I used MOM’s HAIR DRYER to HEAT up my ANGRY SNAKE’s MOUSE !!! ~ Feeding Pissy, my wannabe "Cobra" ..

1 jan 2020
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Just a quick disclaimer..
This video does contain footage of my pet Hognose Snake (Pissy) being fed a frozen/thawed mouse. Such rodents have been bred and euthanized as feeders for snakes and other animals. There will not be any gory footage, but if you think you’ll feel uncomfortable watching such a video, you may click off now. Snakes have to eat too, and they were and will always be carnivorous, so as keepers, we have to provide them meals as such.
** This video was made purely for educational and entertainment purposes only.
Pissy, my “Cobra” is still PISSED even after I gave him a hide !!! ~ UNGRATEFUL !!!
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  • Uses phone to record snake uses phone to record phone recording snake Me: just why Exotic: yes🙃 Edit: I GOT PINNED THANK YU SO MUCH😲

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    • I used the phone to record the phone

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    • @hollie thrasher *Y tho*

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    • @Safi’jivva Boi bruh stfu

      hollie thrasherhollie thrasherMånad sedan
    • @Safi’jivva Boi bruh stop

      hollie thrasherhollie thrasherMånad sedan
    • Safi’jivva Boi that is so hard to reas

      XxshadowdreamcookiewolfxX Cookies andchickennuggetsXxshadowdreamcookiewolfxX Cookies andchickennuggetsMånad sedan
  • she finish the blood maybe beacuse all snake love blood

    Rosemia DalandangRosemia Dalandang3 dagar sedan
  • who loves pissyyyyyyyy

    Christian RaymondChristian Raymond9 dagar sedan
  • Dude when you dropped the hair dryer I didn't expect it and I got scared

    Brendan BoicourtBrendan Boicourt10 dagar sedan
    • 🤣🤣🤣😋

      Brendan BoicourtBrendan Boicourt10 dagar sedan
  • Hey guys I’m a slow eater Pissy: drools drool drool

    Spencer HuiSpencer Hui12 dagar sedan
  • Slide the two sides of the bag with your finger and thumb to open the Ziploc super easy with one hand 👌

    unrealistic businessunrealistic business14 dagar sedan
  • Your pets are fascinating. Pissy is my favorite. I urge you to stop touching dead mice and then handling everything in your house. And maybe use gloves? Cross-contamination.

    Jason DanielsJason Daniels17 dagar sedan
  • pissy ate aspin too

    LUCKY 2 GAMERhLUCKY 2 GAMERh25 dagar sedan
  • 5:45 😂💀

    Matty and ReneeMatty and ReneeMånad sedan
  • when he dropped the hair drier he juat sung OO-OOH MAH GOD

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  • Put s a dead rat on a Louis Vuitton Box ..... very "Posh"

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  • His mom watching this video YOU WHAT

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  • U tach poopy

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  • yknow i dont like rats/mouses but the mouse looks kinda cute :>

    ShrimpShrimpMånad sedan

    Leo BellLeo BellMånad sedan
  • Pissy vs frozen mouse pissy: come here dead mouse bud Pissy realizing: oh he is dead eh I will eat him dead :)

    Mine CrafterMine CrafterMånad sedan
  • Que tarántula más rara, no tiene patas

    LucasLucasMånad sedan
  • I like that HIZZZZ SOUND 😃😃😃 pissy is totally UNIQUE

    Moon SarkarMoon SarkarMånad sedan
  • 'casualy flexing on louis vuitton box' me: oh... ok i guess... him: dosent car and saying worm water cooks it but uses hair dryer ??? and mantion it in title show more

    paulusi Letourneaupaulusi LetourneauMånad sedan
  • Sayyy hi to...PIssY thE pIssEd OfF SnAke!

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  • U squished the mouse thats why its leg is broken

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  • Do you have a second channel (u prob do :>)

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  • Pissy is my spirit animal lol

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  • Little grumpy scales :) love hognose though

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  • Pissy is that pokemon u catch and just dosent listen to you at all

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  • i see a pepsi can

    Sebastian DivinagraciaSebastian Divinagracia2 månader sedan
  • Seriously am I the only one who laughed when he dunked that mouse to the cup?

    Mizuki kunMizuki kun2 månader sedan
  • i love pissy

    Sam SwantonSam Swanton2 månader sedan
  • 5:13 *picks up pissys poop with bare hands Me: boi ever heard of gloves that's disgusting

    Riley VlogsRiley Vlogs2 månader sedan
  • 2:33 when dead meat touches warm water or hot water the bacteria is just gonna go bhsoojcndisrnfjsnr COVID-19: this is what I do to humans everyday!🤣

    Skepicron AlanSkepicron Alan2 månader sedan
  • I love how he just has a deep freezer full of rats and mice😂

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  • no more cussing

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  • Your parents hate you.

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  • Is no one gonna talk about the fact he has a Louis Vuitton box 😳

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  • I feel bad for the rats

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  • He pissed

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  • Pissy may be angry all the time be he’s ( She’s) the cutest snake ever

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  • Pissy: the cobra wannabe

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  • Thanks pissy you take to long

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  • eeeeeeeat

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  • I'm concerned on why you'd not use a poop-scooper

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  • Seeing you giving mouse and rats and cockroaches and crickets . I think I should change my diet

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  • What we hear: *pissy* What SEworld caption hear: *PC*

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  • Huh. You were in the toilet.

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  • Who's bin her before 5k subs

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  • I pissed off as fuck pissy u piss off as hell

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  • Pissy is always pissed off 24/8 (it's a joke I'm not really that dumb) Thank you Captain Obvious!

    Benjamin HortonBenjamin Horton3 månader sedan
  • This is basically the hognose snake version of Dude Perfect's Rage Monster

    Benjamin HortonBenjamin Horton3 månader sedan
  • 10%:Is tHat lOuis vUiTToN?

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  • Everyone loves pissy

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  • that snake is cute

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  • RIP

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  • You should feed your snakes live food

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  • 2:33 he do be flexing

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  • I'm going to assume this guy doesnt live in America, because we have those here.

    Dick BigglesDick Biggles3 månader sedan
  • Pissy reminds me of 2 of my Guinea pigs.. I show them love.. Feed them treats.. They are so ungrateful! All I want is an occasional cuddle and all I get is teeth chattering.. Basically their way of saying.. Leave the food and f**k off darlin 😑

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  • Did he seriously put pissies food on the luis vuitton box to flex?🤔

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  • Exotic: hi Pissy: ᴰᶦᵉ

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  • I don't care😎

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  • The first rat he chose for hissy looked like mine

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  • Exotic: toilet Me: BATHROOM Exotic: *toilet* Me: ITS BATHROOM Also me: explodes

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  • To get pissy

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  • I was supposed to call the Washington State and Washington DC which is District of Columbia

    XXXTENTACION lil babyXXXTENTACION lil baby3 månader sedan
  • It's not the Corbett slave no more it's a cobra

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  • PISSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • ur so cringy i like it exactly what i came here for cringe and turantulas and pissy but mainly for cringe and all the others but cringe lol idek what im saying

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  • Best part of the video 12:34

    Jankie SJankie S4 månader sedan
  • “I think this one will do *Throws on table*”

    Jankie SJankie S4 månader sedan
  • U forgot to put gone wrong gone sexual viewers discretion is advised

  • When he was shaking the mouse it looked like he was rockin out xD

    [•Question Whale•][•Question Whale•]4 månader sedan
  • cause I did not know u can't do warm...

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  • Is my snake gonna die?

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  • Is he venomous?

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  • pissy is always angry but it never bites, that's cute

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  • Exotic lair really flexing by putting the mouse on a Louis Vuitton box

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  • Kids actually say don’t post this because they don’t like seeing mice being eaten?? Bru are you Fr? They are pests and rodents and do nothing for the world y’all sum pussies yo, like the snake has to live to, there are way more mice in this world than snakes

    SleepySleepy4 månader sedan
  • You have a key to your freezer #flexing on all the haters

    Unknown. . .Unknown. . .4 månader sedan
  • Y w ouldnt u b a lit more sanitized wit the food? U throw it on any surface.

    Patsy DawesPatsy Dawes4 månader sedan
  • He got the LV box WET!!!

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  • 2:23 weird flex but ok:)

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  • Exotic lair: you have to calm down Pissy:no Exotic lair: okay..

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  • Ummmmmm... how much of that gets digested? And what... comes back out? Do they regurgitate?

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  • Is pissy venomus?

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  • Ya know how people saw '' don't get reptiles from pet stores I got a reptile from a pet store and he is doing fine

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  • Pissy wants to savior is food

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  • Pissy did nothing : Sitting there, think about Life.. Hahaha 😂

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  • Exotic: Don't put mouse in warm water, it cooks the mouse. Later: Procedes to cook the mouse with hair dryer. 🤔🙄🤔

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  • Pissy kinda scares me, ill stick to tarantulas and dogs..

    Random account with A rose profile picRandom account with A rose profile pic5 månader sedan
  • ○□○

    DeAngeloDeAngelo5 månader sedan
  • Pissy is just a Tsundere snake tbh.

    VentoDIOroVentoDIOro5 månader sedan
  • How many times a week should I feed my hognose

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  • If he not a cobra what is he

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  • U still still live with your mom and dad

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  • The flex tho

  • Had to show up that Louis Vuitton 😂

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