That seller REALLY SOLD ME A SICK TARANTULA ~ She’s gone. (feat. My Rabbits)

20 maj 2020
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The Psalmopoeus pulcher (Panama Blonde) that we unboxed a few months ago is finally gone. As expected, she wasn’t doing too well. My guess would be because of the parasites/bacteria that are found in feeder crickets. Feeder crickets here are often bred in very unsanitary conditions, which is why I have now decided to stop using crickets as feeders. If possible, I would suggest everyone else to switch to roaches, whether it be Dubias, or Turkistans, or any others. Well, as long as you breed them or know where they come from. We could say the same for crickets, but in general, crickets are still more dangerous cuz they can attack the spiders.
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  • How to treat a tarantula with parasites?

    Dorothy -Dorothy -6 dagar sedan
  • I saw a documentary that showed crickets being attacked by another insect that laid its egg on the cricket and the egg took over the actual mind of the cricket, making the cricket a host for the parasite egg. When another insect ate the cricket, it then received the parasite egg also. The parasite egg was in charge.

    Judy GwenJudy Gwen26 dagar sedan
  • 10:24 can i have a freezer tour pls? I want to see your things in freezer

    Neighlan PHNeighlan PHMånad sedan
  • Can you make. A video of Your Mice. And. Also. Your rabbits

    Mohammed KhanMohammed KhanMånad sedan
  • U definately have had some bad issues w poor deliveries and bad sellers. My heart goes out to u. When the ts are adults there very expensive too boot. Am sorry ur having this bad luck

    diva nonyadiva nonyaMånad sedan
  • More bunnies videos pleAAASSE

    ElEl2 månader sedan
  • Why do I keep watching this channel. I love it but I am terrified of spiders. Weird

    Stacy DavisStacy Davis2 månader sedan
  • rip

    Kailee loves IzuruKailee loves Izuru2 månader sedan
  • I would cut open ot to see what happend in its inside. I always do that when an insect dies, and sometimes, I see really weird things. When they die by getting older, everything looks like like they should be. But when they die from sickness, I can see a severed gut from the stomach, fungi spots, gut was turned pink probably due s. marcescens. Hundrens of deceyed stinky egg from an egg bound mantis... I know that spiders aren't insects but cutting open may help you to find what caused it. But I advise to use spray alcohol to prevent from spreading of airborne diseases, or do that from in a far away place from other spiders.

    Fıstık the BirbFıstık the Birb2 månader sedan
  • 😢

    •Demon_RoseZ••Demon_RoseZ•2 månader sedan
  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    KaizerKaizer2 månader sedan
  • Does the parasites effect lizards to??

    Jonathan MoralesJonathan Morales2 månader sedan
  • Um, how did I keep a cricket that I found outside for 9 weeks in captivity!?

    T GT G2 månader sedan
  • If you cover a spider in wet tissue and leave it out anywhere, it will smell like dried fish.

    ShinWakaiShinWakai2 månader sedan
  • Sorry hahahaha

    Jeffy BabayranJeffy Babayran3 månader sedan
  • All the birds are like RUNNING away

    Jeffy BabayranJeffy Babayran3 månader sedan

    Ayla OfNoPeopleAyla OfNoPeople3 månader sedan
  • Do a freezer tour and can you please show us your mice

    Maylene EvangelistaMaylene Evangelista3 månader sedan
  • What country do you live in?

    Tony HardingTony Harding3 månader sedan
  • It sounds like you're talking about a bacterial infection, but you keep saying it had parasites.

    drgdrg4 månader sedan
  • imagine she just came back to life while he was carrying her

    SirSwalty YTSirSwalty YT4 månader sedan
  • M

    Helen BeradinoHelen Beradino4 månader sedan
  • I really love exotics lair, but it makes me uncomfortable how much he touches the dead spider.

    Ride BCRide BC4 månader sedan
  • Your garden is big

    Game starGame star4 månader sedan
  • Nats

    Georgia JohnsonGeorgia Johnson4 månader sedan
  • Poor t and exotic.

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  • What’s your rabbits Channel

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  • Do u try Taxidermy Dead Tarantula?

    lil un knownlil un known4 månader sedan
  • 3:51 so um... just wanted to mention this cause you sounded somewhat curious (and idk why but i felt like typing about it i guess) but parasites can affect internally and externally, like internally they may go and rearrange stuff, destroy organs, maybe leech off you... etc. but externally they can also affect you, for exampleeeeeeeeee there's certain parasitic worms which tend to get eaten by snails and then they climb to the eye and make it become really swirly and move like a worm so birds eat it... like parasites take over bodies, but they also take over actions and definitely affect how organisms grow so yeah... parasites basically do affect externally... like certain parasitic fungus to ants which makes them like zombies which makes the ants climb up and become a fungus stalk to produce spores so that the spores can spread over a bigger range... or other parasites like parasites that leech of shrimps from their gills which basically craw under from the outside and grow in size while feeding off the shrimp... nature is really scary... ps- i'd like a freezer view

    Jaime Monzon BautistaJaime Monzon Bautista4 månader sedan
  • Every single dislike is her in heaven

    Epic MAD MOJOEpic MAD MOJO4 månader sedan
  • Hi exotics lair ive wanted to start the hobby at least get one but my parents are gonna get scared of it or probably say “no” so can you give me tips of how to maybe let me get one plz

    God is GoodGod is Good4 månader sedan
  • R.I.P sister

    lord have mercylord have mercy4 månader sedan
  • Its so sad when u lost ur spider thats kinda sad😢 really sad

    Quoizel GuinmapangQuoizel Guinmapang4 månader sedan
  • Those rabbits took a good sht everywhere lo

    A1 MarineA1 Marine4 månader sedan
  • The poor thing... She was a fluffy Gal.

    {Thy Baron Annabelle Lee}{Thy Baron Annabelle Lee}4 månader sedan
  • What’s the update on the rat that gave birth in the tarantula room ?

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  • Can you get a partial refund?

    Cynthia FisherCynthia Fisher4 månader sedan
  • Do freezer tour

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  • Dude, you are the father of nature lol, your garden is gorgeous btw

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  • *my mind: hes rich*

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  • Do a freezer tour! I’m curious 😂

    Jenriel UrchinJenriel Urchin4 månader sedan
  • I don't know if you'll answer but I'll give it a shot: I adopted my A. Avicularia on the 28/04, without a lot of knowledge towards sickness, parasites, etc., it's my second adoption ever. I saw few days later that she was missing a leg, one of them had a weird small knee and a lot of poop on her abdomen. All probably due to a bad moult. I've tried to find info to found out about impaction. Now I've been cleaning the best that I can her butt and put glycerin to lub it so she can poop and move her little butt fingers. Did you loose any Ts because of it? Did some survived? Do you have any tips? Thanks and I love your videos~ 💜

    OMGlittersOMGlitters4 månader sedan
  • You’re literally rich look at that house. Lmaooooo.

    Kaotic KittenKaotic Kitten4 månader sedan
  • I don’t know how I do it but all of your videos that I choose to watch, youre outside and it’s about to storm on you 😆

    Emma LaneEmma Lane4 månader sedan
  • this is so sad

    Jonnie NacpilJonnie Nacpil4 månader sedan
  • Im so sorry about your loss🥺🥺🥺 Keep making videos its nice to know eveyone is ok and still ok

    Jaydragon riderJaydragon rider5 månader sedan
    • Thats weird, i worded that wierd.☹

      Jaydragon riderJaydragon rider5 månader sedan
  • I’m no expert nor am I telling you what to do but I believe bunnies need some carpet surface(tightly woven so they Toby destroy) to binky on cause the hard surface is bad for their feet so maybe get a couple of mats for they enclosure? I’m not trying to be mean just worried about the bunnies! Plus if you get litterbox and our their hay in it, they will go potty there and not poop everywhere. I suggest watching Lennonthebunny cause she has good care vids

    Ivory CanaryIvory Canary5 månader sedan
  • The hands

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  • Poor sweet girl... :'( Scuttle free to Rainbow Bridge, little one. 🌈 BUT BUNNIES 😍😍😍

    Flare StarFlare Star5 månader sedan
  • How do you get a tarantula off cricket if that’s all it eats

    Nightmarecynder DragonNightmarecynder Dragon5 månader sedan
  • He lost so many lately

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  • Poor tarantula :(

    BoboLoreleiBoboLorelei5 månader sedan
  • Wait spiders poop??😕

    2024 Angelina Golfo2024 Angelina Golfo5 månader sedan
  • The little bugs are nats. Also sorry for your loss.

    Alexander ColettiAlexander Coletti5 månader sedan
  • im so sad ;(

    dimce mircevskidimce mircevski5 månader sedan
  • are u rich or something??

    Estera ElkjarEstera Elkjar5 månader sedan
  • Rest in piece

    Nexus 104Nexus 1045 månader sedan
  • Poor thing

    Jefferson FriendJefferson Friend5 månader sedan
  • man i got those bugs too

    Rosalie J.Rosalie J.5 månader sedan
  • The question is Dose the same thing happen to lizards, snakes, and other small pets?

    Some Weirdo on the InternetSome Weirdo on the Internet5 månader sedan
  • Thats so sad 😟 i love spiders

    ItsGravyRavey TheBlackAndPurpleFurryItsGravyRavey TheBlackAndPurpleFurry5 månader sedan
  • Hey just wanted to let you know, when you zoomed in on the mouth there was a white almost hair shape sticking out, which might have been a nematode. Nematodes are notorious parasites that cause their mouthparts to stop working, which is why they don't eat. Very common in crickets in poor conditions! So sorry for your loss, thank you for doing everything you could for her.

    xXraikouXookamiXxxXraikouXookamiXx5 månader sedan
    • By the way I meant to write mouth but I forgot to.

      Ashley Fox Films SFMAshley Fox Films SFM4 månader sedan
    • xXraikouXookamiXx That could probably explain why my second Travis Trout’s suddenly stopped working, it was after I used a Adapter on him so I’m never using a Adapter on him again. His head was already broken and now his mouth is broken too, so only his tail moves. This might be why my Gecko passed away, he used to eat before being accidentally injured by me, his tail broke off and he went blind, and that was his end. R.I.P Tarantula and Gecko.

      Ashley Fox Films SFMAshley Fox Films SFM4 månader sedan
  • Heck I'd be happy with a tour of your whole house!

    Mackenzie WegmanMackenzie Wegman5 månader sedan
  • he was born in 2006 :O i was 2005

    Kodah FrankKodah Frank5 månader sedan
  • Your garden is so beautiful like a paradies 😍 it's sad about the spider :,( but your rabbits are so cute 💖 you are really good and lovely to your animals. Not many are so...

    Seraphiel QuielSeraphiel Quiel5 månader sedan
  • Im actually arachnophobic but for some reason im drawn to these videos ( i blame ACNH 😂 the obsession with catching the tarantulas and scorpions I SCREAMED the first time one chased me)

    Julia EmmaJulia Emma5 månader sedan
  • What happened to the mama rat???

    Brooke AllanBrooke Allan5 månader sedan
  • Tarantula have 16 up to 32 eyes

    Peter HewlettPeter Hewlett5 månader sedan
  • I've had a small collection for 12+ years now, never heard of a t getting a parasite from a cricket. This was captive bred?

    MMK86MMK865 månader sedan
  • Bro buy a GoPro man

    KerimKerim5 månader sedan
  • You've had the worst luck this year with sellers and tarantulas dying (both related and unrelated) what even is 2020 😭

    Mireya SeymourMireya Seymour5 månader sedan
  • Hi guys i just need i sec of your time to help our co keeper here in the philippines i just only need subscribe for them no need to watch and click the notification bell thanks. (there also an artist so the video is not a T vids but a song created by them) thanks heres the YT link. pahelp subscribe lang no need panuorin at click notif bell subscribe lang talaga salamat.

    Digs sjDigs sj5 månader sedan
  • Penelope is now going off crickets. this scared the air out of me xD

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    ownyourshit101ownyourshit1015 månader sedan
  • Oh... That was what he meant with *sick*

    LordFrogLordFrog5 månader sedan
  • You're garden looks sick😊👌😍 I'm sorry you lost her😢❤️

    Jenni GJenni G5 månader sedan
  • Why do a handful of your spiders die recently??

    SoneriaSoneria5 månader sedan
  • Nobody: His hands: ⬅️➡️↘️↗️↙️↖️⬆️➡️⬇️↩️↪️↔️↖️↕️⤵️⤴️🔀🔁🔂🔄🔃🔼⏩⏭⏮⏬➡️⬆️↘️◀️

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  • I'm scared of spiders but here I am.... ;-;

    Sinister ¿Sinister ¿5 månader sedan
  • Maybe it was all that rabbit pooh you handle come with parasite. No way a couple more then one come sick. I got over 30 never sick not one died. I feed crickets and mice

    Casey RembishCasey Rembish5 månader sedan
  • We’re not going to get past how beautiful his backyard is

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  • F

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  • Please, preserve her in a glass bottle with alcohol. Please...

    Michael Double AMichael Double A5 månader sedan
  • Please, preserve her in a glass bottle with alcohol. Please...

    Michael Double AMichael Double A5 månader sedan
  • Did you put the mouse you found with the babies in that colony?

    Mekhia ChandlerMekhia Chandler5 månader sedan
  • I’ve never seen A more clean garden then the garden are you have

    Amber RoseAmber Rose5 månader sedan

    Peter SobingPeter Sobing5 månader sedan
  • Yes dude, you can get external parasites too, they tend to be mites

    Dah G ManDah G Man5 månader sedan
  • Dude you should sue the dude you bought her from and tell him to stop feeding his tarantulas crickets. This didn't have to happen. ❤🕷🕸😢

    Abigail MortensenAbigail Mortensen5 månader sedan
  • Im planning to buy crickets but because of these hahaha, there is no way that ill buy cricket

    Brel Annedrey LaoBrel Annedrey Lao5 månader sedan
  • Poor girl

    Herobrine Playz100 - MC And morHerobrine Playz100 - MC And mor5 månader sedan
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    Patricia SistrunkPatricia Sistrunk5 månader sedan
  • Bro are you Malaysian. I feel it thru ur accent

    SunnyTetroSunnyTetro5 månader sedan
  • QUESTION; I’m not a T keeper so I don’t know. But what’s described REALLY sounds like prion activity (basically like Kuru in humans where cannibalism can be risky if you consume any of the nervous system as the proteins may mutate and ‘attack’ your own - I know, shitty description but bare with! - this causes tiny holes in the brain and a long and slow death in which the body turns against itself, loses function controls and soon... ya die. Eat the nervous system of an animal with an ailment like this gives you your species version of it typically. Like how Mad Cow Disease affects cows but if you were to eat that cow’s brain, you’d get CJD as a human.). Idk, it just feels like prion activity over a parasite, as parasites will aim to keep a host alive long enough to pass on (their goal being to get passed on) whereas this doesn’t seem to possess the ‘intellect’ of survival in that way. That and the beginning starting with cannibalism feels very CJD. So T experts! Is this actually a parasite? And if so, what’s it called? How does it aim to spread? I’m genuinely curious and would be interested to find out! Sorry if I’m coming across as a poindexter in tone, it’s just I haven’t seen anyone in the comments mention anything about this being very similar to prion activity. I’m also fixated on studying prions 😭

    FloralLungs [Cosplay, Vlogs, Fun]FloralLungs [Cosplay, Vlogs, Fun]5 månader sedan
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    TanyaTanya5 månader sedan
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