STOPPED feeding CRICKETS to my TARANTULAS !!! ~ I suggest you stop too.

14 jun 2020
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The video you’re about to watch was actually filmed a while back.
At the time of this recording, I did not know what was causing this tarantula to act as such.. but now I know. It’s been affected by some kind of parasite/bacteria in crickets. When fed with crickets, the parasite/bacteria is then transferred to the spider. After I found out, I’ve completely stayed away from crickets.
** This video was made purely for educational and entertainment purposes only.
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Amber Rose, Steph Peek, Jenny142.

  • When I was a kid, my mom told me never to hurt a cricket because they saved her dad in the army. She never told me the exact story but I've never killed or handled a cricket because of that. Everything you tell me about crickets makes me doubt my mom 😂

    MustardLadyAsmrMustardLadyAsmr10 dagar sedan
  • some people want to be smart but they just cannot figure it out,, so they make videos to document their tortured pets.

    Markus RenneliusMarkus Rennelius11 dagar sedan
  • Poor thing 😓

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  • The crickets want revenge! 😭

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  • Maybe this girl died

    ngoriakl olmetelelngoriakl olmetelel15 dagar sedan
  • Who is all your chain tool is OK because I’m a member your last video you sneak the good show Angela dog yeah almost close so I don’t I don’t know your address I know you like scorpions spiders and I like spiders to because my name is Brandon and I am my name my name is BJ so I’m at my grandmas house her name is Gan Gan so if you want to like when you’re trying to

    Brandon Sapp jrBrandon Sapp jr24 dagar sedan

    Tina SawyerTina Sawyer25 dagar sedan
  • i am so sorry this haponed to you i feel so sad

  • Why didnt u take it to the vet

    deano beanodeano beano28 dagar sedan
  • Impaction

    Melody TrotterMelody Trotter28 dagar sedan
  • Cricket has a parasite in them that is call hair worm :/

    mr crybabymr crybaby28 dagar sedan
  • Lol ,,,.

    Alonzo ErvinAlonzo Ervin29 dagar sedan
  • My toads are ok my 2 toads sorry

    Chilly BeanChilly Bean29 dagar sedan
  • Good thing I don't have crickets and pet spiders

    Banana AnanabBanana Ananab29 dagar sedan
  • I’m sorry with what’s happening to your tarantulas. Remember God is great. God loves you all. God loves us unconditionally. God is for us not against us✝️🙏🏻

    DLX- Doc1415DLX- Doc1415Månad sedan
  • A cricket who ate a chinese person who ate a bat... Think about it for a moment.

    Adriano CAdriano CMånad sedan
  • Maybe it’s a hairworm

    AUN YEE ZHE MoeAUN YEE ZHE MoeMånad sedan
  • Jeez your luck...

    Tee BanksyTee BanksyMånad sedan
  • My parents had a Rose Hair for over 20 years and all they fed her was crickets. Time to time we would cut up oranges and place them in her terrarium when we didn’t have crickets, and she would eat it. Never had this problem. She recently passed due to age but she never had any medical issues. Now I personally don’t like tarantulas but they are fascinating creatures to watch lol

    King G PlayboyKing G PlayboyMånad sedan
  • The cricket strikes back

    O ESPO ESPMånad sedan
  • Do a point from spider and rain kila

    indian wordsindian wordsMånad sedan
  • Depression for not being free is always number 1

    Ásgrímur EgilssonÁsgrímur EgilssonMånad sedan
  • It actually has dps my tarantula was like this so i went to the vet and it was dps

    Greninja GamingGreninja GamingMånad sedan
  • Crickets are fine for tarantulas you just need a good breeder, you most likely were getting from a bad breeder, that was just giving you crickets with parasites or sick ones.

    chloe woodschloe woodsMånad sedan
  • Man i found a parasite in one of mu crickets too luckily the parasite killed them before i fed them but one she actually ate now am scared if something happends to my tarantula from my research i found that the parasite makes crickets drown or even spider i hope everything will be ok 😥

    DrPain GamingDrPain GamingMånad sedan
  • I don't like spiders but I would give this little one a hug, it makes me so sad

    FranFranMånad sedan
  • Is this the same in UK? I'm guessing the standards are higher here but im not to sure

    David KristianDavid KristianMånad sedan
  • Crickets like: EXECUTE ORDER 66 :v

    Ovun 444Ovun 444Månad sedan
  • Stop moving ur hands like dat while interacting with tarantula, they feel the vibrations when you move your bed too, i see the water bouncing all time, all your videos like that, change the format of your videos and get a tripod pls

    pikodkcpikodkcMånad sedan
    • Please worry about your own spider channel thanks

      YoutuberYoutuberMånad sedan
    • They are fine, you Karen

      MoxxiiMoxxiiMånad sedan
  • It's on its deth bate

    Nerdling831Nerdling831Månad sedan
  • Where Did U Get The Crickets??

    Wolfie gamers Night howlersWolfie gamers Night howlersMånad sedan
  • Dude my t just did that

    Chris PowellChris PowellMånad sedan
    • Asian giant fawn sling gave a cricket then died

      Chris PowellChris PowellMånad sedan
  • She hast to eat good probably because she’s pregnant

    Yes NoYes NoMånad sedan
  • Actually everyone is wrong I know what’s going on with her she is just not eating well just eaten

    Yes NoYes NoMånad sedan
  • Crickets has a parasite who control them and the parasite is called a hair worm and they live in water so when they are eaten by crickets they control the crickets to go to the water so they can go back to theyhome

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  • Sad man

    vinay pandeyvinay pandeyMånad sedan
  • So basically shortly: The spider was apathetic

    ·Cookie Melon··Cookie Melon·Månad sedan
  • never thought I would feel bad for a tarantula

  • The bacteria or germ does not only effect the thing that eats the cricket but also the cricket itself if you look at the crickets more closely they will be lifting their back legs from the ground in a weird way and wont be able to move them but will still be alive for a short time.

    RandomazingRandomazingMånad sedan
    • paracites*

      RandomazingRandomazingMånad sedan
  • 100% chance of horsehair worm

    Primal Aspid HatchlingPrimal Aspid HatchlingMånad sedan
  • but that just might be her personality

    lasson blisslasson blissMånad sedan
  • I know this was uploaded a while ago but i have a pink toe and a blonde and I think my pink toe is more genial and docile

    lasson blisslasson blissMånad sedan
  • Umm actually the parasite that controls the Cricket is called "Horsehair worms", and Horsehair worms can transfer to other bugs that the crickets will eat then the The Larva that is inside the Cricket will eat every nutrions that the Cricket has and when the Larva is fully develop it will control the Crickets mind which will make the Crickets have an Oddly behavior or it will make the crickets not chirp..and then the Parasite that controls the Cricket will make the Cricket Go to a Pool or anything that is watery based and then the Adult Parasite will Burst out of the Crickets Hole and it will leave the Cricket Drowning in the pool..

    { Sumbie Tulip }{ Sumbie Tulip }Månad sedan
  • What about geckos

    Dogma 43Dogma 43Månad sedan
  • I have a pet cricket lolll

    Hellen FurtwänglerHellen FurtwänglerMånad sedan
  • Can bearded dragons be affected with this bacteria or would the cricket have to be dead for the parasite to do its thing

    Nathan GennaNathan GennaMånad sedan
  • ive had t's recover after moving them to an enclosure thats just a tub with some kitchen roll sheet substrate, kept dry to drought out any pesky bugs but then theres trying to keep your T hydrated standing as an issue, but if things are looking grim it cant hurt to try it. could always do a light mist on 1 corner each 24 hrs i geuss.

    love2roguelove2rogueMånad sedan
  • I think the ckekets are wild cout

    Kazan KunisakiKazan KunisakiMånad sedan
  • Crickets are the only thing my tarantula will eat

    Theo PaulTheo PaulMånad sedan
  • Seems like the crickets got karma

    Hyper sonicHyper sonicMånad sedan
  • You know the foul thing about crickets? People tried eating them saying that they have higher protein. FUCKING disgusting.

    DonnyDonnyMånad sedan
  • What happened to the tarantula?? Did it live or died??

    Jonathan BolivarJonathan BolivarMånad sedan
    • It died i think cause google said its almost fatal

      kkaebsong bbhkkaebsong bbhMånad sedan
  • Can you update us on this, is she ok now?

    James BlessingsJames BlessingsMånad sedan
  • yo if i saw a cricket i will hire jojo to come and let him do -MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MuDa!!!!!!!!

  • Stupid crickets coulve killed a spider poor poor spider

    Logan StocktonLogan StocktonMånad sedan
  • I do feed crickets to my T (soon to be T's), but only the ones i breed myself.

    Heidi TetriHeidi TetriMånad sedan
  • Maybe that cricket has carried Some sort of sickness or bacteria That’s affected your tarantula Am I right?

    •Naruto Uzamaki••Naruto Uzamaki•Månad sedan
    • Ofc cause crickets eats geckos

      kkaebsong bbhkkaebsong bbhMånad sedan
  • Had to stop feeding my Tenodera S. (Chinese Mantis) crickets too due to them getting sick from them, getting attacked by them, etc. Crickets are kinda scary man.

    Gil TalonGil TalonMånad sedan

    u Poosu PoosMånad sedan
  • My tarantula loves crickets I’ve stopped feeding her for this reason cause I saw this video my dad does feed her crickets that he’s able to catch outside

    P4ND4G1RLP4ND4G1RLMånad sedan
  • Your spider is dehydrated. Tarantulas go into a death curl when they are about to die or they are dying.

    I will slam u against A tableI will slam u against A tableMånad sedan
  • Maybe covid got to cricket's and now there infecting all of the spiders

    it's corona_time Espinoit's corona_time Espino2 månader sedan
  • Awww that poor tarantula

    HarvTheGamer GHarvTheGamer G2 månader sedan
  • I think you may rehouse her and change the substrates

    Jhonwen VillarinoJhonwen Villarino2 månader sedan
  • I fed my tarantula cricket and 1 week after that my tarantula die and the is a worm like root coming out inside it.

    Lord Cedrick N. MendiolaLord Cedrick N. Mendiola2 månader sedan
    • Did you get that cricket from the wild or a pet store?

      Edde799Edde799Månad sedan
    • I am pretty sure it's a hair worm parasite. They infect crickets, spiders, praying mantis, and I'm sure many other invertebrates. They will come out when near a water source, or when the host dies. I've witnessed this happen with a spider caught in a cup with the tiniest amount of water and the worm shot out. There are also .any videos of it happening to all above mentioned.

      Kat Castanares HaischKat Castanares Haisch2 månader sedan
  • its a hair parasite it goes in some kind of insect that gets eaten by crickets and then the parasite controls the crickets water then the parasite crawls out the spider and in the water

    brentmationbrentmation2 månader sedan
  • Meow

    Alex StewartAlex Stewart2 månader sedan
  • I've seen a video of someone killing a cricket and a parasite came out of the cricket it was disgusting possibly the parasite went into the spider if its that idk-

    Blueberry TomBlueberry Tom2 månader sedan
  • It may be the fact there in a small enclosure

    Pingoo The birdPingoo The bird2 månader sedan
    • No its not that tarantulas dont need big enclosures

      ItzKrypt1dItzKrypt1dMånad sedan
  • It’s the crickets

    Vincent leiVincent lei2 månader sedan
  • This same thing happened with my rainbow bearded dragon we fed her crickets and then she suddenly stopped eating she was acting perfectly healthy before but then she died.

    hxneybeehxneybee2 månader sedan
  • Watch my video on nematodes and maybe that stuff will work for ur T.s later cus its worked for all my issues. And move the T off substrate and use coffee filters in an ICU typa set up temporarily

    Sara JeanSara Jean2 månader sedan
  • oh no

    Kailee loves SansKailee loves Sans2 månader sedan
  • Should I not feed a smooth green snake crickets, BTW they only eat bugs

    Wiktor StankowskiWiktor Stankowski2 månader sedan
  • How has this guy not died, carrying rats, carrying Tarantualas, and Snakes?!

    Roland ConnollyRoland Connolly2 månader sedan
  • 🥺🥺

    Cheryl LauCheryl Lau2 månader sedan
  • They have covid

    Clint WinchesterClint Winchester2 månader sedan
  • My tarantula has been laying in the same position for over a day now. She is struggling to move but not curling up. What should I do?

    Damien GeeDamien Gee2 månader sedan
  • Do Mole Crickets count as an exception or not? I find those bastards getting too close to my potatoes.

    Reinhardt WilhelmReinhardt Wilhelm2 månader sedan
  • From what I've read DKS is mostly a misnomer. Usually DKS-like symptoms are caused by some sort of contamination. Some how, some chemical most likely got in. It could be several links removed, but its probably something both you and your friend have in common, ie substrate, food, or deco sources. Reason Im not thinking crickets, is poison would affect them too. I had this happen to me recently with a few spiders. I lost a B (true) smithi, and had 4 other slings looking like they were drunk. Also my A. chalcodes got hit by it haard. Everyone has recovered now, thank Spider Jesus! I traced it back to a flea treatment i gave my cat, the cat shed some hair, which must have floated into my substrate bucket. So rehousings became a game of Russian Roulette... Never use the flea treatment that you drip onto their neck!!!

    Spider KingSpider King2 månader sedan
  • Just like me I didn't know 😮🤔

    Gary PalmerinoGary Palmerino2 månader sedan
  • Gif a baby rat than she Gonna eat

    Daily bird post To enjoyDaily bird post To enjoy2 månader sedan
  • paradise was here for it but it gonna die now Rip her TwT

    Nab PiexesNab Piexes2 månader sedan
  • I personally think Crickets are scarier than roaches... so yay for me.

    Box MonsterBox Monster2 månader sedan
  • The cricket before it's death Ha I'm not falling alone!

    Dave NeryDave Nery2 månader sedan
  • The same thing happens to two of my mantises

    Luis Gutierrez MandujanoLuis Gutierrez Mandujano2 månader sedan
  • Maybe your tarantula have some hairworms on her body maybe she eat a cricket that have a hair worm and when hair worm will take over all of the brain system on your tarantula I found it while I'm watching some insect

    maowi punsmaowi puns2 månader sedan
  • Syndrom??

    Tarantula Pets ExoticsTarantula Pets Exotics2 månader sedan
  • You feed the crickets both parasites cause there eating worm and parasites

    Jovin GallegoJovin Gallego2 månader sedan
  • My spiders back is bald what should I do 😞

    Topaz Dragon kingTopaz Dragon king2 månader sedan
  • I Think You need weed oil

    Cot's TarantulasCot's Tarantulas2 månader sedan
  • It happened to my gbb he lasted months then died wouldn't eat drink went limp like this, it started like your one I even taught was getting at one stage.

    Shane MaguireShane Maguire2 månader sedan
  • Thanks for this I stay feeding my ts superworm

    Giovanne DuqueGiovanne Duque2 månader sedan
  • But what about other food like roaches? If we should stop using crickets, does that mean these parasites only infect crickets and not roaches?

    INKrovertsINKroverts2 månader sedan
    • INKroverts From what I’ve read roaches can be infected but it’s rare the parasites really is only after crickets. If you want to be safe you could get a small dish, place the roach inside and fill it up halfway to the roach with water wait about 30 seconds or a minute and the parasite will burst out but an easy way to tell is if the insect is slow(not running) or seen rushing towards water.

      Sol AnimationsSol Animations2 månader sedan
    • INKroverts It is called the paragordius virus or hair worm. From what little I’ve seen it has never harmed a small rodent but I can try to find a site with more information.

      Sol AnimationsSol Animations2 månader sedan
    • @Sol Animations But I can still ask the same question: does that mean roaches and mice and other small animals don't get infected when they drink the same water? What's the name of the parasite? I want to know more.

      INKrovertsINKroverts2 månader sedan
    • Those parasites mainly target only crickets they first infect a small water insect and wait for a cricket to eat the insect then the parasite will eat all of the crickets fat and nutrients for a few months the they take over the cricket brain but really they just release a pheromone in the brain causing the cricket to wonder aimlessly so that it could fall in a body of water so the cycle can restart. The parasites tartget is a cricket but I’ve also seen a praying mantis infected before.

      Sol AnimationsSol Animations2 månader sedan
  • The Corona is taking her with that nasty looking virus 1like= bieng normal again

    Dante ProductionsDante Productions2 månader sedan
  • Oh no :( Is there a way to help her out with the parasites? Also: where do you get your crickets from?

    XyononXyonon2 månader sedan
  • Holding a dead T creeps me out more then you holding a live on

    Bee ElliottBee Elliott2 månader sedan
  • Ölmüş mü ?

    ceyhun karacanceyhun karacan2 månader sedan
  • This is so sad don’t ever feed chrikets they carrry a bad bacteria that can be bad for the spider 🕷 u only have to feed the freashest food that does not have germs or mabe when u feed them try washing the trantular food in the clean water that will mabe work good luck bye

    Realty Force Real EstateRealty Force Real Estate2 månader sedan
  • Unfortunately for me crickets are my only source of fast moving feeders since the province I am in bans keeping dubia roaches or Turkestan roaches

    Tyrell WyseTyrell Wyse2 månader sedan