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New unboxing video? Not quite! This was filmed quite a while back and just didn’t think of editing. But yeah, today we’ll be unboxing two (2) female Thrixopelma ockerti (Peruvian Flame Rump) tarantulas. Nothing much to explain here for this video.. Just enjoy the unboxing, I guess xD
** This video was made purely for educational and entertainment purposes only.
I didn't expect it to happen so quickly !!! MM
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  • You have a huge house. You need more T

    xydoitxydoit20 dagar sedan
  • How do you prepare bones for enclosures ?

    RalfyRantsRalfyRants4 månader sedan
  • Is this video was I watch it

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  • it looks like gbb but arboreal one

    Chasity PerezChasity Perez4 månader sedan
  • Listening to a bird while watching the video with a headache. Lmao

    XyismiXyismi4 månader sedan
  • I have those Daiso container for my tarantula. I wish it was transparent clear though to observe them

    Darryl HDarryl H4 månader sedan
  • Exotics mentions his question but stops talking about it anyways Fans: *WE NEED TO KNOW*

    Miss SwissMiss Swiss5 månader sedan
  • Anyone else wonder why he didn’t show us the other tarantula like is it on or what

    Grace RussellGrace Russell5 månader sedan
  • Use

    Michael LohnMichael Lohn5 månader sedan
  • Süße 2 Hands 😩

    Michael LohnMichael Lohn5 månader sedan
  • I love your video and the spider.

    Gary PalmerinoGary Palmerino6 månader sedan
  • where do you get the moss?

    Noah ShattoNoah Shatto6 månader sedan
  • Can you make all your videos with this temperament?

    samantha norbergsamantha norberg6 månader sedan
  • Honestly i dont even read the thumbnail i just see its from u and watch the video

    Cassiy SeaforthCassiy Seaforth6 månader sedan
  • it was funny when ur spider pooped

    Evan MoxleyEvan Moxley6 månader sedan
  • Perú!!! 🇵🇪🇵🇪

    MojiToMojiTo6 månader sedan
  • 1:02; Scissor ASMR

    W. BKSW. BKS7 månader sedan
  • Peru

    Harold RuizHarold Ruiz7 månader sedan
  • I Love this Beautiful baby. You are so lucky.

    Conchita MayConchita May8 månader sedan
  • I’m sorry, but what are the things on her butt that are moving...lol

    ChristinaChristina8 månader sedan
  • ;D

    parapluiparaplui8 månader sedan
  • How you do stuff with one hand and no YOU SOUND EXACTLY THE SAMS

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  • You were shy back then😏😓😓

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  • I prefer you calmer

    Caroline ShelsherCaroline Shelsher8 månader sedan
  • I’m scared of spiders but in the beginning the close up of the face is so cute

    Violet PlayzViolet Playz8 månader sedan
  • You find alot of animal skulls where you live huh?

    Rainbow RoseRainbow Rose9 månader sedan
  • Exotic lairs:You are gorgeous! Me:WTF is that thing!!??

    Im Not Sus Im BlueIm Not Sus Im Blue9 månader sedan
  • Whats sad about a tarantula maturing im confused

    DeathshotDeathshot9 månader sedan
  • *Will you ever decide to make a video about where you get your enclosures from? I know you stated that you get enclosures with Ts sometimes but the ones you do buy. Where do you get them from?*

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  • I've being around way too long so I see no difference🤷‍♂️

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  • The thumbnail is kinda offending like I’m Peruvian and I feel offending

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    • Keyonna Anderson because your pooo

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    • What's wrong with Peruvian butt

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  • I want a tarantula but l can’t afford anything for it or a tarantula the one that l want is a red heart but

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  • You really is the king of procrastinating😂! In the video about his Acanthoscurria Geneculata molting you can see this new girl’s enclosure on the ground already set up

    YICHEN GAOYICHEN GAO9 månader sedan
  • oh oh we have flame butt in our neighborhood so am scared on it because is bited spider so a touch it fast and ay take it out fast is a small spider off

    pauleen saberonpauleen saberon9 månader sedan
  • I foresee several regrets with this enclosure... I mean she’s a new world so I guess she won’t be too defensive or fast, but I bet she webs up that door, and makes watering difficult...

    TangentTangent9 månader sedan
  • σρ вιт¢н ι иσω ι∂єитιfу αѕ вυg ѕρяαу

    Victor OrangeVictor Orange9 månader sedan
  • Can you record watering your tarantulas? I would love to watch it 😏

    D3MoNZzD3MoNZz9 månader sedan
  • How do the spiders stay alive while being shipped like that?

    Jesse GraveJesse Grave9 månader sedan
    • The tissues protect them in the cup. And the newspaper protects the cup.

      Luka The Random ArtistLuka The Random Artist9 månader sedan
  • Where do you buy from? I have done your typical Google search, but I want to make sure I buy from a reputable site.

    Royetta's LifeRoyetta's Life9 månader sedan
  • "We never see your left hand"

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  • Looks cool

    Pinas LacapPinas Lacap9 månader sedan
  • This is good quality for a whole decade ago

    NightWoof PlayzNightWoof Playz9 månader sedan
  • I just wanted to thank you so so much for getting me into this hobby. Your channel gave me a fascination and appreciation for these beautiful arachnids and I now have a B. Hamorii (girl / boy), a P. Sazimai (girl) and an A. Seemanni (girl) and I'm hoping to get more soon!! (GBB next hopefully) I'm so thankful and grateful to you!! :)

    Cate HarrisonCate Harrison9 månader sedan
  • I like all of your spiders

    Tison HunterTison Hunter9 månader sedan
  • you should do a video on where you got all of them and what’s the best place to find them

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  • Hedgehog Jaxon WHERE IS HE NEED UPDATE

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  • U ate chilly?🌶

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  • Recently, some people were captured in Uruguay trying to export to the Quirogai Grammostolas (Grammostolas Quirogai).

    Hanna PrietoHanna Prieto9 månader sedan
  • I have a question for you. Is the transport of tarantulas from South America legal?

    Hanna PrietoHanna Prieto9 månader sedan
  • That tarantula looks disoriented and stunned. It must be horrible for a living being to be packaged that way. At least I know that you will take good care of her.

    Hanna PrietoHanna Prieto9 månader sedan
  • Why do you need a skull again?

    Branch WindomBranch Windom9 månader sedan
  • Yay old videos!!!

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  • I can bet yall that that scissor is from IKEA

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    • Ilona Stapp nope

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  • Any. One in 2020

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  • Who thought it was a tiltocatil Vagens

    Blacksáber PredatorBlacksáber Predator9 månader sedan
  • Hey Exotics, Just to let you know, the newspaper was Chinese. I could understand it, I’m half Canadian half Chinese.

    Jœ MæmæJœ Mæmæ9 månader sedan
  • OMG IM ONE OF YOUR BIGGEST FOLLOWERS!!!!! I love your videos! I really want tarantulas but my parents won’t allow it 😔 but I know there missing out LOL If you get this PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Follow me back it would make my day! I’ve watched you videos for a while now and they are so amazing! Your one of the best SEworldrs ever! 😄❤️

    Lauren_Gacha YTLauren_Gacha YT9 månader sedan
  • He was doing ASMR on them foil and newspapers

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  • When you opened the 2nd tub I thought the tarantulas butt was bleeding and I was like WHAT THE HELL

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  • Cuts off leg as he tries to rehouse his tarantula

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    • Tarantula really how am i supposed to rest Now

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  • A time machine episode. Its a new episode but of something in the previous decade ^w^7

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  • Exotics: uses animal jaw with a few teeth in a new enclosure Me: WHAT. Is Exotics secretely a cultist?!

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  • Missing the watering Tarantulas videos

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  • Poor thing looks like she's been to Hell and back. Looks like the person who packed them up didn't bother with much insulation, but they are in good hands with you now.

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  • Where are you from lol

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  • Dang... I love that packing actually... the foil might reflect some of that crazy heat you deal with!

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  • Its a red rump tarantula

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  • When they usually live in trees, why she don't have any sticks to climb in her enclosure 😀 like u doesn't use the hight

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    • jordan bell

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  • can you guys recommend me friendly tarantula? i'd like to pet them

    X Æ A-12X Æ A-129 månader sedan
    • The tarantula hairs usually make you itchy. So some research for what spider will fit you.

      Luka The Random ArtistLuka The Random Artist9 månader sedan
  • What species of tarantula is the one that walks very clumsy, you showed it in one video but I can’t find it

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  • Yo guys I'm from the philippines. Where can I buy live insects online?

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  • Hey great content. I got a question. I have this big black spider coming into my room but can't catch her to take her back out BC she goes back behind the window seal. So what should I do with her?

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