantens it self on ground and i dont know what its doing?

    yes sistersyes sisters3 månader sedan
  • Hi, I got a bearded dragon a month ago and I feel like I might be doing something wrong. Can you please help me?

    Ariana LepeAriana Lepe3 månader sedan
  • why you dont use real human skulls? ;)

    The New TasatThe New Tasat3 månader sedan
  • Iv been a fan of you for a fuw years and your better.

    Snakee PlayZSnakee PlayZ3 månader sedan
  • Who is going to get a Tarantula I know I am comment if you are to 👇🏿

    Vigilante74 GonzalezVigilante74 Gonzalez3 månader sedan
  • No one: Petko: *would prefer a real human skull*

    Ivan RenićIvan Renić3 månader sedan
  • The fact that the chat color on Facebook Messenger between Exoticslair and Petko is pink does means something xD

    Ay KatherynAy Katheryn3 månader sedan
  • I live in the desert well like 5 yards from desert and found a tarantula this channel taught me not to fear them i picked it up without any hesitation and didnt get bit

    Isaiah VargasIsaiah Vargas3 månader sedan
  • Exotics lair how do u remember all of ur pets names

    Adri MelgozaAdri Melgoza3 månader sedan
  • Your dad si youtuber to like to men

    John Philip 24John Philip 243 månader sedan
  • I love the human skull!!! Petko should be happy it’s not a REAL skull lol

    Cindy CostelloCindy Costello3 månader sedan
  • Update to your lasiodora pahybana plss

    Rebecca condolRebecca condol3 månader sedan
  • Exotic im thinking about getting a tarantula of my own and watching it grow from slong to adult and I want a brachypelma vagan and I wanted to know what I can do to make sure my new tarantula has a good encloser until I have to rehouse it and i wana know what u think I should do and how I should go about it also i really love ur videos and I always watch them and because of u I am now interested in getting my own tarantula

    MortiisXTVMortiisXTV3 månader sedan